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ASP® Testimonials

"I recently attended your 3 day course, OH MY GOSH!! I am so excited. What an exhilarating ride. I plan to be open for business May 1. Your tapes, DVDs and manual are becoming one with my mind. "


ASP® REALTOR Testimonials

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I just attended the three day staging course w Kathy in Minneapolis, MN. I thought the course was exciting, energizing, and thorough. I am currently a realtor in MN. and Florida, and I am so excited to add this to my credentials. I wanted to thank Kathy for a job well done, three days of excitement. Barb, I want to thank you for this staging course. My motor has been RE-CHARGED!
Thank you
Tina Ziegler
Tina Ziegler, ASP®

"I just staged my first house this morning. This was a very exciting experience. Your class is the best continuing education class I`ve ever had in 23 years."
Thank you,
Gary Patton
Gary Patton, Realtor, ASP®

As a former teacher for 32 years, I must tell you, I`m a pretty tough critic. It`s one thing to just hand out information and read it with a class and quite another thing to teach and inspire people. You get an A across the board. Not only did I learn a lot, but your delivery of the information was fun, engaging (role playing), covered all modalities of learning ( visual, auditory and kinestetic) which is so important when trying to reach the many different learning styles in a group. You truly gave us the confidence by the 2nd day to go into a home and completely transform it. I was amazed when I saw what the others had done and loved having the opportunity to do it with others. We wouldn`t have been able to do that if you hadn`t given us the information and skill sets we learned in the ASP Course to accomplish that.
I can`t begin to thank you enough for all that I learned and the confidence I gained as a result of the ASP® Course!
Again, many thanks,
Shelley Goddard
Shelley Goddard - Broker, ASP®
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Highland Park, IL

Hi Sandra,

Thank you for delivering the ASP course in such an organized and prepared manner and with so much enthusiasm. You communicate well??

I learned so much ! I had a staging consult the following day and I found myself using many of Barb`s sayings! You trained us well. The actual staging at the house allowed us to implement what we had learned. My team was thrilled to know I can get discounts off Sears, Sherwin Williams, and other great vendors too through What a tool for us to use with our sellers!

Karen Whitby

Karen Whitby, Realtor, ASP®
Keller Williams Realty
Colchester, VT

I was most fortunate to participate in the Londonderry, NH ASP® class Nov. 2013, which was awesome! I engaged all the skills you taught in preparing my own residence for the market. Your shared wisdom worked!! We spent 2 months moving extra household items and off season clothing, holidays stuff etc. into our new home before listing. The photography was awesome...4 great home tours on Saturday and a full price cash offer the next morning and closed in 20 days! That town averages 200+ days on the market so the Gods were with us! I must say I was a bit skeptic about staging bringing more money in offers and quickly. Our sales team toured the home before the marketing began and stressed to raise the price $60,000 more than I planned and they WERE RIGHT!!!

I just renewed my membership for 2 years and confident in adding ASP to my bag of skills for Seller Clients.

Thank you for your dedication and sharing your wealth of knowledge!!

Skip Gilman


Skip Gilman, ASP®, IAHSP®

Good Morning Sandy!

I hope you had a restful night. As you told us would happen, my mind was spinning last night. I wanted to do so many things but my brain was exhausted!

I would like to let you know how grateful I am. All the information you shared with us is priceless! Not only the content from the ASP course but your expertise in the field.

I have some credentials in my bag: Industrial Designer, Feng Shui Practitioner, Professional Organizer, and Certified Interior Designer; but there was always a missing piece. I knew what was missing, but I did not know where to learn about it. That missing piece was learning about Home Staging, how to do the business, and how to effectively market myself. Now with my brand new credential, Accredited Staging Professional, and the information and knowledge I acquired these last three days, I feel that I am ready to conquer and succeed in my career!! I know I am going to be successful.

Thank you so much to you and Barb.

With all my heart,

Luz Vega

Luz Vega, ASP®, IAHSP®

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed the staging class last week. As you know, I had only signed on for the first two days--the​​ Realtor® certification. It became apparent to me that the third day would be extremely important as I continue to develop my business model. The more information the better when you`re figuring out how to get from start-up to I`m up and running.

The class was great. Tons of great information; formal, anecdotal and hands-on. The staging on the second day was very fun. I`ll admit that when I walked into the house my first thought was `this is bad!`. But the process was fantastic. I loved working with the team, incorporating as many of our ideas as we could. And the response from the homeowner at the `reveal` was priceless. It really made me want to stage for a living.

Great experience, great instructor, great content and great energy. Thanks so much for helping me make the third day happen.


