ASP® Stager Testimonials

I was most fortunate to participate in the Londonderry, NH ASP® class Nov. 2013, which was awesome! I engaged all the skills you taught in preparing my own residence for the market. Your shared wisdom worked!! We spent 2 months moving extra household items and off season clothing, holidays stuff etc. into our new home before listing. The photography was awesome...4 great home tours on Saturday and a full price cash offer the next morning and closed in 20 days! That town averages 200+ days on the market so the Gods were with us! I must say I was a bit skeptic about staging bringing more money in offers and quickly. Our sales team toured the home before the marketing began and stressed to raise the price $60,000 more than I planned and they WERE RIGHT!!!

I just renewed my membership for 2 years and confident in adding ASP to my bag of skills for Seller Clients.

Thank you for your dedication and sharing your wealth of knowledge!!

Skip Gilman

Skip Gilman, ASP®, IAHSP®
Hi Sandra,

I just want to take a minute to thank you personally for all the guidance and information you shared in three short days. I have to be honest, I had been on the fence about taking the class since I had already taken a staging course and have been in the business for over a year, but I am beyond thrilled that I did! This course was exactly what I needed. I only wish I had taken it sooner. Not only did the course material really resonate, especially after starting the business, but your business sense and staging knowhow was the icing on the cake. So many of my questions were answered, which is something I`ve found difficult in owning your own business. Not having the ability to do a quick temperature check with a boss or partner. This class has already helped in my business. Giving me ways to make what I do even more valuable for my clients. Already I have altered some of my selling strategies to better educate clients and agents alike and I`m excited to make some other changes in the near future.

You were a fantastic teacher and I certainly hope to stay connected with you in the future!

Thanks again!

Kara Rowell
Kara Rowell, ASP®, IAHSP®
Good Morning Sandy!

I hope you had a restful night. As you told us would happen, my mind was spinning last night. I wanted to do so many things but my brain was exhausted!

I would like to let you know how grateful I am. All the information you shared with us is priceless! Not only the content from the ASP course but your expertise in the field.

I have some credentials in my bag: Industrial Designer, Feng Shui Practitioner, Professional Organizer, and Certified Interior Designer; but there was always a missing piece. I knew what was missing, but I did not know where to learn about it. That missing piece was learning about Home Staging, how to do the business, and how to effectively market myself. Now with my brand new credential, Accredited Staging Professional, and the information and knowledge I acquired these last three days, I feel that I am ready to conquer and succeed in my career!! I know I am going to be successful.

Thank you so much to you and Barb.

With all my heart,

Luz Vega
Luz Vega, ASP®, IAHSP®
Hi Sandy,

I have attended many training courses over the years and I have to say that this ASP® course is one of the best ones I have ever taken. Sandy your teaching style is clear, direct and engaging for 3 full days straight. That is not an easy task by any means. Your energy and excitement for staging and Barb`s program is infectious. Sharing your real life experiences and some of the Do`s and Don`ts of the business with us are invaluable. I left this course with the knowledge and ALL of the tools I will need to make my own successful staging business a reality. Please thank Barb for creating and sharing her life`s work. It is one thing to develop a winning formula for success, but being willing to share it with others takes a very special person.

I hope to meet up with you again at one of the IAHSP® conventions.

Take care and thanks again,

Tina MacLennan
Tina MacLennan, ASP®, IAHSP®
Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed the staging class last week. As you know, I had only signed on for the first two days--the?? Realtor® certification. It became apparent to me that the third day would be extremely important as I continue to develop my business model. The more information the better when you`re figuring out how to get from start-up to I`m up and running.

The class was great. Tons of great information; formal, anecdotal and hands-on. The staging on the second day was very fun. I`ll admit that when I walked into the house my first thought was `this is bad!`. But the process was fantastic. I loved working with the team, incorporating as many of our ideas as we could. And the response from the homeowner at the `reveal` was priceless. It really made me want to stage for a living.

Great experience, great instructor, great content and great energy. Thanks so much for helping me make the third day happen.


Deborah Stone
Deborah Stone, ASP®
Anaheim, CA
Hello Barb,

I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Beverly Van Fleet and I live in the Atlanta Georgia area. I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar last week and it was fantastic. Although my head is spinning and so much needs to be done to get started, I am very excited and cannot wait to get my company up and running. I have been in the Interior Design industry for around 25 years. Both in the residential and commercial sector. I am expanding to the staging business and truly think I will like it much better than design. As I learned in the ASP® Course, staging is different from interior design and more fast paced. I like that.

