Home Staging is an exciting industry that has been growing and thriving since the late 1990’s when the first courses were offered to teach those who wanted to have a Staging company. Stagedhomes was the very first company to develop a business course for Stagers – one that was rooted in real estate as Home Staging is a real estate tool. It is not decorating or design and the goals of Home Staging differ greatly from those sister industries.

StagedHomes.com was started with the mission of providing Home Staging Training & Education with over 30,000 graduates of its courses to date. In 2016, Stagedhomes.com was purchased by an industry leader who has built two successful staging businesses. Jennie Norris, President and CEO of Stagedhomes, and her husband, John Norris, Sr Exec VP, a successful REALTOR®, invited three other industry educators and staging business owners to join them in a minority ownership role. In 2019, they invited five other leaders and successful staging company owners to join the leadership team. Today these ten industry professionals make a great brain-trust for Stagdhomes. Their goal is to provide cutting edge training, resources, events and information to move this industry forward into the future.

The Accredited Staging Assistant® (ASA®) Course is a unique offering for the industry and allows you to be part of the industry without having to take on the responsibility of establishing, marketing, managing and maintaining a Home Staging Business. You get to have the fun of the creative part of Staging without the pressure of the business side.

You can now add valuable Home Staging Services as an ASA® by enrolling in one of the live 2 Day Accredited Staging Assistant® classes offered by StagedHomes.com, or attend our live monthly course webinar from anywhere in the world. We also have a recorded webinar version you can attend at your leisure. You also receive an added 90-minute webinar just for you taught by Jennie Norris, who walks you through some of the more specific aspects of being a great team member.

And by graduating as an ASA®, you are automatically enrolled as a member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) with Local Chapters you can join. So enroll today and start changing lives... one home at a time!

The home staging industry as a real estate tool was started in 1972 by a real estate agent, Barb Schwarz, who is known as The Creator of Home Staging®. She used this service in her real estate business to help her personal listings stand out from the competition and carved out a career as a top listing agent in the greater Seattle area. After speaking and sharing about this service throughout the mid-1980’s to the late 1990’s, Barb created the Accredited Staging Professional (ASP®) Business Course, the Staging University, and founded the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) https://www.iahsp.com/ as a way to share her techniques and create an international network of Home Staging Professionals. She wanted real estate agents to understand why they need to Stage® their listings. She wanted home stagers to have a foundation for building a successful business helping Realtors and Sellers Stage® their listings and properties.