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All You Need to Know About Bedroom Lighting

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Lighting is an art, and it can be fun. Choosing a way of lighting your bedroom needs a plan to ensure that the lighting will cater for the intended purposes and give a picture of what you want. Out of all the other rooms in your house, the bedroom is where you expect undisturbed regeneration and relaxation. Therefore, you need to have a plan when lighting your bedroom, to ensure it sets a perfect mood for your leisure and at the same time, provides adequate lighting.

When designing your bedroom lighting plan, it is vital to consider your needs, room limitations, and features. A versatile lighting concept will ensure that your bedroom becomes an oasis of relaxation and also an ideal dressing and reading room.


Below are some of the tips that you can use to light up your bedroom and make it comfortable.


Layering the lights

When selecting your bedroom lighting strategy, consider the ceiling height and your room size. Do thorough research and know the size and type of light fixture that is best for your room. Consider the decorating style of your room to ensure you select the lighting that matches all your needs and provide a true reflection of what you want.

Knowing how to layer lighting will create the best lighting and cater to all the light needs of your bedroom. When lighting your room, ensure you have the right balance between task, accent, and ambient lighting. The balance will serve every mood and the activity with just a flick of the switch.

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Ambient lighting

This kind of lighting depends on what you anticipate to do in your room regularly. The general light should be enough to enable you to perform general tasks such as making the bed, folding clothes, ironing, and cleaning the room. Proper ambient lighting can either be artificial lighting or natural lighting through skylights or large windows.

Ensure you select a lighting type that will provide sufficient light for the activities in your room. General lighting should not be too bright, and you can consider using a dimmer switch. You can achieve ambient light with portable floor lamps and ceiling fixtures like a pendant light, chandeliers, and flush mount ceiling lights.


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Accent lighting

Accent light is fun, and it is precisely for drawing attention. You can use it in your bedroom to highlight features like artwork. Placing accent lighting in a strategic position will create a cozy atmosphere and provide a pleasant glow. For you to incorporate this feature in your light design, use tape lights and wall sconces.

Accent lighting should put on your mood and provide a relaxing atmosphere. You can consider using decorative lights like candles, corner up lighters and fairly strings.

Task lighting

This lighting depends on whether you use your bedroom to do activities that need more focus, such as applying makeup, working, or reading. Example of task lighting is hanging pendants, bedside table lamps, sconces, or any other directional light that can provide enough lighting for your task.


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Dimmers are essential, especially when you are on a relaxing sleeping mode. Consider using a sconce or a bedside lamp that does not produce bright light. Dimmers play an essential role in designing your room, as it is multifunctional and can add an extra dimension to your room environment. It can serve multiple lighting needs; you can adjust it to provide low lighting or full brightness. You can use any lighting fixture to serve a multipurpose role by adjusting the dimmer for maximum or low brightness.

Choosing the correct bulb

The type of bulb you use in your room will define the coziness and the activities that can take place there. When selecting the lamp for lighting your bedroom, consider the color and the brightness.

  • Brightness

A bulb lighting intensity can affect the activities you carry in your bedroom. Consider using a dimmable bulb, so that you can adjust it to provide maximum or minimum brightness depending on your need.

  • Color

Various bulb colors play a vital role in supporting different activities. A halogen bulb will provide a soft white glow. CFL can give a broad spectrum of colors and led wall lights will control color temperature gamut.

When doing focused activities, consider using blue and white light colors, as they can promote alertness. Warmer lights like the yellow color are the best for activities like relaxing, watching TV and reading.


It is essential to get a bedroom lighting design, to make it comfortable for rest and a place for rising and shining every morning before you start your day. When lighting your bedroom, consider appropriate lighting layers, suitable bulbs, dimmers, and all the aspects that can provide a comfortable lighting environment in your bedroom.

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