It was truly an honor to participate in your Webinar. The information provided was thorough and will definitely assist me in becoming a Stager. My trainer did an outstanding job. She was professional, well-prepared, honest and made the information very interesting and practical - true evidence of her success. I look forward in collaborating with your staff by asking questions as they arise as I move ahead in my new career. Thanks again and best of luck for the future!

Paulette Campbell

I just want to say that I just want to say that my trainer was an amazing teacher she went way above the Call of Duty and it was very exciting listening to her she really knows her business and she would be a great mentor to many. I'm so glad I took that class I learned more than I expected.

Cheri Wynne

I really learned a lot in this class on the do's and don'ts of staging. This class was really worth the investment. My trainer was professional and able to answer all of our questions. If you ever considered home staging as a career this is the class to take.

S Horton

I wanted to take this time to thank you for the amazing training in Dallas, Texas. My trainer was so inspirational to listen to each day as she provided a wealth of knowledge and experience to the group. She was able to stay in task and cover all of the topics that were critical of the training. The amount of information that was provided to us will surely help us to be able to start our own business. The vendors that were present were knowledgeable and very helpful. The lunches that were provided were excellent and much appreciated part of the training. Loved my trainer’s sense of humor during the class and for keeping us motivated and interested. Thank you again for the wonderful training.

Terri Nowakowski

As a new stager (setting up my website this week), I am very impressed with the copious amounts of truly helpful information available on our university pages. I've been in several other industries & have never seen the amount & level of useful information anywhere else. Thanks for all you do!

Dottie Upchurch

I loved the class, it was fun, interesting and rewarding. I loved the staging project and all the changes to the client’s house. I believe this knowledge will help me to be a better Realtor and it will be very helpful for my new clients. The content was great, the facilities very close for my convenience, great sponsors, healthy lunch, great classmates, and the best part the teacher who shared knowledge and expertise. thank you, thank you, thank you…

Alejandra De La Campa

I cannot say enough about your instruction of the Professional Home Staging Course. Your passion and zeal for staging came through so clearly in your ability to always keep us excited and on topic. You guided us through all the information with advice and counseling that only a Master Stager could provide. I look forward to future webinar learning experiences that you will be offering. My sincere thanks.

Linda Wilkins

Thank you for the Outstanding ASP training you provided to us all in the Staged Homes ASP training in Oakbrook, Illinois. Truly, your ability to convey Core Principles and intertwine them with stories of your own successful business experiences made for an exciting and inspiring 3- day program. I feel so fortunate to have taken the ASP course! What made your course inspiring was to hear your story of how you grew your business, as well as your demonstration of how to create one's marketing and income plan. Though hard work, it revealed a path to success.

I think the most important lesson I took away was to exude confidence in my "staging genius". For me that means allowing the confidence I do have to be perceived by others. Having completed your course, I am ready and so excited to make my business a success!!

I have been taking advantage of the Greater Chicago Chapter members' willingness to mentor and work together. Thank you again. I will remember your passion to succeed and that will lead my way!

Cheryl Hawkins

So glad to hear that the homeowners loved our staging that we did as a class project! Personally, I found staging such a rewarding job especially when you see the end result. Thank you so much for all the lessons you taught and shared with all of us about home staging! We learned a lot from you and the knowledge we got from your class will definitely help us as we embark in our staging careers in the future! Thank you!

Zenaida Lacson

I enjoyed meeting and working with everyone. I loved learning and the class did exactly what I wanted - it helped me to understand, as a real estate agent, what points I needed to know to encourage a seller to use a Stager.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how very much I enjoyed the 2 day class this past week. Obtaining my ASP-RE® has been a goal of mine for the last two years and I am just THRILLED to have finally accomplished that goal. Since I have been staging on my own for the last 7 1/2 years for my clients, it was refreshing to know, and also a strong confirmation that SO much of what you talked about, the scripts you encouraged us to use, and the staging process and techniques are part of my "way of doing things" already. However, we learn everyday, IF we are open to it, and I certainly DID learn a great deal as well. Your teaching technique is infectious and just made me want to, even more than I already do, JUMP UP and go "stage the world!" :) I look forward to joining you for the 3rd day of this course in the very near future. I understand now that there is true merit to taking the 3rd day and feel that this day would be the day when a LOT of light bulbs go off. Thank you again for your commitment and for your enthusiasm to staging and understanding how VERY important it is in the Real Estate world. Have a super weekend and God Bless!

