Welcome to our 7th Annual ASP® IAHSP® Convention Symposium 2010!

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Carnival Cruise - 2010 ASP® and ASPM® ConventionCome Aboard the ASP® IAHSP® Celebrity Cruise to Success 2010!

October 7th to October 11th


For as You Cruise You are an ASP® Celebrity at Stagedhomes.com and Through The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®!

It is with great excitement I announce that our 2010 ASP® IAHSP® Convention will be held aboard a wonderful Carnival Cruise Lines Ship as we Cruise the Mexican Caribbean Sea! We will chart our way with:

  • Exciting Educational Sessions,
  • Beneficial Networking,
  • Enlightening Pro Sessions
  • Inspiring Break-Out sessions, and
  • Breath Taking Keynote Addresses as we all sail the sea together!

As you come aboard you will see that we truly have a talented Celebrity ASP® and ASPM® crew. Each of you as an ASP® or ASPM® is a celebrity at Stagedhomes.com and IAHSP®. You will love each of your other celebrity mates as they speak, teach, share, network, and give all “their all” for the benefit of every ASP® who cruises the sea with us. As your Captain I promise you one of the best experiences of your life!

2010 ASP® and ASPM® Convention

Each of our ASP® Conventions has been such a growing and educational experience for each person who attended. This is our 7th International ASP® IAHSP® Home Staging Convention. The sharing and networking together builds bonds that last a lifetime. All you have to do is ask anyone who has come to our ASP® Conventions and they will tell you it is one of the best things they have ever done for their career! And this year is also assured to be one of the best as well too. In fact this year promises to be a sell out so do not delay. Space is limited. So, set your course, register for our great ASP® IAHSP® Convention Symposium Cruise, then book your cabin and start to pack so you can set sail on a voyage with us all to new places of success the ASP® and IAHSP® Way!

In addition to our Wonderful Keynote Addresses and Breakout Sessions Your ASP® Cruise will Be Filled with Days of Enchantment of:

  • One on One Conversations with ASPs® Who Love to Share with You
  • The Delight of a Convention Cruise with ASP’s® and ASPM’s® and IAHSP® Members
  • Sharing Time To ask and answer Questions as we Cruise the Sea Together
  • Talking with the Pros Whose ASP® Businesses Have Spanned the test of time and markets
  • Sitting by the Pool, Basking in the Sun, or Sitting Under an Umbrella All While You Brainstorm With a Wonderful Group of ASPs®
  • Meeting wonderful new ASP’s® to build business friendships with
  • Adventures together with ASPs® and these memories will last a lifetime
  • Gorgeous Scenery where ever you look
  • Shopping for new treasures to take back home
  • Celebrate at Barb Schwarz 25th year party as a professional speaker who has trained live over 1,000,000 people
  • Eating the most wonderful Food You have Ever Enjoyed
  • Cruising the Mexican Caribbean with the greatest group of people in the world, your fellow ASP’s® and IAHSP® members…..

Only Active ASP® and ASPM® Stagedhomes.com members may attend.

    Please click here for additional information and to register for the 7th Annual ASP® IAHSP® Convention Symposium 2010.

    Welcome aboard!

    Your 2010 ASP®, IAHSP® Convention Captain,


    2010 ASP® and ASPM® Convention

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