Virginia Marshall Youngblood
Matthews, NC, 28105, USA
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DO-STAGE! LLC serves Charlotte,NC, Matthews, NC and surrounding areas within a 30 mile radius of Charlotte, NC. DO-STAGE! LLC offers a variety of services, including but not limited to: Consulting Services, Occupied Home Staging, Vacant Home Staging, Staging to Live (Redesign), Home Organization & Decluttering, Downsizing Senior Adults, Landscaping tips, Paint & Redecorating tips, Shopping Service, Staged for Work (Office Spaces), New Home Staging/Design, Model Home Staging, Event Staging and Speaking Engagements. Services are to fit your budget and address all of your staging needs. I look forward to serving you!
Virginia Marshall Youngblood
ASP, ASPM, IAHSP, Charlotte IAHSP Active Member
What is Home Staging?

It begins with depersonalizing your 'home' to become a 'house' on the market in competition with others for sale.

It is preparing a house for sale - "setting the stage" for the audience to come in. The house is "a stage".

Home Staging is an investment with a great return. The cost of staging is far less than a price reduction.

Home Staging is marketing and selling the space in your house.
Staging is very visual. It is all about presentation. It aims to make things pleasing to the eye.
Home Staging is about using items, accessories, and pieces of furniture in creative, fresh ways so you can live life in an easier way, with less around you.
Home Staging can be using what you have or renting furniture and accessories to create a new look in your home which can increase the selling price of your home.
By packing up those collections, family pictures and extra things early, the buyer can then envision themselves living in your home.

No one will buy a home until they can mentally move in. That is hard to do when the rooms are full of clutter and too much furniture or if the house is vacant with no vision for the buyer's eyes.

Call DO-STAGE! LLC at 704-575-1007 to get your condo, apartment, or house ready to sell quickly and for the most money!
Why use an ASPM Stager?

Because a Master Accredited Staging Professional (ASPM) is a dedicated professional who has had the extensive training and skills to effectively ASPM Stage homes for their clients and give them the Staged Home advantage.
Virginia received her ASPM designation and training through Barb Schwarz's program at In both the ASP and ASPM training, Virginia learned such phrases as: "less is more", "clutter eats equity", "if you smell it, you can't sell it" and more!
When you work with Virginia, she will help you prepare your house for sale so it shows better than the competition. You want your property to look its very best so it will sell for top dollar.

Advertizing a messy house is like throwing money away.

Your ASPM staged property will be featured on Virginia's feature page with stagedhomes at
Click on 'My Staged Properties'.
This site gets over 11 million hits from buyers looking on line.
It is a FREE marketing tool for the Homeowner, Realtor/Broker, Builder and Investor who uses DO-STAGE! LLC to ASPM stage.
If you want to get the most money possible for your house, you owe it to yourself to have your house staged by DO-STAGE! LLC.

Staging is an INVESTMENT with a great return!

With your Staged home on the market, you can be sure you'll soon be moving, so start to pack up early. This is the way to go!
Working with Virginia, as a Master Accredited Staging Professional Home Stager, will give you the Staged Home Advantage!
What words describe you as an ASPM Home Stager?


I have been staging in some way even as a child playing with my Barbie and Ken dolls.
I would set up the doll furniture and rearrange it often!
Also, during my teaching career of 17 years, I decorated the classroom, changed the furniture arrangement often and assisted other teachers in doing so in their classrooms.
My husband of over 28 years is used to accessories, and furniture finding a "new spot" in our home as I remove, rearrange and restore with a fresh, lighter look in our home.
Family members and friends have said to me often,"Virginia, you have an 'eye' for this! You are so enthusiastic, energetic and passionate about helping people in their homes as you rearrange and redesign using their things!"

When I'm in department stores, I find myself organizing items on the shelves, straightening up the displays, and enjoying it!! I am passionate about doing this and I know the desire and skill to organize and stage is an innate talent given to me by God.

Prior to my ASP training and receiving my ASP certification in March 2012,and then my ASPM designation in April 2016, I had a decluttering/organizing business called Lighten Up of NC.
Now, I've combined the two companies into one and I provide the same decluttering/organizing services all within my ASPM Home Staging company: DO-STAGE! LLC.

So, with PASSION,ENERY and EXPERTISE, it is my desire to serve you as I fulfill all of your staging needs for both owner occupied and vacant properties to the best of my ability by relying on the training that I have received as an ASP and ASPM Home Stager.
Why use Virginia's ASPM Home Staging Company: DO-STAGE! LLC?

Virginia's staging company: DO-STAGE! LLC is a full service staging company staging both occupied and vacant properties.

DO-STAGE! LLC is a one stop shop and we will work with you to transform your space, by first offering the decluttering/organizing package for an occupied property that is preparing for the market, then stage and enhance the look of your home both inside and out, to prepare your property to sell quickly.

Not only does DO-STAGE! LLC provide 'Stage to Sell' services for the seller of both occupied and vacant properties, but we offer 'Staged to Live' if you are not selling, and we will redesign and give a "face lift" and restore the newness of your home by lightening, brightening and paring down the space to make it a relaxing, peaceful environment.
If it is a vacant property, DO-STAGE! LLC will bring in furniture/accessories to enhance the property and to give that 'model home' look that will draw buyers in!
Statistics show 92% of potential buyers view the home on the Internet prior to actually coming to the property to see it.
The professional look that ASPM Home Staging with DO-STAGE! LLC offers will help the property to "pop" and stand out above the competition in both the MLS pictures and showings.

DO-STAGE! LLC is committed to serve you with honesty, integrity and skill and to work with you within your budget with wholeheartedness in order to get your vacant or occupied house ready to be sold in a timely manner and for top dollar!
Why wait any longer?
Call DO-STAGE! LLC today at 704-575-1007 to ask about the different packages that we offer and to set up an appointment!

What is an ASPM

"Before" DO-STAGE! LLC transformation.

"After" DO-STAGE! LLC. WOW! What a difference!

"Before" DO-STAGE! LLC. This vacant den is not inviting - there is no vision!

"After" DO-STAGE! LLC. A buyer can now see what it would look like to relax in this den!

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