The Two Day ASP® Home Staging Training Course for Real Estate Agents

For Licensed Real Estate Agents Only

Earn your ASP® Real Estate Agent Designation

The World Leader in Staging Education!

Get the Designation that Pays!
Do it for Yourself. Do it for your Clients.

Earn the Designation that gives you the best marketing edge over your competitors! Gain more listings and sell homes faster by learning Barb's proven and successful ASP® Real Estate Staging Course! This two day training course is specifically designed for Licensed Real Estate Agents wanting to list and sell more homes through the benefits of ASP® Home Staging.

The ASP® Real Estate Agent Home Staging Training Course Objectives:

  • Effectively communicate the benefits of Staging with your sellers.
  • Create a more powerful listing presentation.
  • Learn Home Staging Sayings.
  • Understand the Criteria of ASP® Home Staging and learn Staging concepts, and ideas.
  • Better price your Staged listings.
  • Learn how to work with ASP® Stagers.
  • Create a more value added service and make more money in Real Estate!
  • Earn Continuing Education Credits ( in most states )

The ASP® Course Curriculum for Real Estate Agents:

Day 1: 9am to 5:30pm

Learn how to effectively use ASP® Staging as a Marketing Tool

Day 1 is in a classroom environment where you will learn the details of the ASP® proven program of successful working practices. You will learn why and how to set Professional Policies of how to work with your clients. You will learn the 3 proven ASP® Steps of ASP® Real Estate service for your clients and the key points of each step. You will also learn how to educate your clients so that they can understand and value the benefits of Home Staging. You will learn how to use Staging as a marketing tool and a communication tool to acquire more business. The ASP® Course is all about being proactive, not reactive, and how to keep professional control with your clients.

Communication is crucial to your Staging success! Therefore, your ASP® Course is very detailed on day one of how to communicate with your clients on How You Work. On day one you will learn what to say and how to say it so that your sellers say yes. You will learn the Steps of Staging and key Staging Sayings. You will also learn the ASP® service code of serving clients the ASP® way which is a proven system that works! Day One is the foundation for the Staging day to follow and it is the foundation of your entire ASP® Real Estate Career. You will learn in class too how to work with ASP® Home Stagers as well. ASP® Stagers give referrals to agents of homes they Stage® before it is listed so building a relationship with ASP® Stagers can increase your business too!

Day 2: 9am to 5:30pm

Experience the "ASP® Magic" of Transforming an actual Home through ASP® Home Staging

In the morning of day two you will have more detailed classroom training about the processes involved in Staging a house. You will see many before and after picture examples and a powerful power point presentation to show Staging concepts. You will learn creative problem solving of how your sellers can Stage® and make magic out of almost anything! We will show you that ASP® Staging is not just about telling your sellers to buy things. Instead, we will show you how creativity can be the best solution for your sellers in the best possible way. Then, in the afternoon you and your entire class will go to a home that is on the market for sale and you will either Stage® it or write up a consultation for a great learning experience.

ASP® Course written by Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP-Premier, President & CEO, and Chairwoman for the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®). Curriculum based on course developed by Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, The Creator of Home Staging® and the Home Staging Industry.

Upon Graduation, You Will Receive:

  • A detailed ASP® Course Outline
  • Your ASP® Real Estate Agent Certificate of Accomplishment
  • Your ASP® Real Estate Agent ID Card to Carry With You
  • Your Profile FREE on to advertise you as an active ASP® Real Estate Agent*
  • Unlimited Access to the Vast On-Line Staging University* which has listing materials, marketing materials, thousands of before and after pictures, and forms for you to use to communicate Staging Benefits to Sellers.*
  • Continuing Education Credits available in many states
  • The experience of Staging a home on the market with other ASP® class participants
  • Ability to Post your ASP® Staged listings FREE on the Property Search so buyers can view your Staged listings that are for sale as an active ASP®.*
  • One year COMPLIMENTARY membership in the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP®*

*Requires yearly ASP® membership renewal and adherence to the ASP® Real Estate Agent Course Agreement Each Year.

Important Note: Our two day ASP® Real Estate Agent Home Staging Training Course is exclusive to Licensed Real Estate Agents Only. LICENSED AGENTS MUST AGREE NOT TO CHARGE SEPARATELY FROM YOUR COMMISSION FOR YOUR ASP® STAGING SERVICES IN ALL INSTANCES. If you are interested in having an actual ASP® Home Staging Business, in addition to your RE Business, please sign up for our 3 Day ASP® Home Staging Course on our® site, instead of our 2 day course. Or, you may chose to upgrade to the 3 Day ASP Stager course during your ASP® RE Course or at any future time. This is possible and optional. Should you chose to take the 3 day ASP® Home Staging Training Course later after you have taken the ASP® 2 Day RE Agent Course the tuition that you have paid for your 2 Day ASP Real Estate Agent course will be deducted from the ASP® Stager 3 day course tuition.

Two Day ASP® RE Agent Staging Course Investment: $295

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** As you become an ASP Real Estate Agent and each year you renew your ASP® membership you can post unlimited listings on®. This gives you a huge marketing advantage over other Real Estate Agents who are not ASP's in your area.

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