Presenting a New Exciting Feature: Track the Number of Online Visitors to Your ASP® or ASPM® Profile

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Dear ASP®s and ASPM®s,

I am excited to share with you that we have added an additional feature for you! You can now view the number of “hits” on your online ASP® or ASPM® profile. In other works, you can track the number of visitors who have viewed your profile.

Here’s how you access the information:

All you need to do is log onto the Staging University® from®. From there, once you are logged into the Staging University®, click on your “ASP Edit Page”. At the bottom of the grey banner on the left side of your ASP® edit page you will see the number of visitors who have visited your ASP® Profile. Your number of hits/views of your ASP® profile will appear in red. You will be amazed at just how often people come to see your profile on®.

Make sure you update your ASP® or ASPM® profile and/or featured page often. Changing it is good also as the search engines constantly sweep our site to see who has updated their ASP® profile and/or featured page recently.

I hope you are excited about this feature for you. It will really show you a lot about how people view and see your ASP® profile. If your number is lower than you would like, you need to redo/rewrite your ASP® profile and make it stronger. Always keep an updated picture as well as a great description about yourself. If your number is high you can feel you are on track and doing a good job sharing about your services as an ASP® Home Stager or ASP® Real Estate Agent. The tracking number has been building for the past 12 months, so if you are new as an ASP® in that time frame your number may be lower but if you have been an ASP® for at least a year you will see it is larger and again this is impacted by how you have portrayed yourself as an ASP® or ASPM® on®. Many ASP’s® do not know just how much they are viewed on® which can lead to business for you. So now you will have a better idea of how many hits your ASP® profile really has.

Always working for you…..

Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP®
The Creator of Home Staging®

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