I enjoyed hearing about you and your success and am glad I will be associated with your organization.


Beverly Van Fleet
Beverly Van Fleet, ASP, IAHSP
When I started looking on the Internet to find a training program to become a Home Stager, I researched several. Once I checked out there was no doubt in my mind that this was the one for me. That was over five years ago. As my Staging business grew over the years, I decided to get my ASPM and now am going through Certified ASP Trainer training. Who would have thought???? I know, for sure, that choosing was a great decision for me and, I`m sure, will be for many other individuals who are looking to become Accredited Staging Professionals! Learn from the Creator of Home Staging, Barb Schwarz!

Sandy Earnhart
Sandy Earnhart, ASP®, IAHSP®, ASPM®
Dear Barb,

After our own house has been on the market I spent this past weekend Re-Staging my house based on what I learned in the ASP® class. We had 2 families come through our house and both made offers! I am very glad to have taken the ASP® course and I look forward to a very successful career in Home Staging.

Danielle Terwilliger (Chris)
Danielle Terwilliger (Chris)

I was blown away by your 3 Day ASP Course. It was remarkable. You really care and give 110 percent. I am very grateful to you for that. I can hardly wait for the CDs. With that I won`t have to try and make sense out of my 27 pages of notes.

So thank you very, very much.

Warm regards,

Carol Marcella
Carol Marcella
Hi Barb,

This was the second ASP class for me. I took the two day class in the classroom and was disappointed that I hadn`t taken the third day. My husband suggested that I call to see if I would be allowed to somehow take the third day during another class. I really didn`t want to travel to finish the course, so I was thrilled when I heard I could attend an entire webinar conducted by YOU! I wasn`t sure if the webinar could give me the level of detail I was hoping for.

You blew me away with your motivation and detailed explanations of each process. I am SOOO happy I took the class webinar/online with you. I felt it was much more productive than a classroom setting, and your ability to engage the group hour after hour over the computer was amazing.

While I have been in real estate only 6 months this will DEFINITELY help me move forward as I work on developing my business.

Thanks for the CD`s you are sending us as well! I thought multiple times during the sessions how nice it would have been to record the session to refer back to. That was an awesome surprise!

Thanks, and God bless!

Lisa Hitchen
Lisa Hitchen
Dear Barb,

Thanks so much for an inspiring and full packed three days on your outstanding ASP® Course Webinar. I really got more than I expected.

Your aspects to depersonalizing are just outstanding. Thanks so much for your very structured, fun , energizing education and sharing your abundance of experience so openly. I hope we will meet some day - maybe in the master education!

I love your energy and inspiration. Thank you so much!

Heidrun Dorner
Heidrun Dorner
Hi Barb,

Just wanted to thank you for an amazing class.

WOW!! I`m so thrilled that I attended.

I have been waiting about 2 years to finally be able to take your class and I have to tell you that I was able to attend your class because you incorporated the webinar education.

The class education was so much more than I had anticipated which was really wonderful.

Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you in person one day!

Kim Reit
Kim Reit
Really, Barb, your passion comes through and I don`t know if you realize how special you are. The session was not only jam packed with INFORMATION, it was MOTIVATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL as well. Thank you once again.

Warm regards,

Carol Marcella
Carol Marcella
Dear Barb,

Thank you so much for the "congrats" about my® feature page/SHC website. I have been on and off the staged homes website a million times tweaking and adding content to build my ASP® featured page up. I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much I truly enjoyed the ASP 3 day class. I had some "Ah ha" moments with much of the content. It has really helped me organize myself from a business perspective. Just like you, I had a background in interior design before my real estate career. I have always struggled with charging for my services. The creative part comes so easily but not the business side of it. I have found the take home review cds from day 3 a huge help. I just did my first power point presentation for my office at Coldwell Banker. It was a successful night with a lot of positive feedback. I have you to thank, as you so clearly take the process and break it down into manageable pieces. Your class and approach gave me the confidence to do it.

Thank you again for contacting me. It was a honor to hear from put a smile on my face :).

Karen Sousa
Karen Sousa, Realtor and Accredited Staging Professional
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
Hollis/Amherst office
"I really have a lot to share with the ASP`s/ASPM`s® about what has happened in the past year ever since I took your ASPM Course on Whidbey Island. Barb- it has been life changing for the positive... it has been so incredibly awesome- I have seen a lot of growth in my business, in both its structures and financially. I have personally grown so much in the past year... it was like taking your Master`s course was this diamond encrusted gold key that really helped provide me the focus I needed. I can share about how at year 6 I felt "stagnant" and seemed to get caught up in distraction. Since our Master`s course and refocusing, I have restructured my entire business and have seen the beginning of growth and stability. I am delivering solid Staging`s with very good results."

