ASP® Testimonials

ASP® Stager Testimonials

I recently had the pleasure of taking a three-day course to become a home stager. My trainer was awesome. She was not only very informative and knowledgeable on the subject matter she was also very personable. She interjected her lecture with witty anecdotes drawn from her own personal experience as a home stager. My trainer was passionate and enthusiastic about her work and it shows. Our project was an amazing experience and it far exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to working on future projects on my own.

Regards Zuleida Wolfson

I loved your class so much. The experience was invaluable. The three days with the other stagers was a great learning experience. The three lunches and lunch sponsors were great and very useful information. It was nice getting the paint decks from Sherwin-Williams and road trip to CORT to see their showroom. I am so excited about what lies ahead. I have a lot of praying and decision making to do as my Real Estate career is very successful, but not as rewarding as Staging. I think I can combine both to make my job so much more fun and rewarding. Since I already have the Realtor connections, I think this process of combining the two will be a natural progression. Thank you so very much!

Libby Weyel, real estate agent

Thank you for a well thought out, interesting, and incredibly valuable three day course. Webinars are not easy to give and keep people's interest for three days straight - but you did a wonderful job. Thank you for answering all of the questions - I never felt like any question was a dumb question. You answered thoroughly. This course was very helpful. Thank you!

I must say that I truly enjoyed taking the ASP Home Staging Course. It was like a breath of fresh air because I am one of the only Realtors that offers "complimentary" Staging for my clients. I truly believe in the benefits of staging and it's nice to now have the statistics and the "scripts" to back up my beliefs. I have been staging homes, apartment models, and club houses, offices for years and I know the class will enhance my staging technique and encourage a profitable business venture in the future. In my opinion, the class is very beneficial for Realtors and I am excited to educate fellow Realtors on the knowledge and my services in my new business endeavor.

The class truly educated me on the business side of Staging, and in my opinion Day 3 is the most rewarding. I believe the marketing information, ideas, handouts, booklets, and plethora of material available on the University paired with my experience ensures success with a career in Staging. I think the course was great. Our instructor was absolutely fantastic. She was motivating, encouraging, informative, and insightful. She shared and taught us so many wonderful things about the business. She warmly introduced us and welcomed us into the sisterhood of staging. I know she will be a wonderful life long mentor. It was a wonderful experience.

THANK YOU, Madisen Sainz
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ASP® Master Testimonials

My expectation in taking the Masters course for the second time was to learn about current industry trends, hear how other stagers deal with the day-to-day processes and challenges they may face, and, of course, have a fabulous time socializing with good friends, old and new!

The decision to make the re-investment in training was confirmed as soon as class started. Jennie Norris is a wealth of knowledge and experience and her passion for the industry is very apparent during her class time. Her instruction is fast-paced and engaging with plenty of time given for questions and for the students to share personal experiences.

The location, location, location 😊 Boston is a wonderful tourist attraction, but the real treat was having the class at Setting the Space in Plymouth, MA. Blair Hamaty and Will Hayward are the ultimate hosts. Making sure we were well-fed, they provided a chef-on-site experience in their personal home that left us all amazed!

I left the class with a boost of confidence that I am doing a lot right, possess new tools for marketing my business and gained a bunch of new friends in the field that I can call on for anything!

Karen Mendenhall, ASPM®, ASP®, ASP-BTS®, ASP-REO®, ASP-SRS®, IAHSP-CB®, Owner, StageIt! Charlotte

For the past eight years, my daughter Kimberly and I have been Oklahoma’s only Lifetime Premier ASP® Stagers. Thanks to you, that status changed when we spent a week in beautiful Plymouth, MA. This spa-like setting created the venue for our ASP® Masters training. Realizing this is an intense, power-packed week, I was somewhat apprehensive if I could keep up with the rest of the class. Was I ever wrong! You are an exceptional instructor who made the process fun, challenging and inspirational! You truly made this a team effort by pulling the “creative genius” from each of us. I loved having our classes in the renown Setting the Space design studio in the heart of historic Plymouth. Being surrounded by incredible design materials was an inspiration in itself.

I highly encourage anyone who wants to take his or her business to the next level (with increased business profits) to invest in the ASP® Masters course. Kimberly and I now have the tools to take Oklahoma by storm and truly educate Agents, Investors and Home Owners of the benefits of utilizing our industry. Wahoo! Thank you dear Jennie for this life-changing opportunity!

With Love & Hugs,

Kathryn Swan, ASP®, ASPM® Lifetime, IAHSP® Premier, ASP-SRS®, ASP-REO®, ASP-BTS®, IAHSP-CB®, Staging Oklahoma

I will never be able to thank you enough, Jennie Norris and Bette Vos for an amazing week of learning, overcoming challenges, fears, improving communication skills, pricing our services, value our services and so much more.... What they taught us in one week has given me the “Quantum leap” in my career. This is one time life experience that I never thought would change my life and business forever. Your guidance and support has given me the confidence I needed to move forward.

We got to spend a lot of time together, shared our experiences as Stagers and were very supportive of each other. What touch me the most was the level of “acceptance,“ no competition. Our experiences in the different markets help me expand my knowledge and again gave me the spark to understand how big our market can be. What a privilege to have met this group of ladies. Congratulations to all of you.

All the best and continued success in this ASPM course.

