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Overgrown shrubs and poorly positioned trees has given this lovely home an unattractive exterior possibly turning away potential buyers because it is lacking an inviting curb appeal.

Wow!We cut down 3 trees that were blocking the view of the front door. We pruned the tall Red Maples so they no longer block the front window,trimmed back extensively all existing shrubs creating a more clean open appearance. Now it has curb appeal.

Boy's bedroom was filled with clutter, 4 dressers, wallpaper, old carpeting, poor room design and dark.

What a difference ! Now any potential buyer can see the room size without distraction. Removed carpet to expose hardwood floor, stripped wallpaper, de-cluttered, neutralized color, brightened removed & repositioned furniture.

Donna M. Cramsey


What is Staging ?
In simple terms...Home Staging is preparing a house for sale in order to get the seller the most money in the shortest amount of time on the market. Statistics show that a "staged" property will shine in comparison to other non-staged houses because it will always be clean, clutter-free, de-personalized, neutralized and ready for a potential buyer to physically and mentally move in to the space. We create an environment that makes it easier for a potential buyer to view the house as a product, not being distracted by the owners personal possesions and clutter. These things can turn a buyer away because they cannot visualize themselves in the home. The potential buyer will form an opinion after stepping out of the car and looking at the house from the curb. Therefore, we inform and educate our sellers how important it is to start the "staging" process outside the home from the curb, on up to the front door then the interior. We consider the whole property in the staging process and it is a process with several steps that we carefully and methodically follow.

What is an ASP ?
Accredited Staging Professionals are committed to the priciples and practices of marketing properties as Staged Homes. By their membership and participation in IAHSP, International Association of Home Staging Professionals,ASPs are held to professional ethical standards as they follow the IAHSP Home Staging Code of Ethics. ASPs have studied and learned the proven and powerful techniques of Staging homes with the two primary goals: sell faster and for a higher price. We have attended and graduated from the ASP course and have passed a required examination on preparing homes for sale.

Why hire Pizazz Home Staging ?
Pizazz Home Staging is a multifaceted company. We pride ourselves in our personal service and attention to detail. We listen, react and facilitate in anyway we can. We want to alleviate stress for our clients by educating them on the process of Home Staging and then helping them follow through in order to get their home sold in the quickest amount of time getting the most amount of money. We offer consultations, Home Staging to sell an occupied property, furnishing a vacant home with rental furniture, Staging commercial properties, providing contractors when repair and up-dating is needed, accessorizing and re-design. We offer different levels of service doing as much or as little as needed. It all depends on the amount of time and money the seller has available for preparation of listing their property. We always try to remind our clients that the Investment made in Home Staging is always less then your first Price Reduction. With 19 years experience in the event design and management industry as Pizazz Ltd. Events, Pizazz Home Staging applies our creative talents to homes as well. We look forward to working with you on selling your home.

Standing at the curb...
When a potential buyer gets out of the car and has a first look at your home what does he/she see ? Is the lightpost newly painted ? Is the lawn cut and are the shrubs trimmed down and not densely overgrown ? Can you see the windows ? Are they clean ? Is the trim freshly painted or is it peeling and does the house appear clean and free of mildew and algee ? All these things should be taken into consideration when preparing your house for sale. A large majority of potential buyers will make their decision about your home BEFORE even stepping inside. The outside of your home is part of the staging criteria. We report to you what buyers will look at and comment on. We will educate you on the importance of a lovely, inviting exterior as well as the importance of your clean,de-cluttered and neutralized but warm interior. It is a whole package and we are here to help with the process of preparing your home to put on the market getting the best price in the shortest amount of time.


Donna M. Cramsey
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Located In: Annandale, VA, 22003, USA
Services Available: We provide service in the DC Metro area focussing on Annandale, Fairfax, Vienna, Falls Church, Oakton, McLean, Great Falls, Burke, Alexandria, Arlington, Shirlington and Bethesda.

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