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Monday Tip: SWOT and Gap analysis

| January 1, 2011 | Comments (0)

Here’s my first tip: Conduct a SWOT and Gap analysis A SWOT analysis will help you take an overall snapshot of your business to assess your internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats in the marketplace. Next, it’s time to put together a gap analysis. A gap analysis is essentially a comparison between […]

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Do what you Love . . . Don’t just Work as a Means to an End by Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP President, Owner of Sensational Home Staging

| June 17, 2010 | Comments (0)

I was listening to a radio show the other day and they were talking about jobs and how people should not whine about having to work – it’s a means to an ends. . . There was a caller that kept changing jobs because she was unhappy with her workmates, they annoyed her, they were […]

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5 Things You’ll Never Hear Me (or any other ASP) say . . . by Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP President

| December 16, 2009 | Comments (0)

5 Things You’ll Never Hear Me Say . . . by Jennie Norris, ASP Master®, IAHSP® President December 16, 2009 Let’s face it.  How many of you have grown tired of the shows on TV that depict homeowners as tasteless saps and the Interior experts – Designers, Decorators – as the only ones with taste […]

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10 Markets Poised for a Rebound and 10 Markets that are overpriced

| December 16, 2009 | Comments (0)

10 Cities Where Housing is on the Rebound. According to Michael Kling of Investopedia (, the following US Cities are poised for rebound: (from Real Estate news – December 16, 2009) 1. Minneapolis – up 3.2%. Manufacturers such as 3M, and high-tech industries are hoping to benefit from the coming recovery. Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp […]

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An Open Letter to Dave Ramsey – Home Staging IS a Viable Career and ASP Training is the best

| December 9, 2009 | Comments (2)

Dear Dave, As the President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP), I have been receiving emails of concern regarding a recent call on your talk show where a woman asked you about getting trained in Home Staging. Specifically you told this woman not to get trained from and the proceeded to […]

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HomeGain release 2009 updated study on highest ROSI for Sellers – Staging is now #2!

| November 4, 2009 | Comments (2)

HomeGain updated study – first done in 2003, then updated in 2007, and now new stats for 2009 – show that Staging has steadily climbed as a necessary improvement that yields a high rate of return. Out of 12 activities on the list, Staging ranks now as #2 – jumping from #3 just 2 years […]

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“Your Job Sounds So Fun!” – The Reality of a Home Staging Career by Jennie Norris, ASP Master, IAHSP

| September 18, 2009 | Comments (2)

Seems that most people believe that Home Staging is a “fun” job . . . probably ranking up there with Genie, magician, dolphin trainer, or some other “job” where a person appears to get to do something others perceive is lots of fun but don’t really understand all the work behind the result. I haven’t asked, but I think they believe that we just move a bunch of decor around and diddle with fabric or bedding, and tossing pillows is the most labor intensive thing we do.

What the public sees is the transformation of a house – room by room – where we use creativity and skill to enhance what the public sees when buying a house. What they don’t see is all the work and planning that went in to that successful transformation.

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The Art of Appreciation – by Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP

| July 20, 2009 | Comments (0)

Why then as we enter the business world, does it seem so rare to receive a “Thank you” for a job well done? Showing appreciation to our clients should be on the top of our list, but somewhere along the way, it seems that the “loyal client” is forgotten or taken for granted in the quest to add more clients to our roster.

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Q&A Session with Barb Schwarz,  THE CREATOR OF HOME STAGING®

| June 6, 2009 | Comments (5)

IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Marcyne Touchton phone 704.905.6343 [email protected] Q&A Session with Barb Schwarz, THE CREATOR OF HOME STAGING® 1) You started this cottage industry 37 years ago.   How did you come up with the idea? I came up with the words, concept, ideas, and name Home Staging® in 1972 based upon my years in […]

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ASP Latest Home Staging Stats Just In….

| June 3, 2009 | Comments (0)

Tonight I gathered and am posting on the stats gathered from November 08 through May 09. 94.8% of ASP Staged Homes sell on average in 37 days or less. Average days on the market before sold 37 days for ASP Staged Homes and 182 days for non staged homes! ASP Staged Homes are on the […]

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