Deborah Stone

Deborah Stone, ASP®
Anaheim, CA

Jeff Samuelson Took Barb`s course in 1985 and was light years ahead of most brokers. Took again in 2005 and my wife took it a couple of years ago.

If you haven`t taken it, sign up. You will be so glad you did!!!

Jeff Samuelson

Jeff Samuelson CRS, ASP®
Managing Broker
John L. Scott
Seattle, WA


Thank you for the wonderful training last week.

I think I got ever so much more from your class than it purports to teach. You bring so much of what`s important internally to transfer into me and to each client - the heart, the honoring of each individual`s life worth and possessions, the selfless and gracious attitude that is necessary in all things. You were right. Everything IS staging in life, and I only hope I can be as full of kindness, humor and grace as you are. I honestly think I should jump back into my birthright higher power because what you said over the 3 days was very moving. Thank you.




Thanks! I sing your praises everywhere, and to the other agents at my office! Best course I`ve taken

Norma Kania

Norma Kania

Dear Barb,

Thank you so much for the "congrats" about my® feature page/SHC website. I have been on and off the staged homes website a million times tweaking and adding content to build my ASP® featured page up. I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much I truly enjoyed the ASP 3 day class. I had some "Ah ha" moments with much of the content. It has really helped me organize myself from a business perspective. Just like you, I had a background in interior design before my real estate career. I have always struggled with charging for my services. The creative part comes so easily but not the business side of it. I have found the take home review cds from day 3 a huge help. I just did my first power point presentation for my office at Coldwell Banker. It was a successful night with a lot of positive feedback. I have you to thank, as you so clearly take the process and break it down into manageable pieces. Your class and approach gave me the confidence to do it.

Thank you again for contacting me. It was a honor to hear from put a smile on my face :).

Karen Sousa

Karen Sousa, Realtor and Accredited Staging Professional
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Hollis/Amherst office

Good Morning Barb,

I loved the ASP® class in Bellevue, WA this past week.

You will never believe it. I had met with a seller whom 3 months ago was adamant she would not move her renter out in order to sell the home. I had previously taken a tour through the home and oh my! Clutter, clutter, clutter and the renter told me when we listed, she would do her best to have things put away. (have you heard that one before?) The reason I hadn`t been back for 3 months is that I didn’t want this listing BUT, would have been a great listing without the renter.

Yesterday Saturday 10/1/11, I met with the seller. I told her it was my responsibility in representing my clients to be honest, to get the most amount of money in the least amount of time for my clients investment.

I told her "clutter eats equity" and "buyers wont buy what they cant see." I shared the importance and value of my role as an ASP®.

Barb, I`m not kidding, the 1st call that she was going to make as I left her home yesterday was to let the tenant know that she would like the tenant out by the 1st of the year so we could list the home staged! Her next question was, how fast could I have the property staged? She was all smiles when I left!

It was amazing! Your class was worth EVERY DIME! I want to come back and see you again!

In my 7 year career, this is by far the best education I have ever invested in!

Raising my arms and singing: "aaahhhhhhhhh"

Brian C. Magee

Brian C. Magee, ASP®, IAHSP®

ASP® Staging homes has helped me secure listings. Also, I have had several Realtors® who don`t really know me very well remark to me about how my listings always show so nicely. One Realtor® asked me how I was able to get the sellers to cooperate with me. In a very competitive career, I am quite honored to have other agents recognize the effort that I put into ASP® Staging my listings.

Cheryl A. Fuss

Cheryl A. Fuss, ASP®
Gateway Realty, Inc.
Lancaster, PA

Although I did not expect it, I have to admit I was thrilled that I learned so much during my ASP® classes. Afterwards, the very first listing I took allowed me to ASP® Stage® their property and followed ALL of my newly learned direction. The property sold 10 days later and I am SOLD on ASP® Home Staging! Thank you!

Wendy Ambrose

Wendy Ambrose, ASP®
Associate Broker
Gem Real Estate
San Diego

Sellers in Madison, WI are seeing the results of good preparation and presentation. Internet presence is vital and online photographs after ASP® Staging are showing the positives of each home professionally Staged. Proof? Homes selling in days or just a few weeks when there is a 13 month inventory.

I`m definitely SOLD on ASP® HOME STAGING!

Alison Davies

Alison Davies, ASP®
Madison, WI

ASP® Home Staging is indeed the added value in my listing business!

Listing that are ASP® Staged really stand out and appeal to buyers in today`s difficult real estate market. It`s an "edge" I would not be without!

