The ASP Masters® Course – Mon, Apr 30, 2018, 9:00 AM – Fri, May 4, 2018, 9:00 PM EDT

Thank you so much for your interest in and The Accredited Staging Professional Master Course.

The ASP Masters Course will take your business to new heights of success and profitability. ASP Master Stagers around the world have some of the most successful businesses based on implementing the refined techniques and skills they learn in the ASPM Course. The ASPM Course is taught by Jennie Norris, President & CEO of and her ASPM Training Team, Bette Vos and Sandra Holmes.

Jennie Norris
Jennie Norris, ASPM®
President & CEO
Bette Vos
Bette Vos, ASPM®
Executive VP
Sandra Holmes
Sandra Holmes, ASPM®
Executive VP

The ASPM Course takes an in-depth look at the following information and topics:

  • ASP® Course Review
  • ASPM® Home Staging communication skills
  • Role playing and overcoming challenges
  • Pricing your services - strategies that win business
  • Obtaining larger projects
  • Inventory purchasing and warehousing including inventory management systems
  • Warehouse Tour
  • Vacant project Tour and Pricing Planning
  • Value Added services for your business
  • Presentation & Speaking Skills
  • Positive feedback/critique about your Presentation skills
  • Building a Team
  • Employees vs. Independent Contractors
  • Best Business Practices for success
  • Business Applications to Streamline Business
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Social Media tutorials and tips
  • Goal Setting & Business Planning
  • Targeting specific market niches for add on income
  • Commitment and Accountability

Each day we will delve into in depth review and discussion of topics and you will have homework that will build on what we discussed during the classroom time. The goal of the homework is to provide you with framework for pricing your services, consultation and proposals so that you obtain projects and learn how to price larger projects that bring more profitability. We will discuss pricing services for other market niches as well as other resources for adding income to your business and bottom line. One of the key parts of the ASPM Course is refining and building on your presentation skills so that you gain more confidence with how you present and can take away positive critiques that you can work on after you graduate.

Your ASPM® Graduation Dinner.

This is a wonderful evening of celebration of the days you have shared together with Jennie and the other ASPM’s ® . It is a time to celebrate you and your accomplishments of the Masters Course. This special evening features a gourmet dinner and graduation ceremonies with Jennie. It is a grand way to end this fabulous Course and truly the star of the night is you.

Meals for each day include lunch and dinner as part of the investment of your ASPM Course. Most days are 12 hour days so come prepared to work hard and learn from the true Master Home Staging Instructor, Jennie Norris.


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ASPM® Testimonials

"I really have a lot to share with the ASP's/ASPM's® about what has happened in the past year ever since I took the ASPM Course. It has been life changing for the positive... it has been so incredibly awesome- I have seen a lot of growth in my business, in both its structures and financially. I have personally grown so much in the past year... it was like taking the Master's course was this diamond encrusted gold key that really helped provide me the focus I needed. I can share about how at year 6 I felt "stagnant" and seemed to get caught up in distraction. Since our Master's course and refocusing, I have restructured my entire business and have seen the beginning of growth and stability. I am delivering solid Staging's with very good results."

With Kindest Regards,

Kevin Htain

Kevin Htain, ASPM®, IAHSP®
LIFETIME Accredited Staging Professional Master®
Identity Home Staging

I'm writing to you to give you an overall opinion of my ASPM's staging experience this past week!

Every aspect of this staging training was very useful and valuable for me to use in my staging business. The area that I needed help the most was putting the staging proposal/bid together for clients/realtors. This was where I needed help the most, to become more familiar and to be sure as to how to put the bid together. So thank you for clarifying this area for me.

I felt that it was very helpful to be placed in a group and go to the vacant and lived in house, to walk through all the rooms, step by step listing all the rooms with the furniture/accessories that was needed.

The five minute presentation for me was really helpful because I listened to the other ladies and learned so much from their presentation. I liked a little bit from each one of their presentations.

I feel that I have become more confident in what I want to do in my staging business and to keep on going taking it step by step. I have to develop and stick to my professional policies too.

Again, thanks for a wonderful week of the most valuable and important information that I've been lucky to have to jump start my business. I felt a shot of confidence and loved all the sayings that you kept coming our way the entire week.

Above all keep up the good work.

With love,

Maha Paulus

Maha Paulus, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®

Becoming an ASPM® has been one of the best weeks of my life. It was truly a time for me to light my passion as well as bond with a group of amazing women. I not only grew professionally, but personally as well! Thank you for the remarkable knowledge, energy and perseverance. I am excited and confident to sharing my knowledge and expertise!

Nicole Stoops

Nicole Stoops, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®

Whew, what a week we had during our ASPM® course. I was an ASP® that had not started my business and came with the desire of furthering my education for staging. My husband is a career military man and when he retires I plan to start my business. The ASPM® course was so good that I came home and have thoughts of starting it early and then when we move just move my business. Still thinking that decision over. The class was a full week as promised! I feel fully equipped to start my business. The class gives confidence in many areas; public speaking, cold calls, bids, consultations and of course gives you a team to lean on should you have any questions and need to call for help/thoughts/suggestions. The education you receive that's not in the training manual was priceless. Our class was honored to get constructive suggestions. This education is priceless.

