ASP® Home Staging Training Webinar

Enroll in the 3-day ASP® Home Staging Webinar now and become an ASP® Home Stager no matter where you live! Learn Home Staging online for three full days of intense live instruction through the ASP® Home Staging Course Webinar.

ASP® Home Staging Training Webinar

  • Anyone SERIOUS about owning a successful and rewarding Home Staging Business! Don't be fooled by one day workshops who make lots of promises. We give you the education, a turn-key program, the tools and support you need to succeed.
  • Creativity is a must in this business...we will show you how to earn money by doing what you love! You have a special skill-why not fill a need by helping others who don't have that skill? It's a win-win for everyone, the seller, the agent, the community, the banks, your family and YOU!!!
  • The will to help people and determination-there is no better feeling than when you give back to your community! Home Staging is changing the real estate market and as an ASP® Home Stager with the right training, your daily efforts and perseverance will sell homes. These efforts are appreciated by homeowners and agents and you can feel good knowing you have helped the community by in-creasing the value of every home you Stage.
  • Seeking financial independence? Home Staging is a great new career in any real estate market. Our graduates are a mix of fulltime Stagers as well as part time Stagers, real estate agents, stay at home moms, interior designers, professional organizers, corporate executives etc....all earning extra money with Home Staging skills helping homeowners sell homes faster and for more money!
  • Home Staging can be a flexible business too. Many successful ASP® Stagers also juggle families and even military spouses have great success when relocating their Home Staging Businesses which proves Home Staging is a portable career.
  • Have you been looking for Home Staging courses online? Now you can earn the ASP® designation from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection and a phone to participate. The ASP® Home Staging designation was the first Home Staging designation and the ASP® network is the largest group of Home Stagers in the world!
  • Not sure an online Home Staging course is right for you? The ASP® Webinar is different from other online Staging courses because you will receive 3 full days of LIVE instruction!

What you will receive:

  • The ASP® Course Manual/Outline which is one of the leading Home Staging Business Building tool available in the World!
  • Home Staging methodology and techniques invented and refined over decades of time, tested and researched and proven to this very day.
  • You will learn how to start, build, market, and grow a successful ASP® Home Staging business. Your ASP® Certified instructor will teach you Barb's state-of-the-art Home Staging techniques enabling you to professionally ASP® Stage® a home to be sold in today's market for top dollar!
  • Thousands of dollars worth of reference materials and Home Staging tools to start your ASP® Home Staging Business off the right way!
  • Inclusion in the LEADING, LARGEST and most visited ASP®/® and IAHSP® Home Staging Professional website directories through a customizable ASP® Feature Page/Website for you to market and promote your new Home Staging business to millions of visitors each month.
  • ASP® Staged Property directory for you to market and promote your Staged Properties to get it sold faster!
  • 1 year memberships with® and The International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP®).
  • Your ASP® Certificate of Graduation as an ASP® Home Stager and Your ASP® ID Card
  • Unlimited use of The Staging University® upon your ASP® Graduation for as long as you are an Active in Good Standing ASP®
  • Ongoing support from the® Team, IAHSP® chapters, the ASP® Staging University and fellow ASPs®!

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ASP® 3 Day Stager Webinar Course Testimonials

I cannot say enough about your instruction of the Professional Home Staging Course. Your passion and zeal for staging came through so clearly in your ability to always keep us excited and on topic. You guided us through all the information with advice and counseling that only a Master Stager could provide. I look forward to future webinar learning experiences that you will be offering.

My sincere thanks. Linda Wilkins

It was truly an honor to participate in your Webinar. The information provided was thorough and will definitely assist me in becoming a Stager. My trainer did an outstanding job. She was professional, well-prepared, honest and made the information very interesting and practical - true evidence of her success. I look forward in collaborating with your staff by asking questions as they arise as I move ahead in my new career. Thanks again and best of luck for the future!

Sincerely, Paulette Campbell

Thank you for making the 3 days interesting and fun. I usually get antsy when I sit too long but the whole time you held my attention. I was very pleased with the webinar. It was informative, and I liked taking each segment of the staging business and covering it in detail. I think my note taking ended up being around 40 pages. I gained a lot of knowledge and feel you presented very professionally, and I liked hearing about different situations and testimonies. I would of like to have seen some more before and after pictures and have a bit more time to view the picture and engage in more comments and ideas of solutions. A little fast for me. I am not as quick to act as I use to be. My last career was talking to older people and I had to slow down my pace. I will need to pick up the pace. Thank you for all your expertise in the business and of past experiences and for the wonderful training. Also, I appreciate your positive attitude and encouragement for us to be successful. I look forward to meeting you someday.

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