Sharon Goetz

Sharon Goetz, ASP®
Keller Williams Realty
Reston, VA

Hi Barb,

I Wanted to pass along a story about a home I listed on April 12, 2011 in Bridle Trails neighborhood of Kirkland, WA. I ran all the comps, sellers settled on a listing price, we hired Rebecca Henderson, ASPM®, IAHSP®, from Alabaster Staging to stage home since it was vacant. Had it sparkling clean. Night before we were to list home we walked through after Rebecca was done staging and I said, "we need to up the list price". The home was PERFECT. I held a broker open the very next day and had an offer by 6:30 that evening. Home is closing today:-)



Warmest regards,

Kim Lohnes

Kim Lohnes, ASP®, SRES, Broker
Coldwell Banker Bain

Hi Barb!

Many of us made our final decisions to make the investment to attend the ERA IBC Conference this year

because we were able to take your ASP® Certification class.

Warm Regards,

Tricia Williams

Tricia Williams, ASP®, IAHSP®
ERA Sunrise Realty

Hi Barb!

Many of us made our final decisions to make the investment to attend the ERA IBC Conference this year because we were able to take your ASP® Certification class.

Warm Regards,

Tricia Williams

Tricia Williams, ASP®, IAHSP® ERA Sunrise Realty


You are like a breath of fresh air.

I have to tell you I absolutely loved the ASP® class. I came home and the first week back we had three homes Staged. Wow, what a difference. Thank you again and again!!!

With sincere gratitude and many Blessings,

Sharlyn Thomas

Sharlyn Thomas, ASP®, IAHSP®
ERA Real Estate

Hi Barb,

When I attended your seminar on listing and selling real estate, lo those many years ago, I was working for a small broker. Great guy but no training whatsoever. I was working almost exclusively with buyers because I had not a clue about what to do with a seller. It is said when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I was ready and along came Barb. I was attending any meeting, forum or seminar I could. Funny thing is yours is one the very few I remember.

You were this powerful force. You were bold. You were confident, had a plan, and were very proud of being a Realtor®. You told us that you were never in a conversation more than 5 minutes before you uttered the words I most associate with you, "my name is Barb Schwarz, “Let me tell you how I work." Over the last 20 years I can`t tell you how often I have said those words and told people about you. You were modeling a behavior I wanted to emulate.

The 40 ducks….You had a visual you were using at the time. In retrospect it was the beginning of Home Staging for me. A seller of yours was an avid hunter and had a room in which he had 40 ducks mounted. Buyers would come in and be fascinated by these ducks and they wouldn`t notice anything else about the house. Yes, you made him take them down and you sold the house.

It is not often we get the chance to say thank you for something that happened so long ago. You have had a powerful and positive influence on my career. I don`t believe in coincidences. I believe there are circumstances that occur when God chooses to remain anonymous. I hope our paths cross again.

A grateful Realtor®,

Buzz Thomas

Buzz Thomas
Coldwell Banker King Thompson Realtors

Dear Barb,

"I as well just returned from my ERA Business Conference in Las Vegas! Barb`s course has already changed my business and MY way of thinking! The information , knowledge and now the technology at my finger tips is incredible! I have already started revising our marketing package for our listing appointments! I cannot wait to "Tell People How I Work"! Barb you are a wonderful lady with a wonderful personality. I`m so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and earn my ASP® certification from you!! I look forward to seeing you soon!"


Mary Judy Caughman

Mary Judy Caughman, ASP®, IAHSP®
ERA Real Estate

I`ve been in the real estate business for 25 years, and over the course of those years I`ve always been interested in home staging, and often read about it, but when asked recently by one of my clients if I offered staging as part of my marketing plan, I hesitated to say yes, because I really had no idea of what it entailed. I wanted to take this course so I could offer my sellers this service in order to get their home sold quicker and for top dollar.

When I had the opportunity to attend the ASP® Staging course within an hour`s drive of my market area, I jumped on it. Not sure what to expect, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised when our instructor Betty Vos, got right down to business and went over the many details of Staging a home. I found the ASP® course to be very interesting and informative. On day two, in the afternoon, we actually went to one of our classmate`s listing and Staged it! It was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget. I have taken quite a few two day designation courses, but the ASP® course tops the list, I believe it was the true hands on experience that I will always remember. It`s been my experience, that when you take a course, it is just a matter of a few days before you start to forget the content of most of what you learned, but with this course, because of the actual physical experience of being there and doing it, it stays with you much, much longer.

I`ve made some great friends and referral partners from attending the ASP® course out of my area, that I know will be a great benefit in the long term. I know there is no doubt that as an ASP®, the opportunities are endless for increasing my market share and my bottom line.

Corinne Whitehead

Corinne Whitehead, ASP®, IAHSP®
Women`s Council Of Realtors
Ocean County, NJ, Chapter President, 2011

Hi Barb!

