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| February 3, 2010 | Comments (4)

This is more a question not a comment. As the Project PICS stored on my MAC grow to close to 10,000 PICS I am wondering what other ASP’s & ASPM’s do with the outdated PICS. Please comment & send feedback!

I never have the time to go through all of my PICS in order to create order. Apparently, the situation is only going to expound as I take (and save more PICS.
Any suggestions? Storing them on CD seems so last year! HA HA!

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Comments (4)

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  1. Haha! to Aha! Find online storage space or better purchase a seperate [external] hard drive and store them there by YEAR. That seems to make the best sense to me….just store by the year.

  2. Bev Tull says:

    Stacey you beat me to it…
    I back up ALL my photos and marketing materials w/ Carbonite which is extremely reasonable @ $5.00/month…I know myself and when I get busy backing up my computer would easily not get done…
    Have a GREAT DAY!

  3. Carol Smith says:

    I purchased an external hard drive called “My Passport Essential” from Best Buy. It is 250GB it holds 50,000 pictures, 62,000 MP3’s. You can get larger but this size worked for me. It is connected by a USB cable and it is portable so you can take it with you or store it easily. Hope this helps!

  4. Bette Vos-Fant says:

    I have that concern too so I started using Picasa which is an online storage vehicle (and it’s free). With Picasa you can also “share” your photo’s with others so they can see them and even download them onto their computer if that’s OK with you. You can go to, download their software on your computer and get started!

    I also use an external hard drive to store some of them and can then pull them up on any computer I’m using. I have 2 laptops and I can connect the hard drive to either computer and see my pictures and also documents I have stored on the hard drive.

    Hope this helps!

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