With Kindest Regards,

Kevin Htain
Kevin Htain - ASPM®, IAHSP®
LIFETIME Accredited Staging Professional Master®
Identity Home Staging
Hi Barb,

Teresa has been very busy implementing your techniques and teachings into our business through new and existing listings. Our clients have been amazed...

I highly recommend and endorse the Barb Schwarz class for ASP®, Accredited Staging Professionals®. I found myself in class for clock hours with my business partner and wife, Teresa. Teresa was more interested in obtaining the Staging skills and knowledge. However, I quickly realized how essential and important Staging is for our business. After taking classes for 15 years and enjoying the blessings and good fortune of a successful productive business, this is one of the best courses I have taken to date. Besides the great staging knowledge, we learned great new listing tools, skills, and dialog. This is truly a class for the new and well seasoned Realtor. Thank you Barb!

All the best,

Eric Culverhouse
Eric Culverhouse, ASP®, IAHSP®, Managing Broker/Realtor
Windermere Real Estate/Tri-Cities
Kennewick, WA

Thank you for an incredible three days. I have not felt this inspired and excited in quite awhile. After losing my position in April due to downsizing, I had been trying to figure out what`s next. Of course, everyone kept advising me to follow my passion, which is great advise, except inside I did not believe I would be taken seriously or could generate revenue doing the things I "truly" enjoyed doing. You and the invaluable information you provided during the 3-day ASP webinar course changed all that. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and changing my life.

Joy Pacheco, ASP®, IAHSP®
Living&LovingLife (again)
Dear Barb,

The three day intensive Webinar was time and money wisely invested! I learned so much from you and even though we were not visually connected- I certainly felt and fed off of your enthusiasm and love for Staging! The multitude of ideas on how to market yourself and your product were extremely helpful! Just knowing that there`s a support system in place whenever I need it- that`s tremendous! The Staging University and Media center - my gosh! The continuing education and support is already in place! Thank you so much!

Susie Cleek, ASP®, IAHSP®
Hi Barb,

I can`t thank you enough for sharing your expertise on Home Staging with me for three full days during the Webinar.

You are the queen of "Creative Genius". I not only benefited from your command of the home staging process,(creativley and business-wise) but also by the welcome reminder of the importance of giving "superior customer service" and being people oriented.

Many thanks for a fabulous experience. I really enjoyed getting to know you.

Until the next time.

Fond regards,

Pat Walsh Ammerman
Broker, Realtor, ABR, ASP®, IAHSP®
Northside Realty
Raleigh, NC
I recently ASP® Staged a three bedroom colonial in Bethany, CT that was 35 years old and had never been updated. We Staged every room in the home (9) and it sold in 15 days and at the full asking price. The Realtor®, Rich Walker, Century 21, was so impressed with the staging that he added $20,000 to the price he had in mind and they received the full asking price! My client, Barbara, cried when she got the good news. I love ASP® Staging stories.

Patti Stern
Patti Stern, ASP®
My company, Stylish Staging LLC, helped a couple in Lawrence, Kansas ASP® Stage® and prepare their house for sale by changing out light fixtures, picking out paint colors for walls and front door, shopping for bed linens, as well as adding décor, art work and ASP® Staging. The house had two showings the first day on the market. From those two showings the couple was presented with two offers and accepted the offer that was above the asking price.

Trish Van Vliet
Trish Van Vliet, ASP®, IAHSP®
Lawrence, Kansas
My last ASP® Staged Home sold in a record 2 weeks! Even with the down market, homes that are priced properly and are ASP® Staged to show their best features will sell!

Barbara G. Allen
Barbara G. Allen, ASP®, IAHSP®
Center Stage Home Staging Services
West Windsor, NJ
I recently started ASP® Staging with a Realtor® from Keller Williams Realty. They will not list a house until it`s been ASP® Staged! Good news for me. After being Staged one listing sold in 3 weeks on the market. A Realtor® from a different agency had the listing previous for a year! The previous Realtor® came through during the open house and asked, œHow did you get the homeowners to make all the changes? We made recommendations but they wouldn`t listen. Well, they were ready to listen and become educated in the process. They have 12 more listings to be Staged. I`m confident and very excited for similar results. ASP® Home Staging works!

