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BEFORE STAGING: Empty rooms feel cold and institutional.

AFTER STAGING: Some furniture and accessories warm up the space making it an appealing place to gather with friends and family.

BEFORE STAGING: This room was all white but not alright.

A little color with furniture and accessories transforms the room into an inviting space.

Douglas Dykema


Staging is an investment in your largest investment. You expect to receive a return on any investment you make weather large or small. Staging has been shown to give a substantial return on it's investment in two ways: 1. STAGED HOMES SELL FOR MORE MONEY IN MOST MARKETS. Statistics show that staged homes sell for an average of 6.9% more money than non staged homes in the same market. 2. STAGED HOMES SELL FASTER. National statistics show that a staged home sells 2-3 times faster than similar homes on the market which are not staged. That means a faster return on your investment through staging. So look at staging not as a cost, but as an investment. Remember, "The investment in staging your home is less than your first price reduction" -Barb Schwarz

TRANSFORMATIONS STAGING is a Full Service Home Staging company. We are professionally trained and well experienced in all aspects of home staging. We honor our clients and their possessions and work toward the mutual goal of the sale of your property FAST and for FULL VALUE... OUR STAGED HOMES: 1. Look better than competing homes for sale in your area. 2. Photos look better in advertising. 3. Are more likely to be shown by agents because they are Staged to SELL. 4. Are viewed by Buyers and Inspectors as homes that have been well taken care of. 5. Are more likely to appraise at full value. WE ARE YOUR HOME STAGING PROFESSIONALS FOR OVER 10 YEARS WITH OUTSTANDING RESULTS.

Because you live in your home, you most likely look at it differently than a perspective buyer. The potential buyer needs to see the house as a place they could be comfortable living, a place they would form an emotional attachment. In order for this to happen, they must see the potential of the house instead of seeing your things. We are trained to make that happen... "The way you live in a home and the way you sell a house are two different things!" because "Buyers only know what they see, not the way it's going to be!" -Barb Schwarz

###CONSULTATIOM SERVICE: A detailed report which gives the homeowner specific instructions on what to do to Stage their own house. We will look at a house and give the the owner a NO COST estimate as to what the investment in staging would be. ###HANDS ON STAGING: We do the staging to whatever extent the homeowner wishes. We will work with the homeowner to de-clutter, de-oderize, de-personalize, de-accessorize, re-accessorize, update, rearrange and add that special WOW factor that only a trained ASP can do. When we are finished, the house has maximum appeal to the greatest number of buyers. Then the house is ready to show at any time with "The Stage Set." We will also arrange to have any cleaning, conditioning, painting, flooring, landscaping or other issues resolved which may hinder the sale or price of the house. ###VACANT HOME STAGING: We arrange for and supply furniture and accessories to define each room and "Set The Stage" for maximum appeal to the otherwise cold, vacant house. Color selection and condition are also important factors for the vacant house. WE OWN ALL OF OUR STAGING FURNITURE AND ACCESSORIES SO WE CAN STAGE YOUR HOUSE AT A REASONABLE COST. ###STAGING FOR LIVING: We can help you with any of your organizing or decorating needs to make living in your home easier, and more pleasant. ###MOVE IN SERVICE: We can help you arrange and decorate your new home in very pleasing ways. REMEMBER........."STAGING DOSEN'T COST, IT PAYS"


Douglas Dykema
Phone: 708-957-8565 OR 708-989-0125
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Located In: West Chicago, IL, 60185, USA
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