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Question: I've already been Staging for years. How will this course help my business?
Answer: Consider the 3 Day ASP Staging Course an investment in your business... and a great marketing and networking opportunity! The marketing exposure alone is worth the investment.

As an ASP, you will be listed on the internet's #1 website for Staging with high traffic from the public looking for Stagers and Realtors. With our Network of more than 25,000 ASPs worldwide, you'll be joining the industry's most widely recognized group of Professional Home Stagers and Real Estate Agents. And during class you will be meeting many local Real Estate Agents, who attend for continuing education in a one or two-day format. These Real Estate Agents are a great referral source for future Staging income.

And the ASP Accreditation is a powerful way to tell Real Estate Agents and homeowners in your community that you are a trained professional with the expertise to help them sell their home faster and for more money. You'll also be receiving key tips on how to hone your marketing skills, allowing you to improve and grow your business. And as part of your tuition you will be receiving many "ASP Exclusive" Staging tools to help you in your Staging profession.

Question: How much money do I need to start my Home Staging business?
Answer: It varies, but the investment in starting an ASP Home Staging business is relatively small compared to other businesses. The cost of basic ASP Staging education is approximately $1800, not including travel expenses. And then most new business owners will need some funds to budget for other business start-up expenses, including Insurance, marketing material development, transportation, supplies, etc.

Question: Do I need any prior experience or training to start my Staging business?
Answer: Not really. Many professional designers and decorators have earned their ASP Designation, but successful Stagers have come from all backgrounds and walks of life. The 3 day ASP Business Course is only the starting point. Many new ASP Stagers build their experience, confidence and Staging knowledge by working alongside more experienced Stagers and/or by working in Staging teams. New Stagers can also join their local IAHSP® chapter or seek support through the ASP directory or through individualized coaching services.

Question: I'm shy, but people tell me I'd be a good Stager. Is this for me?
Answer: Making cold calls and sales presentations to Real Estate Agents is not for everybody. Many ASP Stagers work with other Stagers behind the scenes on larger projects for an hourly rate or a fixed fee. You may find you really enjoy the team atmosphere and contribute as an hourly for-hire Stager. If that is what you are interested in, consider taking the Accredited Staging Assistant® (ASA®) 2-Day Course.

Question: Do I need to be bonded or insured?
Answer: Our professional policy is that you protect yourself with a separate business insurance policy that will cover you while you are working on someone else's property. We have developed a partnership with a national A+ rated insurer that provides affordable coverage designed specifically with the needs of Stagers in mind. Most Stagers do not need to be bonded. You do want to be licensed as a legitimate business owner to receive payments and insured to protect yourself from liability.

Question: I have natural creativity, but I'm not an Interior Designer. Do I need prior design experience to take this course?
Answer: Absolutely not! We teach you the concepts and techniques of Staging and you will receive hands-on Staging experience in class. We'll help you develop your natural talent, so you'll be able to excel in Staging. Remember Staging is NOT decorating or design, therefore you need no prior design experience!

Question: If we are in class with Real Estate Agents, aren't they our competition?
Answer: To the contrary! ASP Stagers and Real Estate Agents are marketing partners. Agents will learn how to market Staging to their clients, overcome client objections to Staging and how to present the benefits of hiring an ASP Stager. Half the work will be done for you! You will also want to take the time to introduce yourself to and build relationships with the Agents in class. So, when they are looking to hire a Stager, they will call you!

Question: Are there any yearly fees to keep my designation current?
Answer: Your ASP designation, membership to the Staging University and feature page on the website are included in your course tuition. But you will need to renew your membership for a nominal fee each year to be considered a current ASP and to receive the benefits of an active membership. Call for the current membership fees.

Question: Can I take the class again at any time as a refresher?
Answer: If you are an ASP with a current membership, you can retake any class at any time for a nominal fee. We encourage you to take the class at least once a year to continue your education and stay fresh with concepts and trends. We're always working to better the course material and a refresher will keep you updated on current trends and help you sharpen your marketing techniques. Call for the current refresher course fees.

Question: Are there any scholarships or financial aid for the course tuition?
Answer: Stagedhomes does offer a Grant Program for those who qualify. It helps reduce the tuition and we do not offer full scholarships. For payment options please contact us at 800-392-7161.

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