Kevin Htain
Long Beach, CA, 90814, United States
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We work within, but aren't limited to: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Coastal Properties, Inland Empire.
Kevin Htain

LIFETIME Accredited Staging Professional Master
IDENTITY HOME staging+design

Recognized amongst Staging and Design aficionados for his engaging personality and his limitless devotion to the ASP Staging industry, Kevin Htain- LIFETIME Accredited Staging Professional Master, has become an iconic figure in the Staging industry for creating vibrant and emotionally magnetizing spaces that sell.

Kevin comes from a Family committed to the ASP Designation. His Mother (Luci) is an ASP Realtor, and the owner/broker of Regency Real Estate in Sacramento, CA. His sister in law, Ruth is Luci's ASP Stager.

Graduating with an Interior Design Degree top of his class in 1999, Kevin quickly gained opportunities to work with Design companies that created solutions for model homes, clubhouses and leasing centers. Seeking a stronger and direct connection with Clientele that the home building industry surprisingly seemed to lack, Kevin formulated his own company, The IDENTITY Design Group in 2005. The ASP Certified Staging component was quickly added and his company. Thus IDENTITY HOME staging+design was born.

"As an ASP Stager, it is so important to identify and utilize the remaining emotions so subtly displayed within a property," Kevin shares. "Staging clarifies and redirects those remaining emotions. When trickled back into the property with the right amount of balance and control, those emotions will help create an alluring and visual appealing product which Buyers respond towards and incites them to want to purchase."

Since inception, Identity Home Staging has successfully Staged over 1 Billion square feet (over $575 million dollars worth) of Real Estate in Southern California. Kevin and the Identity Home Staging brand has become synonymous with exuding the passion, instinct and integrity so seldom seen in the Southern California region.

"Becoming an Accredited Staging Professional has allowed me to build a more intimate connection with my Clients, their Families and my community. And this connection helps me prepare my Clients for one of the biggest transitions in their lives. It is truly a humbling experience. In giving of myself, I have in return received more than tenfold."

Kevin Htain
Principal ASPM, Designer, IAHSP
[email protected]


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When you leave your vacant property un-Staged, you invite potential buyers to make judgements that may not be true. Some spaces show smaller than they truly are- leaving potential buyers to think "I can't fit my (sofa) in here- it's too small!" Some rooms have a challenging layout and it may be hard to define it's immediate function or furniture layout. By Staging your listing, you can address your potential buyers' concerns before they even come up. Empower yourself and your listing by putting your best foot forward. Deliver to the Buyers what they want to see, ask for a price that is fair, and witness a successful sale! Stage your listing and command the results you desire!

IDENTITY HOME staging+design, Inc. takes a straightforward Staging approach. We offer tight investment prices to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. We are more than capable of taking on the BIG projects! Should you have an extensive project that may need more than cosmetic changes- we're here to help! We have a background in the home building, model home merchandising and marketing field. We know how to utilize our expertise of color and style to appropriately market your listing.

We pride ourselves in being a full service Staging company! The IDHOME Team has worked very hard for many years to secure great discounts and comprehensive services from Tradesmen and Vendors who believe in our cause. All of these benefits and discounts are passed directly to our Clients with absolutely no mark-ups or referral fees. We play clean- with the united goal of helping you prepare your listing quickly and within a strict budget.

We strive to help you develop an appropriate Staging investment budget so that you'll witness some amazing results AND have an excellent return on your Staging investment!


We can Stage your listing whether it is Occupied or Vacant! We work with Vacant properties of all levels- from entry level to luxury. We also work with all sorts of Clients- such as Single Families, Realtors, Developers, Property Flippers, REO Agents, etc. No job is too big or too small for our Team!

Vacant- We carry our own inventory and have access to larger furniture through rental services at a great discount. By contracting us for your Vacant property, we set everything up, arrive and Stage your property. See massive results to your listing in one or two days!

Model Homes- Developers love working with us, because we have an extensive background in this field. Model home design companies charge a great deal more, and overlayer the projects. Their result- spending a lot more for unneccesary treatments. IDENTITY HOME Stages each model project with enough detail to compliment the Builder's finished product, and long term investment goals. Hands down, superior service/results at a lower investment price!

Lofts- The primary focus when treating loft spaces is to demonstrate an effective space plan and to interject emotionally binding color. Unlike when we Stage typical residential properties- with lofts, we add lots of color!

Occupied- Will you be an occupant in your property during the sale? If your schedule is too busy or you don't want the hassle of Staging your own property, step aside and let us do our magic! We'll handle most everything for you, whether it is coordinate the packers, movers, painters, cleaners etc, and then Stage your property for you quickly!

Consultations- Should you be on a budget and enjoy doing the work yourself, consider us providing you with one of our Staging Consultations. We will give you the necessary direction and tools to prepare your listing for the market! Your Consultation includes a detailed written report- which is a comprehensive list of suggestions that will help you sell your property faster!

Exterior Staging or "Curb Appeal"- Every Staging project includes curb appeal treatment to help appeal to the most amount of Buyers in the least amount of time!

Live Online Staging Consultations- We even conduct Online Staging Consultations for those who wish to utilize our expertise away from afar. We've worked with Clients from Vegas, New York, Hawaii, the East Coast, Europe and even Hong Kong!

What is an ASPM

Vacant homes have no soul! An open space may intimidate potential Buyers. At first glance Buyers may think, "This Living Room is HUGE!!! Do I have enough furniture to fit? What other capabilites does this room have?

What a difference! By showing a logical space plan, and displaying tasteful and appropriate merchandising, potential buyers have the opportunity to mentally move themselves in.

Some spaces are obscure and their immediate function is not apparent. A lot of times, vacant spaces can feel smaller and may allow potential buyers to make judgements which are not accurate...

By showing a simple furniture arrangement and interjecting some inspiration, we've grabbed the Potential Buyers' attention and addressed the space with one of its many potentials. Truly memorable!

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