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IAHSP 2012 Gold Sponsor


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The ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Educational Conference

October 26 to October 28th

"Growing Your ASP® Business Through the Power of Knowledge and Education"


Have You Registered Yet for our ASP Conference? Sign up NOW and SAVE MONEY....see below please

Here is a quick peak at some of our Great Featured Speakers at our ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Educational Conference, Oct 26th - 28th

(See Some of Our Meet The Pros Table Topics below under Friday's Schedule)


Barb Schwarz

�What it REALLY Takes to Become Successful as an ASP® Stager� By Barb Schwarz

It is Barb�s honor and pleasure to teach those who want to become an ASP® Stager in the Home Staging Industry. After inventing the Staging Concept and Staging Industry Barb has seen many complete our great ASP® Course. Why is it then that after taking the same ASP® Course, being taught the very same ideas on Staging, given the same model for opening and building an ASP® Home Staging Business, becoming a member of IAHSP® and having The Staging University® of forms, tools, educational materials that some succeed more than others? What IS the difference? Barb will go into great detail in her presentation of what she sees, believes, and has studied in what makes the real difference. You will learn her 5 keys to success and why you need to follow them to have the greatest success no matter how long you have been an ASP®/ASPM® Stager. It is not an accident that some have built better businesses than others. That is no accident at all. As our leader, mentor, friend, Creator of our ASP® Course as well as the Staging Concept and Industry you will hear and learn great truths from Barb of how to move forward into more success. Barb as you know, does not hold back, tells it as it is, and enlightens us each time she speaks, this will be no exception. So be prepared to grown, personally and professionally in her session and how to be more productive than you have ever been before.

Katy Fineman Jones

"Marketing, Marketing, Marketing!" by Katy Fineman Jones

In Home Staging as in any other business Marketing is key. If no one knows who you are, what you do and how well you do it you don�t have a business. Katy became an ASP® Stager shortly after she moved to a new town in the mid-west where she only knew one person. Katy has grown her business through marketing and advertising. You will learn new ways to think about marketing and some of the different things Katy has done and continues to do to generate, expand, build, and keep business. As Katy Likes to say "If I can build an ASP® Home Staging business in Columbus, Ohio, You can do it too, anywhere!"

Joan Inglis

"Make the Most of Your Presentations" by Joan Inglis

Joan Inglis, ASPM will offer tips and ideas to make your presentations memorable and increase your business. Learn how to tailor your presentation to your audience, include valuable information, and generate leads and projects. Presentations not only expose you to potential clients, but also can open up opportunities to media coverage - which will lead to a wider audience of name and company recognition. Don't put presentations on the bottom of your marketing list. Presentations are one of the most important avenues to a successful business.

Blair Hamaty

"Conquering The Investor Market" by Blair Hamaty

Blair Hamaty created Setting The Space 6 years ago after taking the ASP® course. Blair's company quickly grew to become one of the country's largest Home Staging companies. Blair is sought after by other entrepreneurs who buy and sell property. "Flipping" property is a fast growing business. Owner/investors (flippers) realize the need for Staging their properties because they are able to move more properties quicker. Blair works closely with each one and will share with you his approach to this Home Staging niche. Blair will share with you how to find owner/investors, how to sell your service to them; what to offer, tips to establish an ongoing relationship and how to increase your own inventory to acquire more owner/investors!

Trish Kim

"Inventory Control and Warehouse Management" by Trish Kim

As we start and grow our ASP Staging businesses, inventory is a necessary and valuable component in our growth and value. To acquire it, store it and manage it is the challenge we all face. Without systems and detailed oversight, inventory can be a burden rather than a valuable asset and tool. With that in mind, we will explore together the acquisition of inventory, the warehouse in which to store it and the maintenance of the goods we acquire. We�ll start with home storage and small storage units and then look at the path to a larger warehouse and the outfitting and management of this facility. Finally I will talk about one of the web based inventory control systems, how to use it and how to keep track of the inventory as it goes out to our projects and returns to the warehouse to be re-stocked. I look forward to sharing together with You.