Thank you so much for your email!

I loved the ASP® course…and Jennie Norris as instructor was great! (and I must say..she had nothing but wonderful, funny, and loving things to say about you!)

I was previewing properties again today and I must tell you…I feel like I have a new set of eyes.

Before, I would walk into homes…..and many times had a sense of wasn’t right.….but not sure what I would do to make it the way it should be for optimal marketability.

I’m pretty excited about my ASP® designation and am looking forward to being even more successful with my listings.

I will be in touch~!

Thanks again!

Suzi Gellman

Suzi Gellman, ASP®, IAHSP®
Long & Foster Realtors

The ASP® received by an Durham Executive Group Member has been a phenomenol resource for us over the years significantly helping us be successful. We recently ASP® Staged a home that we know will generate $40,000+ because of it.

John Durham
Durham Executive Group

Dear Barb, 

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you are doing for us. I am enjoying a huge increase in business this year and I owe it all to you.  The ball started rolling with the first client of the season finding me by going to  The REALTOR® was so impressed with our professional ASP® accreditation.  She said meeting me after meeting two other Stagers sealed the deal.  The others were: one a decorator and the other a non-ASP stager and she said that they certainly did not meet her needs to Stage® and sell the property. 

You have given us the vehicle to make big, successful businesses. Thank you for making the difference for me as I became a Master.  The best week of my life in business-all of them over 30 years.

Love and hugs! Deb

Deborah Harshman, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP
Accredited Staging Professional Master  
Potomac, MD

Just wanted to let you know I got my second and third staging jobs through my ASP Directory listing -- both within the last 6 weeks or so!

Amy Bly


Amy Bly, ASP®
Great Impressions Home Staging, LLC
Bergen County, NJ

I`m so excited about this new career. I have sat through alot of classes in my 25 yrs as a former real estate broker but no where have I gotten this much bang for my buck! You guys are great! I`m a believer!


Barb Stuckey, ASP, IAHSP
Staged Right, LLC
Liberty, MO

Hello Barb,

I just want to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to tell you about my experience with taking one of your classes.

I took the Real Estate Agent Class in Auburn MA, on April 6th & 7th. I have to tell you, before taking this class my thoughts were: "Take the class, obtain the certification and get nothing more." I based all of this on the fact that I have been staging houses for almost 10 years, personally and professionally. Well, I was WRONG!

The class far, the BEST class I have ever taken in my life!!!! That class taught me so much that I felt the need to share my joy and amazement. I have told so many colleagues about this class and that if it is offered again, the must take it.

You truly have one fantastic class and trust me, the whole class felt this way.

Thanks so much,

Jeffrey P. Lima, ASP, IAHSP
Pawtucket, RI


I wanted to let you know that I got the project on the 7000 sq ft house. I bid what I felt was a fair price and allotted four days for completion. The husband told me he was impressed by my presentation and others he dealt with in business should learn from this. A great presentation that followed your teaching methods helped seal the deal. This is surely a testimony to your training program.

Thanks for all your help. You are a blessing.

Anna Sember, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP
The Well Dressed House
Shokan, NY

THIS is why I stay an other designation that I know of has as much ongoing information that constantly helps us improve our businesses...


Linda Lanci, ASP, IAHSP
Chicago, IL

I took your ASP® course 3 years ago and it really gave me the confidence to get out there and do this. 35 million dollars worth of property later and I am still LOVING this business so a sincere thanks to you Rock!

Valerie Sagheddu, ASP® Poconos, PA

Wow- thanks so much for that idea Barb in The blog!

I just got called last night from the newspaper conglomerate in Rhode Island- publish about 6 newspaper in New England. They asked if they could interview me for a front page article in"Home Section" in their papers! You just never know.

I`ll keep you posted.

And thanks again for all you do :)


Susan Martin, ASP®
Stage It Design, Inc.

I was so excited after my first staging project I just did here in Rockport. I have had several more since then (even a Staged to Live®) and continue to get calls. I have done several presentations with success. Thanks a million Barb and to all of your staff. They have been wonderful every time I have needed help.


Linda Southard, ASP
First Impressions House Staging
Rockport, TX

My last Staging (vacant) was in contract in eight days after being on the market four months, not Staged.

The Realtor said "why didn`t we ASP® Stage® sooner?" ...after two price reductions????

He is SOLD on ASP Staging!!!!! I am too!

Shelly McBride

Shelly McBride, ASP®

I have had 6 bids for vacant properties in the last 4 weeks. I already got 1 of the projects and am confident that I will be getting 3 more of them. My business is growing by leaps and bounds and I agree ASP® mindset is huge! I live in a small town with 35,000 people!


