Standing Out: How to Make a Home Your Own

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Standing Out: How to Make a Home Your Own

Making a house a home occurs over a period of time, and the changes you make can have a significant impact on its desirability in the real estate marketplace. Each alteration in decoration and styling creates an impression of “livability” that can make your home more comfortable while you live in it and more attractive for a potential buyer in the future. Here are a few ways that can help your home stand out from the pack.

Warm Up the Entryway
Your entryway is the first impression your home’s visitors will experience. Walk across the street, reenter your house, and take a close look at how your entrance appears to someone new. Paint the door a bright, contrasting color, bring in some plants or flowers, or put in a welcoming seating area or rustic table. Not only will this impress anyone who comes over, it will bring new life to the first few minutes you spend in your home each time you return.

Showcase Hobbies and Special Interests
Your artwork or hobby crafts can be used to create an interesting decorative theme for rooms in your home that will inspire conversation and interest. If you install attractive shelving, you can easily display your creations, to make your home a showplace for your talents and accomplishments. You can also give a nod to any other hobby you might have. For example, if you enjoy cartography, framing and displaying maps of your favorite places could be a good option for you. This simple decorating trick will help you feel joy in your space as well as enable easy sharing of that feeling with visitors.

Keep Bath and Kitchen Areas Updated
The bath and kitchen of your home are likely to be the areas that get the hardest and most consistent use. You can keep your home looking fresh and updated by providing new flooring, tile, fixtures, or decor when needed for these areas. Even simple updates like a new coat of paint, new wall decorations or a trendy vanity will help to make your home look current, well maintained, and welcoming to you and others. If something doesn’t feel like you, swap it out for something more appropriate.

Create a Pleasant Outdoor Area
You may enjoy being outdoors during most of the year—so do a lot of people. Everything from entertaining to just quietly sitting could be improved by personalizing your outdoor area. Set up a pleasant eating area, surrounded by foliage and flowers, either in beds or in containers, to create an attractive backdrop for your activities. If you don’t have an extensive amount of space to work with or just want to focus on the area closest to your home, looking into changing the details with things like stamped concrete services could be for you. Changing the details of the area helps you make the space uniquely you while appealing to potential buyers. The unique touches helps them fall in love with your space—just like you did.

A house can be simply a structure that holds furnishings, or it can be a place that adapts to the residents’ needs and becomes an aid to the owner’s activities. The warm touches you add to your home that allow you to enjoy it to the fullest and pass it to the next worthy inhabitant. These ideas can help you ensure your home is a place that provides special comforts for you and allows visitors to share in the unique atmosphere you create.


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