Janet Bryant, Realtor

Thank you so much for the opportunity you have given us all to become an ASP®.... I so enjoyed your class and learned so much!! The best investment I have ever made in my 30 years as owner of my business!!! Your presentation was interesting and most of all very educational and informative!!! I have not been to a class in a long time, but I felt so very comfortable with your training!!! Look forward to meeting you again real soon! Thank you again for a great opportunity.

Judy Dunn

It was a pleasure meeting you this past week and I can’t tell you how much I learned from the class. Not only was the class educational - it was a fun and encouraging atmosphere. It’s so refreshing to be associated with a company and organization that promotes a Staging community instead of a competitive environment. The hands-on staging project was invaluable.

Thanks again,
Amber Miessner

The class was a great refresher for me, and as I was back in my office the remainder of the week, looking at MLS properties, so many things - wrong - stood out that I hadn't really paid much attention to in recent years. You made the class very enjoyable and your knowledge is priceless :-) Had a listing appt on Thursday and I'm back to incorporating staging with the customers. I already put into practice this week, on that appt, things learned from the class (probate/estate listing- green carpet in one room, but the eldest sibling's words - "I'm not putting any more money into this house" ) but she's excited as well in the transformation with what little pieces and artwork were left in the house to stage with. I am excited about learning who the local Stagers are so I can begin incorporating them into my listing/marketing presentations. Be assured though, I will recommend having Stagers come in, as I Do Not want to tackle the staging projects myself :-)

Thanks again!
Carrie Doan, PA, real estate agent

Your teaching style and sharing of your many years of staging has given me the confidence I needed to follow my dream. Thank you for your encouragement and faith that you put in to me and all of us. I had no idea the unlimited resources and team support that would be available. How could we not be a success at whatever level we want! I already hear you echo in my ear the "just remember this" and "write this down" I feel that I am already ahead of the game because of your experiences and how you built on them. I have never felt this confident about using my talents for a business. Thank you for being you and being there. Here's to a great future!

Shannon Bussell

Thank you for your time and the valuable info you presented over the two days. I enjoyed the class and learned more than I could imagine. I felt the info was very relatable and valuable to grow our business. Thanks again, I am so happy I decided to take the course.

Leslie Guillory - real estate agent

I loved your class so much. The experience was invaluable. The three days with the other stagers was a great learning experience. The three lunches and lunch sponsors were great and very useful information. It was nice getting the paint decks from Sherwin-Williams and road trip to CORT to see their showroom. I am so excited about what lies ahead. I have a lot of praying and decision making to do as my Real Estate career is very successful, but not as rewarding as Staging. I think I can combine both to make my job so much more fun and rewarding. Since I already have the Realtor connections, I think this process of combining the two will be a natural progression. Thank you so very much!

Libby Weyel, real estate agent

I took the staging certification class last week and, believe it or not, feel pretty well prepared to embark on my first staging endeavor. My trainer patiently answered my many questions and, I wouldn't have thought this was possible in such a short time, but she was successful at giving us enough information and encouragement to dive right in!

Suzy Kass, Sales Associate, Keller Williams Realty NJ Metro Group

I hope this email finds you well. I had the pleasure of participating in the ASP course. I want to share with you that I had such a wonderful experience thanks to my trainer. I had no idea what to expect going into the class and I even had some self-doubts about whether or not to go through with it. I cannot put into words how happy and energized I felt after completing it, and how much I appreciated the mentorship from my trainer. She is so knowledgeable and a total professional through-and-through. She made all of us feel comfortable and confident and armed us with an invaluable inside perspective. I can't wait to continue the relationship with going forward.

Maggie Hanlon

I recently had the pleasure of taking a three-day course to become a home stager. My trainer was awesome. She was not only very informative and knowledgeable on the subject matter she was also very personable. She interjected her lecture with witty anecdotes drawn from her own personal experience as a home stager. My trainer was passionate and enthusiastic about her work and it shows. Our project was an amazing experience and it far exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to working on future projects on my own.

Zuleida Wolfson

Thank you for a well thought out, interesting, and incredibly valuable three day course. Webinars are not easy to give and keep people's interest for three days straight - but you did a wonderful job. Thank you for answering all of the questions - I never felt like any question was a dumb question. You answered thoroughly. This course was very helpful. Thank you!