Kim Goeltom, ASP®
Williamsburg, VA

It was just about 3 years ago when I took the ASP® Staging Course. I remember the words you said to me Jane Ann, as my teacher, that I would have a successful Staging company and I remember thinking no I am not going to pursue this business. I find my self telling this story over and over again. Well today I am the owner of Setting The Space, New England`s Largest Staging Company. I own 2 warehouses of Staging furniture, we have 10 people on our staff and Stage® daily.

I have been featured on television , radio , newspapers, and magazines. Our Staging’s are sought after by the most prestigious realtors and developers here in Massachusetts. We have been flown out of state to ASP® Stage® properties. The phone never stops ringing. It has been non stop for these "short" three years of being in business. I promote ASP where ever I go and sing the praises of Barb`s wisdom and genious in creating Staged Homes.

Lots of Love,

Blair Hamaty, ASP®
Setting The Space

It was a real pleasure to work with you and the ASP Course students to Stage the property this week. The feed back from the Nick, the REALTOR®, was nothing but positive. Nick called me to say that when the home owner arrived, he couldn’t believe it was his house and what the class accomplished. According to Nick, he was “so blown away” by what he saw that he has decided to move out and live with a relative for the next week, so he doesn’t have to disturb the great results of the Staging. He wants the house to maintain the great first impression we gave it to all potential buyers. There were already at least four showings by the time I spoke to Nick and two pending offers coming in.

Please pass on the great feedback to the ASP Course participants. They all worked hard and should be proud of what they accomplished.

Warm regards,

Alice Landa, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP

HI Barb,

I Just sent my second referral to an out of state ASP REALTOR in 2 months.

That will more than pay for their yearly dues!!!! The directory works!


Jane Ann Lance, ASPM, IAHSP
Enhanced by Lance

Mobile, AL

I promote myself by having move in ready, correctly priced, ASP staged homes. I truly do not believe that I could have had such great success as a REALTOR® without the ASP course. I had a ton of knowledge about design and decorating but Barb’s ASP course gave me the tools I needed to be a successful ASP REALTOR® in a very bad market.

Merrily Burgos, ASP® REALTOR®
Coldwell Banker Towne Realty

I told my clients the truth about what they needed to do with their homes, but I have to say with no "credentials" behind me, they didn`t put as much credence in what I was saying UNTIL I was able to say "I`m an ASP REALTOR®...certified in home staging." I explain that I am not an "interior decorator"...I don`t decorate, I STAGE, which is about taking a home and making it into a product for the marketplace. That`s what they wanted to hear! It`s become a lot easier now when I tell them it`s important that they transition their home from a place to live to a place to sell.

Carol Foht
ASP® Real Estate Agent
American Realty

I use Staging in all my listing presentations and if I don`t Stage myself, I have someone Stage for me. I provide the Staging as a value-added service for my sellers. These times have been very challenging, currently there are ONLY two basics in the market right now....PRICE AND ASP STAGING.

Karin Radzewicz
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Realtor-Executive Sales Associate
AZ/CA Associate Broker

Particularly in today`s buyer`s market, where customers have their pick of a very large inventory of homes, staging is more important than ever. It used to be a "nice to have." Now it`s a "gotta have." My listings have sold this year in about half the average days on market for my area, at nearly a full percentage point higher in sales price as a percent of list price. I attribute much of this difference to ASP Home Staging.

Wendy Tanson, Broker, REALTOR®

There are two things that sell homes; Price and Condition. The market will set the price, but only an RE ASP® can assist the seller with the proper ideas on how to stage a home for very little money. It is not about decorating rather about de-personalizing and Staging homes to prepare to be marketed. As with most things in life, presentation is everything. As Barb says, "If you cannot see it, you cannot sell it."

Brian DeMott
Don Kendrick Real Estate

After hosting the Accredited Staging Professional program, we gained even more credibility with RealtySouth associates. Our associates have commented that this training would take them to "the next level of productivity, and also, "be a powerful, marketing, tool in a down market."

Rebecca B. Green, EdD
Vice President of Career Development and Training
RealtySouth Training and Business Center

Dear Barb and the entire Staged Homes staff. I want to thank you for the wonderful and extremely informative course I attended in Latham, NY. Since obtaining my Accredited Staging Professional Real Estate Agent designation I have begun to list more and more properties and staging almost half of them. I found that clients are becoming educated on the best tool REALTOR®s have to get their listings sold in a shorter amount of time and for more money, Home Staging. Home Staging is one tool that I use to set myself and my services way apart from the local competition. Now I have people calling me to list their properties because they want their listings staged. I couldn`t have done it without all of your help. Thank you Barb and the Staged Homes staff for helping me achieve greater success as a REALTOR® and Accredited Staging Professional Real Estate Agent! I will be taking the 3rd day shortly and can`t wait to see what lies ahead in my career. I can`t thank you enough.