Robin R Millichap
Robin R Millichap ASP,IAHSP®
Home Staging Advantage
West Chester, PA
Hi Barb,

I Wanted to pass along a story about a home I listed on April 12, 2011 in Bridle Trails neighborhood of Kirkland, WA. I ran all the comps, sellers settled on a listing price, we hired Rebecca Henderson, ASPM®, IAHSP®, from Alabaster Staging to stage home since it was vacant. Had it sparkling clean. Night before we were to list home we walked through after Rebecca was done staging and I said, "we need to up the list price". The home was PERFECT. I held a broker open the very next day and had an offer by 6:30 that evening. Home is closing today:-)



Warmest regards,

Kim Lohnes
Kim Lohnes, ASP®, SRES, Broker
Coldwell Banker Bain
Having another great day... first appointment of the day signed all paperwork and handed me down payment as I walked out the door.... and the Realtor told me she would never stage!

Katy Fineman-Jones
Katy Fineman-Jones, ASPM®, IAHSP®
Columbus, OH
Whew, what a week we had during our ASPM® course. I was an ASP® that had not started my business and came with the desire of furthering my education for staging. My husband is a career military man and when he retires I plan to start my business. The ASPM® course was so good that I came home and have thoughts of starting it early and then when we move just move my business. Still thinking that decision over. The class was a full week as promised! I feel fully equipped to start my business. The class gives confidence in many areas; public speaking, cold calls, bids, consultations and of course gives you a team to lean on should you have any questions and need to call for help/thoughts/suggestions. The education you receive from Barb that`s not in the training manual was priceless. Our class was honored to get constructive suggestions from Barb. This education is priceless.

Yes, we had many hours in class and working on homework, hours well spent toward our businesses. We had nine staying in one home and would I highly recommend this to others. The atmosphere was relaxed and we had time to work on homework together. The house mates had opportunity to bond even more by spending 24 hours a day together. We had a kitchen to have that midnight snack to help you make it thru the late hours of homework.

The Club in the Country was a wonderful place to hold class. The food was wonderful and the staff was very friendly.

I would agree that it is a life changing experience. I would consider myself a fairly positive person, but I would have to agree Barb takes it to whole new level and I returned a better person by just knowing her. I am blessed to have the opportunity to not only meet Barb, but 13 others that are now part of my family.


LaVonda Sullivan
LaVonda Sullivan
Accredited Staging Professional®
International Association of Home Staging Professionals® Accredited Staging Professional Master® Treasurer of Southeastern Wisconsin IAHSP® Regional Chapter
Good Morning to ALL of my new ASPM® Family! I can`t stop thinking about the amazing time we spent together learning, laughing and rubbing our sleepy eyes! :)

Barb - thank you for a wonderful week. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us, and for providing the training manuals that are filled with immeasurable information to help our success in the field. I am filled with emotions as I am excited about all the possibilities as well as the many tasks I have to accomplish to get my new business off to the right start.

Thank you to all of my classmates who shared helpful hints from your staging experiences. I look forward to knowing that if I am `stuck` for a creative idea, or need help in any way ... you are all just an email or phone call away!

AWESOME!!! Can life get any better!
Romy Godwin
Romy Godwin
Dear Barb,

Remember when you first took your first ASP® training class and were overwhelmed by the amount of information you were exposed to, you could not believe how much you learned about Staging? Well, after completing the ASPM® class I experienced all these feelings again. I have been Staging for 3 years and know that this class will move my business to the next level and on to great things. This class was just the energizer I needed, which may sound funny as sleep was the only thing that was not plentiful during this week. I came home excited to get started on my list of things to do for my business. I couldn`t wait to get started. Investing a week with Barb and my classmates has changed me in so many ways I can`t begin to describe to you. I think back with smiles, good feelings while remembering everything that took place the week I became an ASPM®. I am excited to share with my chapter and encourage everyone new or seasoned Stagers to complete this class. I would sincerely recommend the investment in this class as a must-do for anyone truly serious about Staging as a Career.

Katy Fineman-Jones
Katy Fineman-Jones
Accredited Staging Professional Master®
IAHSP® Columbus Chapter President
International Association of Home Staging Professionals® - IAHSP®
2010 IAHSP® Spirit Award Winner
My English Touch, Ltd
Dear Barb,

Thank YOU!!! Thank you for offering such an amazing course. I am so happy that I took the ASPM® course for what I have learned is life changing for me. I thank you for everything you taught. I thank you for your beautiful words, for they reflect the beauty that you are and what is inside. You inspire me in so many ways, as a business woman, as a woman, and as a human being. Thank you for all the gifts and treats and for the graduation celebration. I will cherish the memories of our week together. Thank you.


