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20080226 Home Staging As a Career
...Last year, I staged over 45 vacant homes alone and I hope to increase that this year! I have my own inventory, truck, and a small staff. Being creative, inventive and really pushing myself to give the customer the absolute best that I can give them for what they can afford to invest is my favorite aspect of this job. It really doesn’t feel like a job at all! It's so exhilarating to take a blank, sterile area and make it feel like a warm home. Every house that sells after I stage it, I feel a validation... ~Melissa Charney, ASPM, Bel Air, Maryland

I loved the idea of starting a business that had good income potential and seemed fun. But I was totally unprepared for the experience of JOY. I love walking into peoples homes, every home being a different culture, and helping carry some of the stress. I love giving them guidance on how to let go of the home and let it be sold...Staging is about shifting energies in a home to create something new, a house on the market, and free the sellers to begin anew. Very rewarding!!!”

Being part of the corporate world, watching people around me being let go due to outsourcing departments to other countries, I am very thankful that I have something to fall back on. I am still working full time and am fortunate enough to have flexible hours so that I can build my business. Just this month, I found myself facing the possibility of not having a job at the end of the month, but knew that I had my Staging! It means so much to know that I am not dependant on anyone but myself! I love Staging!

I LOVE this job. I love taking a space and transforming it into something that will appeal to the majority of buyers...I love helping someone sell thier home and move forward with their dreams...I love marketing the property and the pyschology of staging. I can't believe that I get paid to do something that I love so much.

I've always enjoyed decorating homes for friends, family and of course my own home. Barb's program opened the door for me and allowed me to flourish in my talents. Her program gave me the confidence I needed to start my own business and really encouraged me to sell my talents in a productive way! I had decorated for years, never thought I could make it a business! The ASP program gave me the confidence I needed to take that first step in making my dreams a reality! ~ Yvette Mahoney, ASP

As the owner of Margie Gregori's Home Highlights, It gives me great pleasure to be able to make a difference in someone’s life. Staging provides people the result they need to sometimes start a new life, or financially make a necessary change. After two years of being in this amazing industry, I have learned something from every project. However, what is most important is that working for people who appreciate and respect your time and talent, is very rewarding. Changing people’s life situations, is a ministry in itself. I get excited about every project, and I take each opportunity and embrace the challenge that comes with each project. Using your creativity, can lead you in the paths of many open doors, and makes life very exciting. I LOVE THIS BUSINESS.

Being an ASP Home Stager allows me the freedom to have my own business, use my own creativity and those skills learned through my initial ASP course and continuing education courses I have elected to take. I am helping others move on with their lives for whatever reasons they may have and it is such a good feeling to know I am doing that!

Home Staging embodies all the things I love best...creativity, beautiful homes, helping others, unlimited potential financially and personally, flexible hours.

...I've come to realize that I actually like "running" the business just as much as the actual Staging. I have learned a lot (some by trial and error!) about myself and about the business world as I've developed my business. I love the flexibility of being able to run a business and have time for some of my volunteer work, bible study and my grandkids! I love the friendships that have resulted from the Symposiums and IAHSP meetings/service. I loved being a homemaker and now I find it wonderful that I'm still in the "home"—just other people's homes! ~Linda Lanci

I have been an agent for 22 years. Home staging is important to selling homes. I am a real estate agent and purchased and used Barb's systems for listing presentations, staging, and buyer books. The staging by far was what sold my listings during the 1990-1996 real estate market crash. Every listing that I staged got a contract. Staging gave me the marketing advantage that I needed to go from just another agent to Top Producer. ~Karen Ricciardi, RE/MAX

It is a great feeling to know you can create and deliver something good and helping some one to have there house looking good.

It is very rewarding to see the before and after difference staging makes. I was an on site agent for builders and I know first hand the power of a staged home. In this market, sellers need the edge of making their homes stand above the competition.

I like the flexible hours.

This is one of the most valuable tools in the real estate industry today.

` I have a BA in Foreign Service and an MBA in International Business. After kicking around in these fields for a while, then working at home for my husband in a web marketing and administrative capacity, I hit that mid-life crisis period where I wanted to find my passion. Like other stagers I know, I for many years denied my creative impulse. When I staged my father-in-law's townhome for sale, I discovered that home staging was my true passion. It combines my business knowledge and web marketing skills with shopping, design and decorating. I especially love staging vacant properties and I now specialize in this area. I feel like I have found what I was meant to do.

I enjoy Staging very much, It is so very different from the Interior Design projects I work on. People who hire me for Staging are very grateful for the objective opinion I can bring, and once they see the work done, They have an even greater appreciation for the work we do. And most importantly, IT REALLY DOES HELP SELL HOMES! ~Julie Johnson

I love going to work every day. The support I have received from has be great. I learned so much from the convention last year and plan on attend this year. I have been an ASP for 1 1/2 years. ~Gloria Rollins

I love the challenge, and the rewarding feeling I always get when I see what a difference I have made in a property

I like to be CREATIVE and this is my outlet compared to my corporate job. I've been staging for a little over a year. I only do it on the side and have only completed about 12 "jobs" all together...but it's fun for me. I love visiting others homes and assisting them in transitioning from a home to a house concept. My true joy is really in helping others.

Home Staging is hard work, but so rewarding. It is a field where literally everybody wins... seller, buyer, agent & me! I have been Accredited for nearly 3 years with my Masters for 2. I love the creativity, the honest help we provide, and the friends I have made through the Association of Stagers. I love this business! ~Laurie Bunnell, ASPM

We just started our staging business at the end of last year. The first home we staged made the owner scream. Seeing her reaction and that of her family and realtor as well as helping her sell her home in 2 weeks after trying for 13 months is why we will continue doing it.

I love to see the look on my seller’s eyes after I am finished with the project. I love making a difference in people's lives. Staging is one way we can make help sellers, sell their home fast and for more money!

After being a stay home mom for 12 years, I was very unsure what to do with myself once my children grow older. I like the flexibility that comes with owning my own company, the satisfaction of seeing my company grow, and the beautiful results that staging makes for my clients

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