I must say that I truly enjoyed taking the ASP Home Staging Course. It was like a breath of fresh air because I am one of the only Realtors that offers "complimentary" Staging for my clients. I truly believe in the benefits of staging and it's nice to now have the statistics and the "scripts" to back up my beliefs. I have been staging homes, apartment models, and club houses, offices for years and I know the class will enhance my staging technique and encourage a profitable business venture in the future. In my opinion, the class is very beneficial for Realtors and I am excited to educate fellow Realtors on the knowledge and my services in my new business endeavor.

The class truly educated me on the business side of Staging, and in my opinion Day 3 is the most rewarding. I believe the marketing information, ideas, handouts, booklets, and plethora of material available on the University paired with my experience ensures success with a career in Staging. I think the course was great. Our instructor was absolutely fantastic. She was motivating, encouraging, informative, and insightful. She shared and taught us so many wonderful things about the business. She warmly introduced us and welcomed us into the sisterhood of staging. I know she will be a wonderful life long mentor. It was a wonderful experience.

Madisen Sainz

I cannot say anything negative about you or this program...I’m still trying to remember everything!! I loved this class and the only regret I have is that I did not take this class sooner. You were an awesome instructor! I thank you for your knowledge and your instruction!!

Anne I Coleman, Inc., Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking the ASP class. The passion you have for staging is contagious & evident through your instruction. I was extremely excited to take this course and so glad I did. Not only will I be able to add more value to my clients, but also I am looking forward to staging my own home for living! Thank you & safe travels tomorrow!


Thank you SO much for investing your time and talent into my development. I'm grateful to have been able to attend the 3-day ASP course and have you as my instructor. You have a real gift of sharing your passion and expertise. Best of all, you created an atmosphere that warmly welcomed everyone and drew them into wanting to firmly grasp the content. I also appreciate your generous offer to be accessible to us as we continue to learn and grow. Priceless.

As for the class registration, course content, location, food, and staging home project: I thought the course was outstanding. Stagedhomes, has done a marvelous job of creating a robust curriculum for someone like me who was a blank slate. As for all the other elements to make this class happen... I wouldn't change a thing. Please know, I plan on retaking this course from you in the future to stay current. Without a doubt, I'm beyond excited to take my next steps in developing my business as an ASP. Looking forward to staying in touch and seeing you at the local chapter meetings. Safe travels!

Many thanks,

Thank you again for teaching me so much this week. This class was worth every penny and I can't say I've taken a class in the past that I can say that about. Both you and the material were wonderful. I am interested in taking advantage of the $99 special for the FAST training.

I believe you mentioned you were teaching the Business Planning and Goal Setting class so I would like to take that as well as the Getting Paid -Systems and Resources and finally the Making Effective Presentations. Please let me know if you have any questions and again thank you for your time this week.

Meg Geisler

Thank you I just finished taking the Marketing to Personalities webinar and if was very informative. It was my first webinar and I am looking forward to taking more in the series.

Cory Drost

Thank you for a great class and experience. I can truly say it was one of the best courses I have taken. It was quite amazing how it came together in the end when the seller’s house was staged. It was a transforming experience and the team work miraculous. In class it was beneficial going over the before and after pictures and talking about placement of furniture: corners, floating and focal points. I was clueless on how to hang pictures at the correct height so that was beneficial. The discounts from vendors is great too. I have been telling other agent that this is a must attend class. Thank you for the class and sharing your expertise!

Jane Binnersley, real estate agent, CTP, MSHRD

I hope all is well with you both!! I cannot tell you how happy I am with the Staging Class! The positive feedback and enthusiasm that I have seen and heard is awesome!! It has been great for our office and I definitely see this growing in the future with more agents wanting to get on board. A great buzz on social media with this now from her current students.

Walt Hurtt, Brandywine BHHS Fox and Roach

The ASP Course was great! I learned a lot! I found everything I needed to start my own business. I also count with the support and help from all the ASPs. The exercises we made felt just as it actually happens in real life! We also had the experience of Stage a Home for REAL with all the class! it was a lot of fun and learning! I really recommend this course. Thank you Staged Homes!


Thank you for all your hard work & designing each room for a great showing experience.

I'm working on new pictures, holding realtor tour Monday & can't wait for buyers to come through. You're great Stagers!

Thank you,
Liz Ebbole, Coldwell Banker

Thank you so much! I was really impressed with the information I received taking your class! Thank you for making it interesting, fun, and presenting great content particularly on the business side of things.

