A Letter to You from 2011-2012 IAHSP President Jeanne Westmoreland, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®

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Hello Dear Wonderful IAHSP® Chapter Leaders!

ar123474194929964“Back to basics:  Be organized and connected!”  These wise words of wisdom culminated from feedback given from top Atlanta Realtors® at the IAHSP® Atlanta Expert Realtor® Panel Event this week.  On the panel was our very own four year ASP® Realtor® and Atlanta IAHSP® member, Barbara Morris, owner of A.T. Morris Realty, and she was a star of the show with her seasoned and sensible advice.  I share this with you because I believe it applies to not only Realtors® but also ASP® Stagers.

“Cautious Optimism” was another thought of encouragement given from the stage.  This, incorporated with information shared by Shaun Rawls, Team Leader of six Atlanta market centers for Keller Williams representing more than 1000 real estate professionals, gave seeds of hope to us all.

According to Shaun, a successful Realtor® must be both “SKILLED with knowledge of the numbers and properties in his market, and have GOOD BEDSIDE MANNER to be able to honestly talk to his sellers about the value of his property and how it will sell”. What a perfect segue for ASP® Stagers!  WE ARE THE BEDSIDE MANNER!

This letter is meant to be a message of hope and encouragement to us all, IAHSP® members united.  As a member of IAHSP®, you have already shown the commitment to be connected to continual education and acceptance of sharing for and with your colleagues for the betterment of us all.  You are members of the greatest Home Staging professional organization ever to be; one that is rooted in the Real Estate industry, not decorating.  We are true professionals, accredited, certified, licensed, and bound by a set of professional ethics and business standards.  We have Barb Schwarz as our leader and “Staging Mama!”, and she is accepted as the #1 expert in the industry by NAR and the press.  How can it get any better than that!

Remember the sage advice.   Go Back to the Basics!  Get Organized – (Yikes!) and Connect to let your clients know you are still in business; and Connect to other ASPs®, both successful and who have faltered.  Be a mentor, be a problem solver.  And bring on the BEDSIDE MANNER!

I’m honored to be your President.  Here’s to a wonderful 2011!”

Jeanne Westmoreland

IAHSP® International President

Accredited Staging Professional Master®

IAHSP® Liaison to Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Memphis, Nashville Chapters

[email protected]

Our IAHSP® Theme for 2011

“Together We Learn and Grow as We Walk the ASP® Talk Through IAHSP®”


“Education and Excellence Through IAHSP® is a Key to Your Success”

Click here for more information about the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP®.

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