Nini Torres, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®

After completing my ASP® accreditation in Weston, FL, I began my career in the staging industry. I did my homework prior to signing up with a staging school and I chose Staged® because their status and history as the pioneers of this industry separates them from the rest! I was just a “newbie” in the Real Estate industry when I became an accredited ASP®. Learning the skills of staging gave me an extra advantage as a Realtor® and launched my real estate career at the level I wanted to achieve.

The proof: 1 year later, I listed, sold and Staged® 4 million dollars of real estate of which EVERY PROPERTY SOLD at the highest price point in record time! With so much success, I knew receiving my ASPM®, Accredited Staging Professional Master Accreditation® was imperative in bringing my staging career and status to the highest level! In Denver, CO on October 13th , 2017, I competed the course and received my ASPM® designation! The training I received by Jennie Norris and Bette Vos inspired and prepared me to bring my business to the next level! The immediate outcome, after completing the ASPM® course, I staged 2 homes in 2 weeks!

The first home was a spec home for a developer that sold in 5 days! I respectfully thank our industry leaders: Sandra Holmes my first instructor that trained me to earn my ASP® designation. Sandra Holmes paved the path for me to set-out and earn my ASPM® designation. I thank Jennie Norris and Bette Vos. for training me in Denver to achieve my ASPM® designation! I also thank the wonderful ladies in class because collectively we all learned from one another! The experience, training, and engagement made an impact and “set the stage” for my success!


Tamara Irvine, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, New Direction Home Staging & Consultants, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wow... where do I start? As an active ASP member for almost 8 years it has been just the last 3 years that I have been able to launch my own staging business outside of corporate America tandem to getting back in real estate. I was honored to have trained for my ASP with Barb Schwarz in Dallas back then and always dreamed of being able to train for my ASPM. Well dreams do come true and the Universe provided a means.

I wasn't sure what to expect but received so much more than I every imagined during the five intense days of ASPM training. Jennie and Bette put together a rich full curriculum that covers in depth training with a broad range from emotional aspects to success to the fundamental and high tech marketing strategies it takes to propel your business to the next level .No matter what level you are currently at in your business I assure you – you will wonder why you waited so long. Ooodles of great info, meeting fellow like-minded talented staging professionals from around the country, an action plan to go home and "take action" on are just a few of the golden nuggets you will walk away with. Sign up now! You won't regret it! You will have a "Stagetacular" experience!

KAT Troulinos, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®, Ta Da Staging by KAT

ASP® Real Estate Agent Testimonials

I enjoyed meeting and working with everyone. I loved learning and the class did exactly what I wanted - it helped me to understand, as a real estate agent, what points I needed to know to encourage a seller to use a Stager.

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how very much I enjoyed the 2 day class this past week. Obtaining my ASP-RE® has been a goal of mine for the last two years and I am just THRILLED to have finally accomplished that goal. Since I have been staging on my own for the last 7 1/2 years for my clients, it was refreshing to know, and also a strong confirmation that SO much of what you talked about, the scripts you encouraged us to use, and the staging process and techniques are part of my "way of doing things" already. However, we learn everyday, IF we are open to it, and I certainly DID learn a great deal as well. Your teaching technique is infectious and just made me want to, even more than I already do, JUMP UP and go "stage the world!" :) I look forward to joining you for the 3rd day of this course in the very near future. I understand now that there is true merit to taking the 3rd day and feel that this day would be the day when a LOT of light bulbs go off. Thank you again for your commitment and for your enthusiasm to staging and understanding how VERY important it is in the Real Estate world. Have a super weekend and God Bless!

Janet Bryant, Realtor

I cannot say anything negative about you or this program...I’m still trying to remember everything!! I loved this class and the only regret I have is that I did not take this class sooner. You were an awesome instructor! I thank you for your knowledge and your instruction!!

Anne I Coleman, Inc., Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, practical tips, welcoming approach to all students, and great stories during the ASP-RE® webinar. I learned a lot and certainly feel that the understanding you've given us from your experiences will improve our confidence and ability to be effective. I look forward to connecting in the future!

Thanks again, Dean, Keller Williams Realty Andover
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ASP® 3 Day Stager Webinar Course Testimonials

I cannot say enough about your instruction of the Professional Home Staging Course. Your passion and zeal for staging came through so clearly in your ability to always keep us excited and on topic. You guided us through all the information with advice and counseling that only a Master Stager could provide. I look forward to future webinar learning experiences that you will be offering.

My sincere thanks. Linda Wilkins

It was truly an honor to participate in your Webinar. The information provided was thorough and will definitely assist me in becoming a Stager. My trainer did an outstanding job. She was professional, well-prepared, honest and made the information very interesting and practical - true evidence of her success. I look forward in collaborating with your staff by asking questions as they arise as I move ahead in my new career. Thanks again and best of luck for the future!

Sincerely, Paulette Campbell

Thank you for making the 3 days interesting and fun. I usually get antsy when I sit too long but the whole time you held my attention. I was very pleased with the webinar. It was informative, and I liked taking each segment of the staging business and covering it in detail. I think my note taking ended up being around 40 pages. I gained a lot of knowledge and feel you presented very professionally, and I liked hearing about different situations and testimonies. I would of like to have seen some more before and after pictures and have a bit more time to view the picture and engage in more comments and ideas of solutions. A little fast for me. I am not as quick to act as I use to be. My last career was talking to older people and I had to slow down my pace. I will need to pick up the pace. Thank you for all your expertise in the business and of past experiences and for the wonderful training. Also, I appreciate your positive attitude and encouragement for us to be successful. I look forward to meeting you someday.

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