Val Pearce

I want to thank you for 3 wonderful, enlightening and highly informational days of instruction on home staging. I appreciated your thorough and professional approach and sharing your personal business experience with us. You encouraged us to be positive, believe in our creative genius and go for it! There were sections of the course that were not new information to me however, I appreciated the refresher on those topics. I am sure I will use this certification well.

I look forward to hearing more about the Senior Relocation Specialist certification as I feel it too would enhance my professional organizing business. If there is a way that you or could put me on notification when this certification becomes available, Id greatly appreciate it!

All the Best to you,
Kirsten Gross, MHHS, Professional Organizer, ASP Stager

Sending a note of my heartfelt appreciation. Attending your class was a game changer. Many thanks for all you did for me - for your kindness, patience, guidance, the sharing of your hard earned secrets...the inspiration!

Warmest regards,
Gina Scott

Thank you for making the 3 days interesting and fun. I usually get antsy when I sit too long but the whole time you held my attention. I was very pleased with the webinar. It was informative, and I liked taking each segment of the staging business and covering it in detail. I think my note taking ended up being around 40 pages. I gained a lot of knowledge and feel you presented very professionally, and I liked hearing about different situations and testimonies. I would of like to have seen some more before and after pictures and have a bit more time to view the picture and engage in more comments and ideas of solutions. A little fast for me. I am not as quick to act as I use to be. My last career was talking to older people and I had to slow down my pace. I will need to pick up the pace. Thank you for all your expertise in the business and of past experiences and for the wonderful training. Also, I appreciate your positive attitude and encouragement for us to be successful. I look forward to meeting you someday.


I had been looking forward to this class since the end of April. My expectations were more than met. I think that the two biggest things that I am thankful for is you and all the resources and material. Let’s start with you. I am so appreciative of your graciousness, professionalism, and desire to be as transparent as possible. When you shared with us what happened after you took the class and told us you cried and thought "what did I get myself into", that is probably the most transparent thing I have ever heard from any trainer in all of my professional career. I know that this will not be the last time that I will be in contact with you. Your willingness to help in the uture means so much to me. It helps to have that support moving forward. Secondly, I am thankful for the material, resources, and pretty much everything that I could possibly need to be successful!!!! The amount of time it takes to put those things together, make it available online, and then hire a trainer who cares that much about our success – not to mention all the extended education on the University that we have access to! I cannot say enough about how incredible this experience was for me. I know I have a lot to learn, but I have NO doubt that I can be successful because of the team at Thank you!


I can’t say enough about my trainer’s extensive knowledge, her patience, her energy etc…. She was prepared, informative, engaging….. I can’t imagine taking the class with anyone else. I came home from the course ready to set up my business. She really taught us the basic principles of how to stage a house. It was a lot of information to cram into 3 days, but she did a terrific job. I imagine I’ll continue taking classes, attending seminars and increasing my awareness of home staging.

Jackie Popper

Thank you for your enthusiasm, practical tips, welcoming approach to all students, and great stories during the ASP-RE webinar. I learned a lot and certainly feel that the understanding you've given us from your experiences will improve our confidence and ability to be effective. I look forward to connecting in the future!

Thanks again,
Dean, Keller Williams Realty Andover

I wanted to take the time to personally Thank You for taking the time to teach me in the ASP class. I learned so much from you and everything was so informative that you offered. You are a wonderful Instructor/ Leader in our business. I must admit I was skeptical upon my decision to attend, scared to fail, paranoid that despite all of the impressive information I was going to learn I would not be able to take it in the real world and succeed with it. But in the past three days you have built me up personally and professionally as a business woman. I know I can overcome any obstacle that stands in my way and I owe it all to you!! I will take on a new Positive attitude in every bit of my life and career, learn to live outside of the box. I will strive to do my best always!! I learned a lot from you and working as a team with the girls are moments I will never forget!! Thank so much!


I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed and learned from you the past 2 days in the ASP RE webinar. I am a real estate agent with a background in interior design. You are right on with all your suggestions and tips! Every moment was filled with so much information that I have 25 pages chock full of notes that will be reference material.

Your common thread of "Less is More" is certainly the key to successful staging. You are very professional in your teachings and I would not change anything about your presentations.

Kindest regards,
Marj Melchiors, real estate agent

Thank you so so much for spreading your positive energy and sharing your wealth of knowledge with me. Not only did I walk away from these last 3 days feeling inspired, I also gained a new level of confidence. It was a pleasure meeting all of you! I plan to take the masters class in October and hope to see some of you.

My best,
Alissa Spencer