Yes, we had many hours in class and working on homework, hours well spent toward our businesses. The atmosphere was relaxed and we had time to work on homework together. I would agree that it is a life changing experience. I would consider myself a fairly positive person, but I would have to agree it took it to whole new level and I returned a better person by just attending.


LaVonda Sullivan

LaVonda Sullivan
Accredited Staging Professional®
International Association of Home Staging Professionals® Accredited Staging Professional Master®
Treasurer of Southeastern Wisconsin IAHSP® Regional Chapter

Good Morning to ALL of my new ASPM® Family! I can't stop thinking about the amazing time we spent together learning, laughing and rubbing our sleepy eyes! :)

Thank you for a wonderful week. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us, and for providing the training manuals that are filled with immeasurable information to help our success in the field. I am filled with emotions as I am excited about all the possibilities as well as the many tasks I have to accomplish to get my new business off to the right start.

Thank you to all of my classmates who shared helpful hints from your staging experiences. I look forward to knowing that if I am 'stuck' for a creative idea, or need help in any way ... you are all just an email or phone call away!

AWESOME!!! Can life get any better!

Romy Godwin

Romy Godwin

Remember when you first took your first ASP® training class and were overwhelmed by the amount of information you were exposed to, you could not believe how much you learned about Staging? Well, after completing the ASPM® class I experienced all these feelings again. I have been Staging for 3 years and know that this class will move my business to the next level and on to great things. This class was just the energizer I needed, which may sound funny as sleep was the only thing that was not plentiful during this week. I came home excited to get started on my list of things to do for my business. I couldn't wait to get started. Investing the time with my instructors and classmates has changed me in so many ways I can't begin to describe to you. I think back with smiles, good feelings while remembering everything that took place the week I became an ASPM®. I am excited to share with my chapter and encourage everyone new or seasoned Stagers to complete this class. I would sincerely recommend the investment in this class as a must-do for anyone truly serious about Staging as a Career.

Katy Fineman-Jones

Katy Fineman-Jones
Accredited Staging Professional Master®
IAHSP® Columbus Chapter President
International Association of Home Staging Professionals® - IAHSP®
2010 IAHSP® Spirit Award Winner
My English Touch, Ltd

Thank YOU!!! Thank you for offering such an amazing course. I am so happy that I took the ASPM® course for what I have learned is life changing for me. I thank you for everything you taught. I thank you for your beautiful words, for they reflect the beauty that you are and what is inside. You inspire me in so many ways, as a business woman, as a woman, and as a human being. Thank you for all the gifts and treats and for the graduation celebration. I will cherish the memories of our week together. Thank you.


Julia Horner

Julia Horner, ASPM®

Thank you again for all that you shared and your gracious wisdom! I truly look up to you - I can still see the joy in your eyes as you mentored all of us. I am so very grateful for the entire week (and maybe even the lack of sleep :-)

I hope to see you again soon - I miss you already!


Mary Piekarski
Mary Piekarski, ASPM®, ASP®, IAHSP®

What a privilege it was for me to get to share this week with you. As I said in my other e-mail I cherish the "life lessons" more than any business lesson, although I do appreciate them, you are truly and inspiration, someone who walks the talk, and that is rare.

You have reminded me of things that I knew but had forgotten to practice everyday. I thank You for the reminder.

Sending you loving light always,

Ocelia Claro

Ocelia Claro, ASPM®, ASP®, IAHSP®
New York City

"The class with Barb was phenomenal. I truly feel that any time put towards learning is a great investment in yourself and your business. Our instructor really showed us how we were leaving money on the table by not presenting our consultations and proposals in person. The REALTOR® office presentation helped me to refine my own presentation. Watching the other presentations gave me new ideas for mine in the future."

~~Rebecca Henderson, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®

Thank you for many things. Thank you for being you & creating Staging - it is in my being to be a Stager! The Master's course is the best thing I have done in years.

~~Jan Whitlow, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®

"I cannot recommend the ASP® Master's course highly enough. Taking the ASP® Master's course has made a great difference to my Staging business. Training in an ASP® Masters course will change your life."

~~Edith Bookstein, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, Recipient of the 2007 ASP® Spirit Award

"In the ASPM® course, not only did I learn new material, but it gave me the time I needed to focus attention "on" my business, rather than working "in" it. I would recommend the ASPM® course; not only for its content, but also for the marketing opportunities it provides us all."

~~Sandy Donogh, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®

"I have been back 2 weeks now and can't believe the difference that the course has made for me in the way I market my business and interact with clients and REALTORS®. I truly Appreciate all you taught us at the class and am so glad I went. I made a presentation to a real estate office just a few days after I returned and got 2 projects so far from the presentation. I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions. They helped immensely. I made great friends at the course and have been in touch with some of the ladies. I have never been part of a business that is so generous in nature. You are a phenomenal example to us all. Thanks so much."

~~Teresa Rojek, ASP® ASPM®, IAHSP®

You will love becoming an important part of the ASPM® family. ASPM®s are held in the highest regard by all ASPs®. Your investment in earning your ASPM® designation will return to you over and over again in the years ahead. As an ASPM® you will become and be surrounded by the "Best of the Best!"

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