Eric Lein
CENTURY 21 Chesser Realty
Delhi, NY

Just wanted to share with you how impressed both Kim and I were with the ASP course we attended last spring. As a realtor, I only attended the two day training while my wife Kim attended all three days. It is just amazing what you walk away with from the course. And the interesting part, at least for us, is you don`t realize how much you actually learned until months later. The after support we have received from both, and Barb, and Jennie is an absolute bonus.

Kim and I have taken the process very slow. We started our business "Stage to Sell Today" soon after completing the training. We have participated in five or six staging projects which all have been very successful. Kim is really developing a reputation for herself, she is a natural for the home staging business. She is now actively networking herself to all the realtors in the area.

Your ASP course is more then you advertise and we recommend it to all looking to get into the staging business.

Thanks for all your help.

Kim Solghan, ASP
Nick Solghan, ASP
Weichert Realtors` Northeast Group
Guilderland NY

"Thank you for the opportunity to have my listing staged. The results were amazing! The team scoured the home for about 4 hours. When they first walked in they didn`t think there would be much to do, but believe me they walked out sweating. The Sellers came home at 6:00pm and it was like an HGTV show happy ending. A real WOW!"

Steven Sims,
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Evanston Sherman, Northbrook IL`

"We thought we had cleared most of the clutter, and the house was ready to show, but after seeing the changes that were made our house looks better than ever. The staging makes many of the rooms look larger and/or more inviting than before. I can see how the staging process will make our home more appealing to potential buyers." Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Home Seller

NOTE: This house was sold to the first home shopper who viewed it after the staging process!


Anne Marie Schafer
Coldwell Banker
Northbrook, IL


I Loved your class. My Real Estate business has actually improved in this market, since taking your class! I`m giving the credit of this to you.

Tracy Serwold, ASP
Windermere Real Estate
Seattle Washington

I just wanted to update you to what is happening since Joanne Callahan & I, Eric Lein, took the staging course in Albany on March 30 - April 1.

Well things are going well for us. Adding staging to our services when listing property has definitely given us the upper hand when competing against other agents. To date we have staged 4 homes and are in the middle of staging 3 others. It seems to be that we are getting 1 listing per week and staging the listing.

Thanks so much for teaching the course and we definitely want to take the 3rd day the next time it is given in Albany/Latham NY.

Again thanks and we look forward to seeing you again. And by the way...we got the owners of the house we staged to take down the Moose Antlers that we told you about...check out our staged properties on You can search zip 13753 to find us.

Accredited Staging Professional
CENTURY 21 Chesser Realty

Wow! Great class.... Much better than I even thought it would be. This was a wonderful learning experience for me and I am thankful that i had the chance to experience the transformation of the home and the opportunity to work with some really great team members. I am happy that I stayed to see the home owners response. Thank you!

Coldwell Banker,
Bellevue, WA

Working with you and Staged Homes has been absolutely wonderful. The support you promised after the actual class training far exceeds expectations. Thank you again for all your help and support.

Nick Solghan
Weichert Realtors` Northeast Group
Guilderland NY

Dear Barb,

I learned it all from you. I attended a few of your classes in Atlanta back around 1987 or so. I even bought your video and shared it with all my clients that had a vcr. Your the best.


Zac Pasmanick, ReMax

`My success in Real Estate is a direct result of following Barb`s systems! In a world of increased competition, economic challenges, and savvy consumers who demand transparency + authenticity, Barb`s approach is more relevant than ever. Barb is a true professional and an outstanding model for anyone who desires lasting success in Real Estate! Read this book, follow the principles and fasten your seat belt! `

Judy Moses
2007 National President
Women`s Council of Realtors

"Dear Barb,
Your Home Staging Course is really 4 training programs rolled into one - Staging, sales, entrepreneurial attitude and behavior psychology - and presented in an entertaining show."
- Helane Royce, ASP Realtor

"Thanks very much for your message.  I do have all of my Certificates, ASP and IAHSP, as well as the apron and the Sherwin Williams card, which I have used – and picked up my paint color wheel, a wonderful tool. I also ordered THE Staging Caddy, what a joy to use.

