American and Canadian ASP Community to Lend a Staging Hand during the IAHSP Community Worldwide Staging Community Service Week™

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From September 12 until September 19, 2009, Accredited Staging Professionals, ASPs, across the United States and Canada will join forces to work together to help an organization, a non profit group or families in need in their own communities by giving freely of their time, service, and ASP Staging talent to Stage® to Live® in places where we are needed. ASPs do this together as chapter members of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) through the IAHSP Foundation.

“During the IAHSP Worldwide Staging Community Service Week®, we are honored to stop and show how much we care through this annual event of giving and sharing of our time and talent where we live and work to those that need us. Our motto through this event is to “Think Globally and Act Locally” through the world of ASP Home Staging.  This is a way we can give back at the local level.  Staging To Live® is a process of de-cluttering, cleaning, painting, and energizing the space, rooms, and homes of those who live there.  We do this creatively the ASP Way using what people have and also asking our ASP Vendors to contribute their supplies, time and talent too where possible.

As Accredited Staging Professionals and Accredited Staging Professional Masters and Members of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, we believe in our communities and strive to bring our best to all those we serve in our WWSSW® week as well as throughout the year in our ASP Home Staging businesses.”


Barb Schwarz, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP
President and Founder,®, the ASP/ASPM® Courses & ASP/ASPM® Designations, The Staging University®, the IAHSP® International Association, and the IAHSP Foundation®

Upcoming events

Dedicated members of IAHSP® have given their time in the past in what’s become an annual tradition, and that will continue this year when charitable organizations around our nation and North America will be given Staging services by members of the IAHSP® Association through the IAHSP Foundation®. From the Children’s Home Society in South Florida to the Jubilee Women’s Center in Seattle, from the New England Home for Little Wanderers to the Richstone Family Center in West Los Angeles, the 2009 schedule of events as part of the Worldwide Staging Community Service Week® includes a long list of organizations worthy of support.

For a complete list of events, please click here.

See below a video from the 2008 WWSSW® event:

You can also view the video by clicking here.

Members of the WWSSW® 2009 Committee include:

Sandra Walden, IAHSP Service Project Director
Bette Vos, IAHSP Ambassador Director
Michelle Beste, ASPM, IAHSP Director of Operations
Kirk Bohrer, ASPM, IAHSP Treasurer
Shannon Ward, ASP and Gina Vierra , ASPM, IAHSP Coordinators for
And The Entire IAHSP 2009-2010 International Board

To Register an event

Are you an ASP and planning to host a Staging event for the Worldwide Staging Community Service Week®? Then please click here to register.

Past event videos and information

With over 100 chapters across the United States and Canada , the IAHSP International Association, through the IAHSP Foundation, has organized events as part of the Worldwide Staging Community Service Week® since 2000.

International Association of Home Staging Professionals

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP) – the Staging Association of and for the Home Staging Industry – was established in 1999.

Part of the Real Estate Industry (not the decorating or design industries), IAHSP® is the only professional Home Staging Association that is dedicated strictly to the Home Staging Industry.

With thousands of members, IAHSP regional Chapters meet on a regular basis throughout North America . Our IAHSP regional chapters serve our members with monthly business and educational meetings, professional networking, growth and support.

For a list of chapters, please click here.

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  1. Dan Keating / Coast Home Staging says:

    Our Los Angeles Chapter has been actively preparing for our Charity Staging Event at the Richstone Family Center in Hawthorne CA. This site has two homes that support abuse children / young adults and helps support them as they transition from foster care into society.

    Our Local chapter (9 Home Staging companies) has lined up painters, cleaning / repair contractors, furniture donations, and all kinds of other items to prepare for our final Home Staging event on Sat, Sept 12, 2009. We plan to transform their houses into more comfortable and appealing homes. It’s all part of what ASP’s do ….. giving back to our community and helping the disadvantaged. Please contact me if you have any furniture, accessories, or cash donations to help this worthwile event to support our IAHSP World Side Service Staging Week.

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