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What is the purpose of this room?

Now a spacious sitting room to relax.

Furniture blocking the light.

Main Bedroom rearranged.

Lydia R. Rieger

Doggone Good Staging, ASP, IAHSP

What is Staging?
Staging a home is like detailing your car before you sell it. Your new car depreciates as soon as you take it off the lot, and yet you spend time and money to fix it up before you sell it. You want to think of your home in the same way, but usually you will make a profit with a little investment. Your goal is to show your home in its best light so you can sell it as soon as possible and for the highest price possible. When you Stage your home, you have an advantage over the competition. You will have a very clean home without clutter that will allow the potential buyer to focus on what is really there- a wonderful house! After cleaning and de-cluttering, creating space by rearranging furniture to best suit the purpose of each room is crutial to letting the buyers mentally move in. One of the great parts about Staging a home is that you can use the items you already have in your house! The other items can be stored, and since you need to pack anyway, you will be glad most of it is done early. Staging is not decorating, although some special touches are usually added to enhance each room such as greenery, light, and a tasteful piece of art.

What is Doggone Good Staging?
Doggone Good Staging specializes in Pet Owners' Homes. Lydia Rieger, the owner of Doggone Good Staging, understands the challenges pet owners face when they sell their homes. She knows that pets are family and have different needs. Therefore, Doggone Good Staging helps these homeowners complete the necessary tasks to make their homes look "purrfect" while meeting their pets' needs. For example, in addition to the "de-tailed" consultations for the homeowners, Doggone Good Staging offers discounts on many services for the pets. Helping your home rise above the competition while taking care of your pets' needs is Doggone Good Staging!

How I Can Serve You
When you are searching for a Real Estate Agent or a Home Stager, you want someone dedicated, caring and honest, and who will assit you in a quick home sale for top dollar, right? If you answered yes to the above and believe in seizing great opportunities like I do, then read further. I was born into a real estate family with my grandfather and mother in the business. I took the opportunity to assist my mother with her business and admired her interpersonal skills as I learned valuable real estate lessons that have helped me throughout my life. Later, I took another opportunity and became my husband Alan's assistant. Immediately I brainstormed ways to increase sales and to help him sell his listings. Then I seized yet another opportunity and completed a course in ASP Staging. I knew right away that Staging would be something I would love, and I knew it would help our clients. Since I have become an ASP Stager, Alan and I have been implementing superior marketing strategies for our clients. The homes we Stage and list have been selling between 1 and 14 weeks and usually within a month. I wanted to help our clients even more, so I continued to brainstorm. Alan and I love animals and we notice that a majority of our clients have pets. Thus, we took the opportunity to create "Doggone Good Staging" to specialize in Pet Owners' Homes. Now we hope that if you are thinking of selling your home, you will take the opportunity to learn about our unique marketing strategies and hire us to list and Stage your property. Having both a REALTOR(R) and a Stager in your corner is a powerful tool and even more powerful when they are working together for you. Doggone Good Staging will Stage any home with any real estate agent you choose and will give special offers to these agents. Just seize the opportunity and call Doggone Good Staging to Stage your home!

What is an ASP?
I am a Home Stager with the ASP (Accredited Staging Professional) designation which means I have studied the proven techniques to prepare your home to sell quicker and for top dollar. The ASP course I participated in was an intensive three day class with hands-on experience in staging a real home that was going on the market in the near future. In the course I learned the tricks that help give houses on the market that special feeling of "home sweet home." With an ASP Stager on your side you have the added bonus of available resources and discounts for you. Your home is unique and has a story of its own. Please invite Doggone Good Staging to hear your story and give you a free estimate on how to prepare your home for sale or how to improve your home for living!


Lydia R. Rieger
Phone: 610-639-1439
Email: Click Here To Send Email
Website: http://www.doggonegoodstaging.com
Located In: Birdsboro, PA, 19508, USA
Services Available: Doggone Good Staging can easliy travel to Berks, Chester, and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. Doggone Good Staging would be happy to discuss travel fees beyond these counties. In addition, Doggone Good Staging offers virtual consultations for those outside Doggone Good Staging's traveling distance.

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