Maha Paulus
San Diego, CA, 92131, USA
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My services are primarily in the San Diego County area. I work in Scripps Ranch, Poway and Rancho Bernardo, but I can stage a home at any location in the county.
Maha Paulus
What is an ASPM Home Stager?
An ASPM Home Stager has been trained by the creator of home staging, Barb Schwarz. An ASPM receives substantial know how as to how to give bids/proposals, effective presentations and has a much wider view as to how to stage effectively.
What is Home Staging?
Home Staging is the process of preparing a house that is about to be placed on the real estate market, in order to sell in the shortest possible time with the best offer given. Staging is an inventment into your home's sales value, it will help your house have an edge over other houses in the real estate market.
Let me show you how I work!
My staging project begins with a meeting at the house with the homeowners or realtor where I prepare a bid. A bid is where I walk around the house, take pictures and notes which will be followed by a consultation with the homeowners or the realtor. I come back on another day to give the homeowners my bid and hopefully get the opportunity to stage their house.
What are the 3 C's of Staging?
The 3 C's of Staging is Clean, Clutter free and Color. A house that is about to be placed on the market has to be clean, clutter free and has to have a lot of color to appeal to homeowners with a big punch of WOW, as they walk in through the front door!

What is an ASPM

This vacant townhouse needs to create a feeling of welcome and to have the space be defined for a home buyer.

The Great room in this townhouse has been defined by the placement of the elegant livingroom and accessories.

The empty breakfast nook makes it impossible for a homebuyer to picture their breakfast table placement.

Wow, this breakfast table and accessories give a welcoming and attractive look to this space.

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