Melanie Warren

"Walk Down the (Senior) Brick Road" by Melanie Warren

The senior market � we all hear about it, however, how do you want to penetrate it? This is the marketplace that can take you to the next level! Some of you are staging in this marketplace already but how can you grow more and not stumble over the challenges. In this session I will walk you through a presentation that is sure to get you those staging projects and much more. Take the walk down the "Senior brick road". My presentation will include: Wealth of Baby Boomers & Seniors, Habits, Elder-speak, My "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" Actual Presentation, and Why the Staging ALWAYS gets done!

Kevin Htain

"Creating "Builder-Standard" Staging Specification packets for Banks and Builders." By Kevin Htain

I have had a lot of success within the REO market working with Banks and Builders and offering them specification packets for their flip and REO projects which include complete color selections and general direction for kitchens and baths. Learn about how to find out the basic requirements for builders as determined by region, and how to create Builder Specification Packets to add to your Staging Services. Builder's standard paint colors, Kitchen and bathroom amenities and upgrades, How to price these services and how to lock an additional Staging Agreement along with these services. Adding Builder Spec Packet services can increase your Clients' commitment to you, your services and increase your company's income!


"How To Be Featured in the Media to Build Your ASP® Staging Business" by Joanne Cleaver

Don't you just wish when you read a news story about Home Staging that you could have been included in it? Joanne Cleaver, Certified Media Specialist Trainer ,will tell you what journalists are looking for and how to get in on opportunities to be quoted and featured in news and features stories in all media to build your ASP® Staging Business...

Jennie Norris

"Marketing to the Personalities � Understanding How to Meet the Needs of Your Clients Based on their Temperament" by Jennie Norris

All of us are made up of combinations of traits that comprise our personalities and temperaments. It�s natural to approach life and relationships based on what we like or dislike but since we are in a PEOPLE Business � we need to become masters at identifying others� needs based on the clues they give us. Understanding how you are made � and your strengths and weaknesses � will help you be better in business and relationships. Understanding how to identify the personalities of others � in a short time � will help you better serve your clients and meet their needs for how you share information so that it makes sense to THEM � and will make you more successful.

Richard Kline

"Staging for Seniors and Their Families in Transition" by Richard Kline

Serving seniors and their families can be overwhelming even in the best of circumstances. In addition to honoring our client�s possessions, our ASP training teaches us to demonstrate patience, compassion and empathy. In this session, explore how to put these virtues to practical use by identifying your client�s emotional/grieving transitional stage. Learn the recognizable characteristics for each stage of transition and practical tips for achieving the best possible Staging result. Leave with resources and empowered desire to impact your client�s life changes.

Sandra Holmes

"Real Estate Owned Properties and Your ASP® Staging Future Success!" by Sandra Holmes

Ever wonder how to implement your ASP® Staging business working with all of the foreclosed properties in your area? What if you became the expert to align with the Asset Management Companies, Banks, and REO Listing Agents where you work by offering various services that will make you money and help them to get these properties Restored, Remodeled, Staged®, and Sold! Sandra Holmes, President of Home Staging Concepts, is an expert in this area and will share with you how to help build your ASP® Business by Staging REO properties. You will be amazed how your business will grow!

Stacey Gibson

"Crucial Steps to Build your Business" by Stacey Gibson

Whether you have had your ASP®Home Staging business for a few months or many years learn how to get on track, stay there and create the ASP® Staging Company you envision. Learn the nuts and bolts regarding business that will serve as a powerful reference at any time during your ASP® Staging Career.


Our 2012 Educational Conference for ASP®'s is going to be unlike any other convention ever given.

By attending this year's educational conference you will return home with more 'how to build your business ideas, new marketing concepts, inventory ideas, presentation ideas and steps of how to grow your business to a new level.' You will also receive 2 new ASP® designations.

