ASP® Real Estate Agent Testimonials

I just attended the three day staging course w Kathy in Minneapolis, MN. I thought the course was exciting, energizing, and thorough. I am currently a realtor in MN. and Florida, and I am so excited to add this to my credentials. I wanted to thank Kathy for a job well done, three days of excitement. Barb, I want to thank you for this staging course. My motor has been RE-CHARGED!

Thank you


Tina Ziegler

Tina Ziegler, ASP®

"I just staged my first house this morning. This was a very exciting experience. Your class is the best continuing education class I`ve ever had in 23 years."

Thank you,

Gary Patton

Gary Patton, Realtor, ASP®

As a former teacher for 32 years, I must tell you, I`m a pretty tough critic. It`s one thing to just hand out information and read it with a class and quite another thing to teach and inspire people. You get an A across the board. Not only did I learn a lot, but your delivery of the information was fun, engaging (role playing), covered all modalities of learning (visual, auditory and kinestetic) which is so important when trying to reach the many different learning styles in a group. You truly gave us the confidence by the 2nd day to go into a home and completely transform it. I was amazed when I saw what the others had done and loved having the opportunity to do it with others. We wouldn`t have been able to do that if you hadn`t given us the information and skill sets we learned in the ASP Course to accomplish that.

I can`t begin to thank you enough for all that I learned and the confidence I gained as a result of the ASP® Course!

Again, many thanks,

Shelley Goddard

Shelley Goddard - Broker, ASP®
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Highland Park, IL

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for delivering the ASP course in such an organized and prepared manner and with so much enthusiasm. You communicate well??

I learned so much ! I had a staging consult the following day and I found myself using many of Barb`s sayings! You trained us well. The actual staging at the house allowed us to implement what we had learned. My team was thrilled to know I can get discounts off Sears, Sherwin Williams, and other great vendors too through What a tool for us to use with our sellers!

Karen Whitby

Karen Whitby, Realtor, ASP®
Keller Williams Realty
Colchester, VT

I was most fortunate to participate in the Londonderry, NH ASP® class Nov. 2013, which was awesome! I engaged all the skills you taught in preparing my own residence for the market. Your shared wisdom worked!! We spent 2 months moving extra household items and off season clothing, holidays stuff etc. into our new home before listing. The photography was awesome...4 great home tours on Saturday and a full price cash offer the next morning and closed in 20 days! That town averages 200+ days on the market so the Gods were with us! I must say I was a bit skeptic about staging bringing more money in offers and quickly. Our sales team toured the home before the marketing began and stressed to raise the price $60,000 more than I planned and they WERE RIGHT!!!

I just renewed my membership for 2 years and confident in adding ASP to my bag of skills for Seller Clients.

Thank you for your dedication and sharing your wealth of knowledge!!

Skip Gilman


Skip Gilman, ASP®, IAHSP®

I would like to say that I have taken numerous webinars and this was the absolute BEST by far! You truly kept me engaged and interested the entire time. I have at least 20 pages of notes! I know that having this designation will help me bring more value to my clients and I am so ready to use all of the strategies and tips that I've learned. Thank you for an amazing course and I can't wait to experience the greatness ahead! "I am a Creative Genius!"

- Faith

Your class was an experience that overwhelmed me. You wouldn’t believe that I cried as soon as I left your class because I have finally found my passion. Your approach to teaching the class was so very informative. You answered every question I had regarding the business side of our industry. I am so excited about moving forward with the knowledge and the confidence you given me to start my business.

I’m so grateful for the training I received. Your method of teaching the course was very easy to follow. You gave step-by-step instructions on how to market our business which was a plus! This course was worth every penny. What a great investment for anyone who desires to enter into the staging industry!

I’m going to take your advice and enroll in a local Toastmaster class. I get nervous sometimes when speaking to groups, so I appreciate the suggestion.

Thanks to all the sponsors for providing our group meals daily. It was a pleasure meeting the ladies who attended the class, as well. I look forward to watching the success of each one of their staging businesses.

I really appreciate you, Sandy! You are a jewel. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure having you as my instructor. You made the course very enjoyable. I didn’t want it to end.

I wish you well in all your endeavors.


- Danie

Thank you! I have to say that I was very impressed with this course. I’ve been working in corporate America as a Regional Sales Manager in the medical device field for 10 years. I didn’t anticipate this class to be as professional as it was, and I’m astounded by the amount of resources and support Staged Homes provides you with.

Kathy, your delivery of the course information was spot on. You were extremely knowledgeable, funny, and professional. I’m truly looking forward to taking more courses from Staged Homes in the future!

- Brittany

The ASP-RE class was enriching and enhanced my knowledge on Home Staging the professional way and how I can utilize ASPs to increase my clientele. My trainer’s experience and delivery was like a boomerang the information was perfectly received. Your class turned my ideas and services into several ways to build my current business Property Styling - ReDesign, Estate Transitioning & now Home Staging. As a Realtor I was definitely able to see how I can now use ASP Home Stagers for my vacant and occupied homes. Thank you SO MUCH!

- Tohni

Thank for an awesome class!! :) It was well worth the time and money and I have already recommended your class to others who will be registering in the Spring when you come to town again. Your class was not only educational and informative but a great deal of fun too. It was wonderful to meet you and get to know you. Hope to see you sometime in the future.

Thank you again! :)

- Lucie

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking the ASP class. The passion you have for staging is contagious & evident through your instruction. I was extremely excited to take this course and so glad I did. Not only will I be able to add more value to my clients, but also I am looking forward to staging my own home for living!

Thank you!

- Katie

I want to share with you that I had such a wonderful experience. I had no idea what to expect going into the class and I even had some self-doubts about whether or not to go through with it. I cannot put into words how happy and energized I felt after completing it, and how much I appreciated my trainer’s mentorship. She is so knowledgeable and a total professional through-and-through. She made all of us feel comfortable and confident and armed us with an invaluable inside perspective. I can't wait to continue the relationship with going forward.


- Maggie

The class was a great refresher for me, and as I was back in my office the remainder of the week, looking at MLS properties, so many things - wrong - stood out that I hadn't really paid much attention to in recent years.

You made the class very enjoyable and your knowledge is priceless :-)

Had a listing appt on Thursday and I'm back to incorporating staging with the customers. I already put into practice this week, on that appt, things learned from the class (probate/estate listing- green carpet in one room, but the eldest sibling's words - "I'm not putting any more money into this house" ) but she's excited as well in the transformation with what little pieces and artwork were left in the house to stage with. I am excited about learning who the local Stagers are so I can begin incorporating them into my listing/marketing presentations. Be assured though, I will recommend having Stagers come in, as I Do Not want to tackle the staging projects myself :-)

- Carrie