Elizabeth (Bette) Vos-Fant
Pelham, AL, 35124, USA
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Teaching classes across the US to those wanting to become an ASP Stager or ASP Realtor.
Elizabeth (Bette) Vos-Fant
Founder and Past President of the Dallas IAHSP Regional Chapter, Official ASP Course Trainer for StagedHomes.com, President and CEO of ShowTime! Staging & Organizing, Inc.,
What is Staging?
When someone gets ready to place their home on the market for sale it becomes a product. Similar to a product on the shelf at your local store, the product has features and benefits as well as pluses and minuses, and competition. To compete with the competition in the marketplace, it must be priced right and look better than the other products. Staging® is the process of preparing any home for sale, regardless of price or location. Using a proven professional set of guidelines. Your house is reviewed for compliance with preset standards and any modifications are made if necessary. Once a house meets these criteria, a Staged® Home Certificate will be issued and the home will be registered as a Staged® Home. This entitles the home to a special marketing program developed to promote those homes who have been designated as Staged® Homes. This unique system has proven to help sell homes faster and/or for more money. Real estate agents will have great confidence in showing the home to potential buyers because they know it is Staged® and ready to be sold.
How do I work?
• I meet with you, either by myself or with an agent at their listing presentation. • I walk through the house with you, learning about you and your possesions. • I do a second walk-through, making notes and taking photos. • I leave my CareerBook and Pricing Video for you to review. • I return to my office and prepare an exclusive detailed report. • I set up another appointment with you to present the report. • I talk with you about completing part or all of the report. • We complete the paperwork. • I give you a list of things to complete before I return to do the Staging®. • We select a day that you can leave the home and I complete the Staging®. • I give you the “wow” tour and give you instruction on how to maintain your Staged® home.
What will I do to your home?
The primary goal of staging® your home is to make it appeal to the most amount of buyers as possible. This means that we need to convey a de-personalized and de-cluttered home so that buyers can see the house and it’s features, not the current home-owner’s “stuff”. I will make sure that your home has the best curb appeal, that the best view of each room is portrayed at the buyers entry to that room, and that there is an easy traffic pattern through the home. We also want to create an inviting sense of comfort so buyers will “linger” in each room, giving them more time to imagine living there. What could be more inviting than an antique book lying open on an armchair in front of the fire? Today’s buyers are usually two income families that are too busy to do much work on their new home. They are looking for “move-in ready” homes that also give the message that the home was well-cared for. We will advise you on repairs or finish replacement in your home as well.
How will you benefit?
• Most Staged® Homes get top dollar based on comparative homes of equal value in the neighborhood. • Most Staged® Homes have a shorter selling time than the competition, which directly relates to the price you will sell the home for. Generally, homes sold in the first 4 weeks average 1% more than the listed price, homes sold between 4 and 12 weeks average 5% less than listed price, homes sold between 13 and 24 weeks average 6% less, and homes sold after 24 weeks average 10% less than listed price. • Your home can be marketed as Staged®, therefore drawing more people through. A Staged® Certificate will be placed in your home and a Staged® Home rider can be put on the for sale sign. • Your home will be listed on www.stagedhomes.com. • You get to live in a clean, organized home. • The less time your home is on the market, the less time you spend cleaning and maintaining the Staged® look for showings. • Moving will be quicker because a lot of stuff will already be packed. • You get ideas on how to layout your furniture and accessories in your new home.

What is an ASPM

You only have one chance to make a first impression! "If a buyer cannot envision living in your home, instead of moving in, they move on . . ."

Our statistics prove that a Staged home looks better and sells faster than comparable properties that are not prepared for sale. Staging Works!

Clutter Eats Equity!

Staging Will Cost You Less & Earn You More Than Your First Price Reduction!?!

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