The subjects and new ASP® Designations are extremely timely in this market and beneficial for your ASP®, ASPM® Businesses. This will be a very intense productive educational time filled to the brim with fabulous speakers and marketing ideas you can put to use the minute you return to your community. Come ready to learn, network, grow, and earn 2 new designations as an ASP®... and a new IAHSP® Designation for those who meet the requirements as well (read on for more information on this.)

Also for those who want to earn their ASPM® Masters Designation this year, the Masters Course will follow the ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Educational Conference in the same location. So some of you can achieve it all, everything at the same time.

Choice #1: Attend the ASP® 2012 Educational Conference, October 26th � 28th

Choice #2: Attend the ASP® 2012 IAHSP Educational Conference October 26th � 28th and Continue on to earn your ASPM® Designation, October 30th to Nov 1st

You must be an active renewed ASP® member in good standing with Stagedhomes.com and IAHSP® to attend our ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Conference and also to attend the Masters Course.


When: From the Afternoon of October 26th to the Evening of October 28th

Where: Useless Bay Golf and Country Club

South Whidbey Island in WA State

The Seattle WA area is the Birthplace of Home Staging

Who: Current, Active ASP®'s and ASPM's® in good Standing

Conference Registration Fee: $389

Conference Registration Fee As of Sept 1st: $429


* Friday October 26th, Day One:
Formal Opening of the Conference 5 PM

Vendor Fair
Meet The Pros

Here are just some of our Great Meet The Pros
Table Topics for You at Our Upcoming Conference:

  • How to Get Your Business Going When You Feel Like Giving Up
  • Staging the Stager - Your First Impression Can Help You Seal the Sale!
  • Getting on and Creating Your Own Google maps
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creating Staging Color Palettes that work
  • How to Build a Referral Based ASP Business
  • Marketing Mania-What to do after the Staging to Set Yourself Apart & Lock in Future Business - 5 Key Steps to Ensure you Knock the Socks off your Competition and Endear yourself to your clients
  • Turning No into �Yes�. How to overcome the fear of rejection
  • How to run a Successful Staging Company
  • Six-Figure Staging-You can do it!
  • Why Home Staging and Real Estate Are Always in the News!

Light Food & No Host Bar

* Saturday October 27th, Day Two: Earn Your ASP®- REO Designation
A Full Day of Intense Education on Building Your ASP® Staging Business working with

How to Work with the Media
New Marketing Concepts
Learn How to Gain Business From the Banks
How to Work with Investors
How to Get Business From Builders
8:30 AM to 7:30 PM including Lunch and Dinner

* Sunday October 28th, Day Three: Earn Your ASP®- SR Designation
A Full Day of Intense Education Learning

You and Your ASP® Staging Business, Keeping It Strong!
How to Work With Inventory, Storage, Warehouses, and Inventory Control
How To Build Your ASP® Business Working With Seniors
Learn the Different kinds of Business Services you can provide Seniors
8:30 AM to 7:30 PM including Lunch and the Awards Dinner

Isn't this exciting! To be able to come to our ASP® IAHSP® conference and leave with 2 new ASP® Designations! You will be the very first to earn these new ASP® Designations. They will help you advance your business into additional markets and reach new clientele. You will set a new standard for the Home Staging Industry as you become an expert in these markets as well.


The conference or the combination of the conference and Masters will both sell out so register now so you can attend.
(The ASPM® Masters Course will be held when the ASP® Conference ends. See more information below)