I began using it with my Senior Move Management Business. I wheel in with that, and my very sturdy, collapsible, handled folding table from Home Depot (thanks to all of the big store marketing ideas from class), a smile and my professionalism, and my clients are immediately put at ease. They know I am organized and ready to begin. That case is the magic wand!
Thanks so much for your great class. It was wonderful for the skills it taught for Staging, but I do believe that the stellar strength, even beyond the career specific skills, are the business, organizational, and life skills. I found your team approach,  with the video of Barbara speaking and your presentations, to be the perfect pairing. The soul and ethics at the center of your business were immediately obvious.  

As business women and men who are entering into people’s homes and their private domains, it is vitally important that every aspect of our companies exude these qualities. There is no mistaking the strong moral center to all that you all do – as well as the passionate belief in the ability and goodness of all of the lives that you touch.
Thank you, for running a class where members felt valued, their questions respected, and our fears of jumping into the business world calmed. So many people said, “I wished I had taken this class as I was getting started.” Lucky me, I did! Thank you for all of the great skills you so seamlessly taught us, for the materials that you gave us and inspired us to use with such specific, reassuring directions, and for the knowledge that as ASP’s and members of IAHSP, we always have a place to turn for camaraderie and guidance.
Almost forgot, even with my fledgling web presence ( that I am diligently working on between clients and having just gotten my real estate license and SRES), I received a call from the ASP site from a daughter coming in from out of town to try to help her mother get her house sold. One quick phone call, with a plea to come help her. Wow!
Thanks so much for checking back with me.

Most sincerely,

Susan Devaney, ASP
CEO, Moving Mavens

"The training exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful that I found  The ongoing resources and support available to ASPs through is even more valuable."
 - Megan Ossinger, ASP, IAHSP

"I have to say that I have e-mailed SEVERAL of the support staff in the last week and each one has gotten me an answer in a very short time. This company is the greatest for assuring that each ASP is successful and I have everything needed to grow my business. I am soooo happy to have made the choice to take the ASP course and to be doing what I really love doing. Thank you to Barb and the wonderful staff you have working with you and for me!"
Kim Trudo

"Thanks for the heads up on (new features in the ASP Directory)! I actually hadn`t checked it in the last
couple weeks, but that is awesome news! I do know that my last 4 calls were
all leads, so people are looking!"

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Pamela Cooke, ASP

" . . . While prospecting one late afternoon in the west end community of Laurel Lakes, I called on the "For Sale By Owner" sign of an owner of a 1st floor condo. Even after I explained the benefits of working with a professional Realtor, he was confident he could sell his home himself. It was towards the end of our conversation, I introduced the SMARTMOVE program. He was still adamant about not needing my services, however, he agreed to at least take my name and phone number.

A few weeks past -- then one day, I got the phone call from him; he wanted to meet me. So, that same night, I went on my listing presentation. He was very intrigued with my approach to selling real estate (pricing + staging + unique marketing plan) he agreed to employ my services and in less than 20 days, his condo was SOLD! [MLS#2722787]

I`m writing this letter to give thanks to a few VERY important people in my
life and real estate career:

First, a special thanks goes to Mr. Gragnani, my managing broker at the Innsbrook sales office. It is your hours of coaching and direction that enable me to deliver the results, my client(s) so desperately seek.

Second, I would like to thank Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging, after receiving my Accredited Staging Professional designation from your training program (based solely on your principles and years of hands-on experience) my creativity to shaping a home to appeal to the home buyer(s) mass, knows no end!

Also, a very special thanks goes to the SMARTMOVE program for giving me thetool to break down part of my seller`s resistance to realtor representation.

Because of ya`ll (coupled with my desire to achieve total customer satisfaction) I was able to help someone who thought he did not need my help.

I love this business!"

 - Lisa Klutz
Glen Allen, VA

"After Staging, the home was in absolute pristine shape. Not a spot needed caulking. It was bright, open, not cluttered and Staged to show all the best possibilities of the home, including the basement.

In a market that was just stalled and a neighborhood of 750000 prices, this home sold for 950000 in less than two weeks!"

-Valli Morano, ASP Realtor-Associate and Homeowner Middletown, NJ

"This home was list ed by another agent, cluttered with cast-offs the sellers didn`t want to move, and dirty!

I believe it had few showings because the other agent took interior photos and posted them in that condition...I took the listing, got the junk out, cleaned, and invested $200 in little items (I even Staged the pantry and fridge!)

I received a contract in 14 days...the buyer agent told me they had looked at many homes and mine took the cake it was so cute! We took four thousand less than the list price, but in this market where you are seeing thousands & thousands in concessions and low-ball offers, this was definitely a success!"

-Cindy Alderton, REALTOR ABR ASP Frederick, MD

"This was my first listing after completing my ASP Realtor Course. I know for a fact that the ASP Designation helped me get the listing.

I made many suggestions to my clients I even picked out the paint color for one of the rooms.

