StagedHomes on 20/20!

Hi All! I have Great News for you!

Remember my trip to New York last year and my days of interviews with TV and Radio executives? This was followed up by countless phone calls to the producers of 20/20 and ABC Television. How exciting - they wanted to do a piece on Staging!

Then we had them, then we didn't, then we had them, then we were postponed, then we were unpostponed (i know, not a word!). All the while your Staging Mama was manifesting and praying and trusting in the greater good to manifest something wonderful for all of us and well, here goes...

In August ABC's 20/20 came to Bothell, WA where we Staged a home on camera with 32 of our talented ASP/ASPM Stagers. Chris Connelly, the news correspondent, was friendly and very easy to work with, as were Ethan the producer and the crew. In fact, they were just like the average person we meet who hasn't yet seen our "Staging Magic." They filmed over 20 hours of footage in two days and continue to follow up filming showings to buyers and Realtors® all the way to the offer and sale.

The home was charming and the crew thought it looked fine just the way it was until they saw the results. I divided our ASP/ASPM Stagers into teams, just as I do in the classes. Furniture was moved, bartering, de-cluttering, packing and "Staging Magic" totally transformed the home inside and out. We finished by 1pm, just in time to catch the homeowner and listing agent's reactions on film. They were absolutely thrilled and surprised at the transformation. Their Realtor assured them that they had added value to their home and they knew it was true.

My mission and my passion is to spread the word of Staging to the world. As always, I am honored and proud to work with the Staging geniuses you are, all of you. A special thanks to all who volunteered on this important project. I am truly blessed!

So stay tuned, I believe it will be aired October 7th, Sweeps Week!, and we'll let you know if that changes. It will be very exciting to take Staging to Critical Mass. As I always say, "More means more for all of us!". You are there, poised to be part of the exciting opportunities that are about to come to all of us.

Pictures of the shoot for the Barb Schwarz' New Home Staging DVD filmed in Seattle with Barb Schwarz and 25 ASP/ASPMs. More to come on this and its release in the next newsletter and more write up and more pictures from the 20 - 20 shoot in next month's newsletter too! Stay Tuned for more on both filmings in next month's newsletter.


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