All active ASP's® are members of our International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP®. Yet in Addition to that I am rolling out a new IAHSP® Designation for those who quality. For those that meet the requirements they will also leave the ASP® IAHSP Educational Conference with a new IAHSP® Designation � The "IAHSP® Premiere" Designation. The list of requirements to qualify for the IAHSP® Premier Designation are listed below and you will sign at the Conference your approval , confirmation of, and compliance with the below requirements to obtain the IAHSP® Premier Designation at the Conference.
Requirements to Obtain the IAHSP® Premier Designation at the 2012 ASP® IAHSP® Educational Conference:
  • Your ASP® Profile is Current on Stagedhomes.com
  • Your ASP®/ASPM® Featured page is current and completed on Stagedhomes.com
  • You have at least 5 Staged Homes posted on Stagedhomes.com
  • You Agree to and uphold the ASP® Code of Ethics
  • You Agree to and Uphold the ASP® Consumer Foundation of Service Creed taught in the ASP® Course
  • You Certify you have a Business license for your ASP® Staging Business as an ASP® Stager. Or, Certify you have a Real Estate License as an ASP® Real Estate Agent.
  • You Certify you have Staging Insurance as an ASP® Stager
  • You Certify you have Error and Omissions insurance as an ASP® Real Estate Agent.
  • You acknowledge you Accept Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards through a merchant account you have established
  • You Certify you have a Sales Tax ID number in the state where your work as an ASP® Stager
  • You confirm you have a commercial Checking account for your ASP® Business
  • You Hold current active membership in an IAHSP® Chapter in your city or as a remote member of an IAHSP® Chapter within The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®. The name of the IAHSP® Chapter you belong too must be provided
  • You agree and understand that you must Renew yearly your ASP® membership with Stagedhomes.com, the World's Leader in Home Staging Education®, or the Premier IAHSP® Designation and all ASP® Designation will become invalid and un-useable.





The Masters, ASPM®, Course will follow the conference in the same location so that those of you who wish to earn your ASPM® Designation this year can do so right after the ASP® IAHSP® Conference. THE ASPM® Course will be from October 30th to Nov 1st. It will be an intense condensed 3 day Masters Course following the conference this year. The fee for the Masters Course will include the Conference Registration too. There will be one day off between the when ASP® IAHSP® Conference ends and the Masters Course begins.
This year's Masters Fee, Including the ASP® Conference, is a value rarely seen. Take advantage of this rare opportunity so you can attend the conference AND earn your ASPM® Masters Designation at the same time, all during one week's time.
The Masters Fee, including the ASP Educational Conference - $2,295
(Should one chose to attend the Masters Course only, and not the ASP® Educational Conference, the Masters fee remains the same as the fee is normally $3,450 so the fee this year already brings you a huge savings.)

Click here to read more details about and to register for the Master Course from October 30th - Nov 1st. The Masters Course Fee includes the ASP® -IAHSP® conference fee as well.


For booking your room and where you will stay on South Whidbey Island please use this document as it will give you tons of information about where you can stay, share rooms, and more. Inside the document at the bottom of the last page is a link to FB where you can also look to find someone to share a room with, if you like as well, so Click Here

The Charming Town of Langley, on the Water, with Shops and Boutiques Galore. Come early or stay an extra day to shop.
The Inn at Langley and Many Bed and Breakfasts too

Plan to Stay in Either the Clinton, Langley, Freeland, or the Greenbank areas, as that is on South Whidbey. South Whidbey is where Our ASP® Educational Conference and also the Masters Course will be held. Do Not Stay in Oak Harbor, as it is too far away. To get to the island you will take the Mukilteo Ferry from Mukilteo, WA on the mainland (north of Seattle taking the I-5 highway, watch for Mukilteo ferry signs) to Clinton where the Ferry lands on Whidbey Island. It is only a 15 minute Ferry Ride once you are on board. Plan ahead as there can be ferry lines to wait in to catch the boat which runs every 30 minutes from 5 AM to midnight.

We are so excited to see you at our ASP® 2012 IAHSP® Educational Conference this year, and for those of you who can stay for the Masters Course as well. It will be a once in a lifetime experience packed with knowledge and education. Register NOW as space is limited!

All my best,

Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®
The Creator of Home Staging®
CEO Stagedhomes.com®
Founder and Chairwoman of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®

Barb Schwarz

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