"I got a Staging job today thanks to the StagedHomes website! My new client had read an article in USAA magazine (a military mag) about selling homes and they mentioned Staging. She went to the StagedHomes website and found me here in this little desert town of Yuma, Ariz.

That`s proof again that the StagedHomes website is working well for ASPs!

Thanks for all you!!"

- Teri

"Staging and Organizing go hand-in-hand. With my ASP designation, I can help my clients through all aspects of getting organized - from clearing the clutter to "Staging to live."

- Leah

"I have been creative since I was a little girl. I always felt so much inner peace expressing it. However, growing up I was looked upon as being a dreamer and never finishing anything.

All of these years I have been searching for an outlet for my creativity, and it guided me to you.

I want to thank you for following your dream and sharing it with us all. Because you followed your soul and created the Staging business, I now feel that I can put a home to my life purpose and I am finally at peace."

- Kristen

"Once again, Staging Works.

Received a voice mail from a Real Estate Broker on Friday. Excited. Her listed Staged home sold in 5 days. We are finding out that our selling market is slow except the staged homes... they are selling within a short period of times. We share stories, multiple offers... well this is ridiculous in a slow market!!! Wow does Staging work its magic."

- Carol

"We wanted to share with you and other ASP`s how excited my daughter and I are about this business.

I recently got a call from a real estate agent friend of mine who wanted to use our Staging services for a house she had on the market since the beginning of December, with absolutely NO activity.

We Staged the property for her on March 1, and it sold in just 4 days!

We were so happy to see that through our creativity and the specialized ASP training, our business is well underway and this will be a great example for us to use when marketing our business.

We will be attending your refresher course and can hardly wait to attain more knowledge from you."

- Michelle