They`ve done everything I suggested and just a short 20 days later (and two open houses which both produced offers) they accepted the best offer.

This was definitely an amazing experience both for myself and my sellers. They moved to Nebraska and when viewing homes had an even greater appreciation for staged homes. They have told me on many occasions how much they look forward to moving into their new home and staging it.

I am so proud to be an ASP Realtor. I know it`s the only thing that sets me apart from the rest. Going on listing presentations with the before and after pictures is great and incredibly easy to turn customers into clients."

-Emma Pawlik ASP Realtor Coldwell Banker Primus/South Elgin

"My clients are an amazing older couple. They looked up Staging online, and of course were directed to the website. They found me, and went to our website and made contact.

Upon my visit, we went through the house, room by room, (it was a mess - they will admit) and I gave them a TO-DO list.

I gave them suggestions that would help the house to sell faster and for top dollar. I had my broker and another agent over to see the house before, and they said that if the house sold the way it was, it would bring in about $375,000.

My clients needed more money (for retirement) so they went to work. They did a lot of the work themselves - landscaping, cleaning, getting rid of all of the clutter. They hired a painter and someone to re-finish the hardwood floors. About 2 months later (we first met in March and wanted to get it ready to go on the market by May) we listed it - for $425,000. 5 days later we got our offer and sold it for $418,000.

My clients were extremely happy and so were the buyers. The home looks beautiful. I am proud to say it was my first Staging job and I Stage every home I list now. I have before and after pics. We used only their furniture and some flowers and plants from the garden. Wow."

-Jodi Strober, REALTOR, ABR, ASP Chalfont, PA

"8 days after Staging we had about 4 or 5 more showings and we got two offers and the house is sold firm now.

Prior to Staging, the house was on the market for 17 days and more than 20 showings but no offers.

I can honestly say that Staging did help sell the house, and I will definitely get an ASP stager to do all my future listings from now on. Thank you and your Staging class for a job well done."

-Yasser Abed, ASP, RE/MAX Sales Representative, Ottawa, ON

"I recently took the staging class in Alexandria, Va. I learned so much that I soon Staged my first home. It was under contract within 3 days! My seller was so excited. I just wanted to thank you again for the support."

-Chanda Macias, REALTOR

"I have been corresponding with Grace, the listing agent for the house we staged on Graymar up here in Raleigh. Well good news! The house is going under contract tomorrow - as soon as the sellers sign it in the morning! It went on the market October 13th. We staged December 13th and it contracts December 27th. Even in this hard-to-sell time of the year, it sold!!!"

-Karen Renolds

"I wanted to pass on some details about a particular Staging class done in the Houston area. The Realtor called yesterday so excited that he seemed nervous! He said after the class Staged his client`s house, it was marketed and they had 6 offers in less than 3 weeks! He was ecstatic! He now has another client that he has suggested staging to get top dollar and he wants to know if he can use me on future listing. I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!!!!!! And I love you as well."


"In August 2006 I had a listing Staged and received a contract on in 4 days! The same thing happened again in January 2007. The client got my name from the website. I listed his house 2-1-07. I got a contract on it in 13 days and we go to closing 2-28-07. (average days on the market here in SC is 120!) These listings came solely because I am an ASP and offering something here in SC that no-one else does!

I look forward to many more successful closings in my real estate career!"

-Robin Larsen, ASP, M.Ed.

"I have to tell you how much I enjoyed your company and expertise in your class this week. You are so full of excitement, ideas and certainly energy! Your 36 years of staging and decorating is very inspiring to me and that is why you are such a success at what you do. Congratulations! I am now an ASP thanks to you. I will be at your convention at Navy Pier in June, I can`t wait to see that. I look forward to bettering myself as well as my clients homes. Thanks again for a great Class!"

-Barbara Svoboda-Steinmetz, GRI, ASP

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your knowledge, wisdom, and energy. You gave me a needed jolt or bolt of lightning.

I hate calling on canceled, expired, and FSBO`s but I know that is the only way to REALLY grow my business. With your class I am now ready to "go get `em!" and get that property Listed/Staged and SOLD.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you."

-John Baer, ASP

"Staging speeds up sales in a sluggish market, and can bump up prices 2 percent to 10 percent in a moderate market."

-Wall Street Journal

"I got a Staging job today thanks to the StagedHomes website! My new client had read an article in USAA magazine (a military mag) about selling homes and they mentioned Staging. She went to the StagedHomes website and found me here in this little desert town of Yuma, Ariz.

That`s proof again that the StagedHomes website is working well for ASPs!

Thanks for all you do Barb!!"

-Teri Short, ASP

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