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Lynnfield MA, Home Stager

New Kitchen - Needs a little bit of color!

With a few accent pieces the island comes to life - The countertops are highlighted and the flow in the kitchen is obvious to buyers.

Empty bedroom leaving loads of questions.

Fully staged showing large bed as focal point and storage galore - and still plenty of room.

Janette Zahar

ASP Certified, IAHSP

Current Statistics on ASP Staged Homes proves that Staging WORKS. 95% of all ASP Staged Homes sell on average 11 days or less and sell for 17% MORE!

You may ask yourself,
You may ask yourself, "Why would I need or want to Stage® my home with an ASP® or ASPM®?" "What is an ASP® or ASPM® anyway?" And, "Can't anyone Stage® a home professionally?" It is interesting to see how many people have started to call themselves Stagers out in the world today. Basically they have just proclaimed themselves as Stagers. After teaching the concept of Home Staging across the country since 1985 and after Staging 5,000 homes myself since 1972 I have begun to see self-proclaimed Stagers appear who have no training or Home Staging experience at all. These people have not studied how to Stage Homes... they just heard about the idea and began to call themselves Stagers. As in any industry it is so important that training and professionalism be the norm, not the exception. This is what we are all about at Stagedhomes.com and also our International Association of Home Staging Professionals Association, www.iahsp.com . At Stagedhomes.com we provide the most detailed and finest Staging training in the Staging industry today. Our Designations of ASP or ASPM® mean "Accredited Staging Professionals" or "Accredited Staging Professional Masters". In other words our graduates are Accredited and are thoroughly trained to Stage® Homes as Staging was intended to be done. This is what the public can now count on. ASPs® and ASPMs® have invested a great deal of time, talent, and financial investment to become Accredited Staging Professionals. The ASP®/ASPM® Designation now sets the standard and is the benchmark of excellence and training in the Staging Industry I am privileged to have first started in 1972! ASPs® and ASPMs® have the guidelines, skills, talent, and knowledge to be able to serve the client creatively in the best way possible and at the most reasonable cost. ASPs® and ASPMs® follow a professional code of ethics and have set policies, as standards of excellence to follow, as they serve their clients. As the woman who actually invented Staging and created the Staging movement and industry I feel it is crucial for the homeowner, the buyer and the Realtor® to make sure that the Staging is being done and performed by a ASP®/ASPM® Stager who has been professionally trained. When you list your home for sale, list it with an ASP® Realtor® and then have it professionally Staged by an ASP®/ASPM® Stager and you will be served in the highest way possible to help ensure you receive top dollar for your home in the most reasonable amount of time. You will find the perfect ASP®/ASPM® Realtor® and Stager right here on our site. Just go to 'Find an ASP® Now' on our menu bar above and enter either the zip, city, state, or even country where you live and you will find our ASPs® ready to serve you. You can also go to our ASP®/ASPM® Featured pages found through the banner on this page to find featured ASPs® who have also written more information about themselves for you. I hope this helps you, the visitor to our site, know more about why you should always work with an ASP® Realtor® or ASP®/ASPM® Stager. The proof is in the training, and the education our ASPs®/ASPMs® have and in the quality of work our people do for you! Thank you for coming to Stagedhomes.com! We look forward to serving you! Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP® The Creator of Home Staging® CEO www.Stagedhomes.com IAHSP® Founder and Chairwoman of The Board of The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and Foundation www.iahsp.com Stage®, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP® and Stagedhomes.com® are Federally Registered Trademarks of StagedHomes.com®.

Our Code of Ethics
Accredited Staging Professional® Code of Ethics for Accredited Staging Professional® Stagers I believe in my ability to help my clients Stage® their properties. I will follow and protect this Code of Ethics for all Accredited Staging Professional® Stagers (ASPs®). I will establish and maintain professional policies to hold my clients accountable to prepare their homes for sale and keep them in Staged showing condition until the home is sold and the inspection and appraisal are completed. I will protect the quality of Staging by following the Staging Criteria & only using the word "Staged" to describe homes that have truly met or exceeded that criteria. I will protect the Stage® trademark by including the registered trademark symbol (® ) with any derivation of the word in any print advertising or marketing that I do. I will protect the Accredited Staging Professional® trademarks by including the trademark symbol (®) with any marketing or print advertising that I do with the ASP® and ASPM® designations. I will not use deliberately and knowingly underbid other ASP®’s prices as a way to attempt to obtain business. Although we cannot price fix fees in the Home Staging Industry, I will professionally set and promote my fees in accordance with what the market will bear. I will edify fellow ASP® Stagers in all business dealings, expressing positive praise for them, their business, and Staging work. I will honor the Staging University® by not releasing my password to the University to any non-ASPs®. I further agree to not give non ASP® Stagers our ASP® materials for their use. I will display and market my ASP® Designation in my Staging marketing materials to inform people that I am an Accredited Staging Professional. I will educate my clients and the public as to the meaning and origin of Staging to enhance the ASP® Designation for all ASPs®. I will bring credit to the ASP® Designation through my honesty, my integrity and by honoring my clients and myself. I will honor all ASPs® with the dignity and the respect of the designation for the greater good of all. ASP®®, ASP®M®, Stage®, and Stagedhomes.com® are all Federally Registered Trademarks of Stagedhomes.com® All rights reserved.

Recent Press Release
PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Janette Zahar, Invest In Staging, 781-929-2298 DATE: LOCAL PROFESSIONAL EARNS ACCREDITED STAGING PROFESSIONAL® DESIGNATION The softening Real Estate market is increasing homeowner demands for tools to help bring a profit in the sale of their homes. ASP Home Staging has become one such tool. By properly cleaning, decluttering and preparing a house before it is listed on the market, homeowners have a better chance of selling their home at or above list price. In a recent study conducted by Stagedhomes.com, of over 1000 homes, (55% Vacant, 45% occupied) across the United States and Canada, showed that homes that were prepared for sale by an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP®) were on the market 80% less time before selling than non ASP Staged Homes. And the average ASP Staged Home sold for more dollars depending upon the market, price range of the house and the neighborhood. Averages ran from 7.9 % more dollars to over 25% or more than non ASP Staged Homes. Janette Zahar and Invest in Staging is now serving the Boston area as an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP®). Janette is among the network of more than 21,000 Real Estate Agents and professional Home Stagers worldwide, who are providing sellers with the knowledge and tools they need to sell their homes faster and/or for more money. Janette has completed the Accredited Staging Professional Course provided by StagedHomes.com, where she received hands-on instruction and was required to and demonstrated techniques by Staging a home that was listed on the market. The Accredited Staging Professional Course was created by Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging®, President and CEO of Stagedhomes.com and the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®. Barb developed the concept of Home Staging in the early 1970’s and has since educated more than one-million people on the subject. She is a nationally known and award-winning speaker, author and trainer and has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America and 20/20, NBC’s The Today Show, PBS, The CBS Evening News, Fox News, as well as many local news programs. To have your property ASP Staged please contact Janette at 781-929-2298 or [email protected] .


Janette Zahar
Phone: 781-929-2298
Email: Click Here To Send Email
Website: http://www.stagedoccasions.com
Located In: Lynnfield, MA, 01940, USA
Services Available: Invest in Staging currently serves the North Shore Area of Boston. We provide Staging to Sell services as well Staging to Live services. We love helping our clients use their own items to give a whole new feel to their home, but we are also prepared to bring in any items you may need to complete the Staging Process. We look forward to serving you.

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