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Are you in the process of selling your home? It can be challenging these days. In most markets, homes will compete against a huge inventory of available homes. Now more than ever, especially in a buyer’s market, it’s extremely important to make a listing stand out in the marketplace.

Has your home been on the market for some time? For many sellers the next step is often a price reduction. Before you lower your price, though, consider a message I have shared with consumers and real estate professionals for many years: “The investment of Staging your home is less than your next price reduction.”

As a seller, your goals are to sell for more money and in a quicker amount of time – goals Staging can help you achieve. Consider that statistics gathered by shows that 94.6% of homes Staged® by an Accredited Staging® Professional®, ASP®, sell within 33 days, compared to an average of 196 days for non-Staged® homes. ASP® Staged® homes are on the market 83% less time than a non-Staged® home.

What exactly will Staging do?

  • Make the first impression of the home you are selling positive and inviting
  • Enable buyers to envision themselves living in the home
  • Show the full potential of the home
  • Make the home visually appealing for online listings

The way we live in our homes is different from how we need to sell them. Remember, first impressions last. If a prospective buyer has to step over toys or squeeze by sporting equipment, that’s what they will remember from a home. It’s also essential to make the home inviting all the way from the curb – make sure to trim trees and remove any obstructions.

Staging turns your home into a product, de-personalizing it so that potential buyers can envision living there. By opening up, and clearly defining each room and area inside the home, buyers will see the full potential of the entire home.

With over 80% of buyers going online to start their home search it’s crucial that your home looks its best in online listings. Pictures of a Staged home will give your listing a distinct marketing advantage, and you also increase the likelihood of attracting a broader range of buyers.

Once you’ve determined you want to Stage your home you may wonder where to turn. Available to help is an experienced Accredited Staging Professional®.

Accredited Staging Professionals® are dedicated professionals who have studied and learned the proven and powerful techniques of Staging® homes with two primary goals: sell faster and for a higher price. By their membership and participation in the International Home Staging Association, IAHSP®, ASPs® are held to professional ethical standards as they follow the IAHSP® Home Staging Code of Ethics.

Remember, the investment of Staging is definitely less than a seller’s first price reduction. Go to and use the online ASP® Directory to find a local Accredited Staging Professional® in your area.


Barb Schwarz
The Creator of Home Staging®
Founder/Chairwoman, The International Association of Home Staging Professionals

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