Kitchen Renovations That Will Leave You Speechless

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Kitchen Renovations That Will Leave You Speechless

We all love to see that “wow” factor, and it would be amazing if we could somehow implement it into our kitchens. After all, that is one of the rooms where we spend the most of our time, and quite often this is where we entertain our friends while making a cup of coffee. With these kitchen renovations, you are going to relish in your guests’ astonishment. As for the price, fear not. Some of the suggestions are so simple they are more than affordable. As for the others, there is always a good guide on how to reduce home improvement costs.

So, let’s see what can be done to increase both your enjoyment and your property’s value:


Light fixtures for the shine

It is expected for a kitchen to be filled with light, isn’t it? Introduce some interesting and unexpected light fixtures on the ceiling as an element of surprise.


High-quality sink to impress

Sometimes, the centerpiece of this area. Pay special attention to the faucet and choose the one best reflecting the overall style of your kitchen (modern, traditional, Mediterranean…)


New appliances are mandatory

One of the most obvious and potentially most expensive changes you can make, but one that can completely transform this space. Additionally, new appliances are much more energy efficient, so they will certainly pay off in the long run.


Cozy nook for a kitchen break

Who says a kitchen is just for eating and cooking? Find a nice corner and fill it with covers and pillows, creating a space that everyone will love spending time in.


Granite countertop to stun

Nothing says luxury like granite, and there is an unbelievably wide choice of this high quality material that will completely transform the kitchen.


Flooring to your taste

Nowadays you can do wonders with the look of your cooking area simply by choosing a different tile pattern. If you prefer, you can even opt for those resembling wooden floors.


Cabinets are what it’s all about

Depending on your budget, there are a few things you can do to jazz up your workspace. You can completely change the cabinets or opt for just the doors. Alternatively, you can repaint your existing elements (white is always on trend) or replace the handles for a simple and effective change.


Bar for friends

Introduce a bar top to the equation with some fancy bar stools to match. It immediately adds to the hospitality, doesn’t it?


Built-in appliance garage for a surprise reveal

For all your smaller kitchen appliances that clutter up your workspace. Keep them hidden from view, and with one swift move, you can reveal your latest “toys”.



They have become somewhat ubiquitous, but you can always play a bit with their shape and varied choice of countertop materials.


Backsplash for reflection

By simply introducing a new backsplash (perhaps even a very reflective one) your kitchen will seem to have undergone a complete makeover.


Wallpaper for the bold

Who says that wallpaper shouldn’t be in the kitchen? Making a comeback in the 21st century, it’s a brilliant idea to experiment with various designs and make your walls stand out.


Window dressing

Curtains or shades – even though windows are the last thing on your mind, they too add to the overall impression. With a wide variety of fabrics on offer, you can tailor fit these to create your ideal kitchen.


Sliding door for smoothness

Instead of a regular pantry door, have a sliding door installed. Smooth, isn’t it?


Chalkboard for fun

Hang a chalkboard (preferably away from the cooker) to write shopping lists or fun messages for your friends and family. If you feel particularly adventurous, you can even dedicate an entire wall and cover with blackboard paint. Fun for one and all!


As you can see, there are plenty of ideas which come under the term “kitchen renovations”. Choose a few to your liking, and get ready to fall in love with your new favorite room.

Article submitted by Sofia Lockhart, Blog Contributor.

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