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ASP® Staging Success Stories as Told by ASPs®

| July 4, 2011 | Comments (1)

I love hearing success stories! Virtually every day I hear from ASP® Stagers and REALTORS® all around North America, even internationally, share stories on how their Staging assignments made a difference for their seller, and agent when applicable. They also share how becoming a Stager changed their lives, and how the ASP® Real Estate Agent […]

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Another New Way You can be Featured on

| June 23, 2011 | Comments (0)

We are currently adding a new area to our® website and would like to invite ASP’s® and ASPM’s® to contribute! Send us a sentence or two about how Home Staging is helping in your local market and you could be featured on a new section of our website.  Make sure to include your city […]

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The Joy of Hearing ASP® and ASPM® Success Stories

| June 2, 2010 | Comments (1)

Today I want to share with you how much I appreciate all the things I know ASPs® and ASPM’s® across the country, continent and even the world are doing for the benefit of their clients and for the communities in which they live and work. Many years ago I had a vision. As a real […]

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ASPs®: Let Your Value Be Known

| May 9, 2010 | Comments (2)

What’s the value we as ASPs® bring to the real estate transaction? With a plethora of online resources and other information channels, what do we offer Realtors® and consumers they cannot find elsewhere or do by themselves? We know what we offer, but do they know it? Are we telling them? How can we tell […]

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Share Your Staging® Success Stories at the Facebook Fan Page

| February 3, 2010 | Comments (1)

I’m so proud of all our ASPs®. You truly make a difference for so many real estate professionals and consumers, and I’m proud to share a story of yet another successful Staging® project. Sharon Soons, ASP® Home Stager® & Professional Organizer of Streamline U. serves the Metro NYC and the Hudson Valley and she recently […]

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Special Edition E-Magazine: 2009 World Wide Staging Service Week

| January 5, 2010 | Comments (0)

Just as in previous years, the 2009 ASP-IAHSP World Wide Staging Service Week brought together ASPs and ASPMs around North America, with lots of heartwarming stories of how so many people were helped by ASPs and ASPMs all around North America. I invite you to read a special newsletter where each participating chapter provides photo […]

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In the News Again – Supporting ASPs around the Country

| December 24, 2009 | Comments (0)

As most of you know I am often invited to be interviewed for various publications, and radio and television stations. More recently, I’ve also been interviewed for podcasting and various real estate-focused blogs. Because I am the creator of home staging I often have the opportunity to be a subject matter expert and as such […]

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A Week to Give Thanks, To YOU!

| November 23, 2009 | Comments (0)

Happy Thanksgiving to You! I thought I’d take this opportunity to share ‘ASP® Success Stories in Today’s Market for You!’  No matter market conditions, the ASPs who have shared with me their stories below are spreading good words and good vibes with all that they meet.  They do not buy into the idea that there […]

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| November 14, 2009 | Comments (0)

ERA Real Estate and have formed a wonderful relationship that we believe will give you an excellent opportunity for more ASP Staging business working with ERA real estate agents and sellers in their Gold Star Program. ERA Real Estate is very supportive of ASP Staging because they know the many benefits Staging provides their […]

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Welcome to the mystical world of ASP Home Staging!

| August 2, 2009 | Comments (1)

I asked wonderful ASPM Carol Erks to share with an ASP what she was doing in today’s market and also how she markets her business.  When I read what she wrote I then asked her if I could share it with you all and she graciously said yes.  I am proud of her and it […]

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