Julia Horner
Julia Horner, ASPM®
Hello Barb,

Thank you again for all that you shared and your gracious wisdom! I truly look up to you - I can still see the joy in your eyes as you mentored all of us. I am so very grateful for the entire week (and maybe even the lack of sleep :-)

I hope to see you again soon - I miss you already!


Mary Piekarski
Mary Piekarski, ASPM®, ASP®, IAHSP®
Hi Barb,

What a privilege it was for me to get to meet you and to share this week with you. As I said in my other e-mail I cherish the "life lessons" more than any business lesson, although I do appreciate them, you are truly and inspiration, someone who walks the talk, and that is rare.

You have reminded me of things that I knew but had forgotten to practice everyday. I thank You for the reminder.

I also thank you for having this class on the island. I think that it would not have been as "spiritual" for me if it was in a more business conventional setting. It was worth the flight hours.

Sending you loving light always,

Ocelia Claro
Ocelia Claro, ASPM®, ASP®, IAHSP®
New York City
My profile on the StagedHomes web site in the beginning brought me 80% of my business. It came from the site!!! Great testimony to the work you are doing...

Lee Ann Kramer
Lee Ann Kramer, ASP®, IAHSP®
Traditions Interiors

Interior Decorating & Real Estate Staging
San Antonio, TX
Hello Barb!

I just had to tell you...

I was called to Stage® this home that has been on the market for 2 months. I ASP® Staged this house on Thursday. I just found out from a REALTOR® that the house went under contract on Friday.

One day after Staging! I`m blown away!! I`ve read multiple stories on your books about success stories like this but I can`t believe it happened to me - How great is that?

The funny thing is that this property was my first paid Staging Project!! The REALTOR® that showed it made a point to mention that it was my ASP® Staging that got it sold. STAGING TRULY WORKS!!

Carmen Wilber
Carmen Wilber, ASP®, IAHSP®
Deland, FL
Barb, the ASPM® Course opportunity will accelerate an ASP`s® staging business, and allow them to achieve the highest Home Staging Designation. It is a great way to be the BEST in the Staging Industry.

Margie Gregori
Margie Gregori, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®
Home Highlights
Orland Park, IL
I have been to the ASPM course twice. Worth 10 times the cost. If you want to take your Staging business to the next level you won`t want to miss this! Five 12 hour days of Barb Schwarz, the inventor of Home Staging, combined with the other stagers that attend is priceless. I am still really close friends with many, many of the ASPM`s and call on them regularly for advise and ideas.

Do you want to be the "Best of the Best"?

Rebecca Henderson
Rebecca Henderson, ASP®, ASPM®, IAHSP®
Alabaster Designs
Tacoma, WA
Good Morning Barb,

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. As you probably remember I work a lot with investors and members of the Professional Association of Real Estate Investors. Recently one of the agents that I have been talking to took your ASP® for Realtors class. When she finished she was very excited about working with an ASPM® and called me the next day. I am now doing two consultations for her clients and putting together a staging proposal for her.

Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration in our field.

Happy Holidays,

Pam Christensen
Pam Christensen, ASPM®
Staging for Charisma, LLC
Shoreline, WA
Dear Barb,

It WAS a really informative IAHSP® call again this month, thank you.

Just want to praise your name and your teachings, again.

After 3 years of hard work, perseverance and dedication my business has grown over 1200% this year in 2010!!!!!!!

Because of you, your e-mails, your drive and I certainly could go on...... You have continued to inspire me even to reach such wonderful personal gratification this year, as well as financial success!!

Thank you over and over again.!!!


Susan Martin
Susan Martin, ASP® IAHSP®
Rhode Island
Stage It Design, Inc.
Hi Barb,

I just had to write you to tell you how much I appreciate what you do for ASPs!

I recently started working with a new Realtor that I met through a local Realtor™s organization. He had told me he was attending NARdiGras last weekend, and I told him to make sure to see you speak! Just before he left for the trip, I sent him a link that you had sent to all of us ASPs about your speaking engagement in New Orleans. So I sent him a message with the link, and said that I hope he had a chance to see you.

Well, I just got back from a meeting with him for a new listing for which I am doing a staging bid. When I walked in the home, he was standing there with a flyer about your presentation in his hand and said, œThis was GREAT! WOW! He was totally blown away by your seminar and SO impressed with you and Staged Homes! He told me how you suggested that the ASP stager should go along on listing presentations with the Realtor, and that is just what he wants me to do! He has 4 new listing presentations coming up and I am meeting him and his clients tomorrow for the first one!

You are a Gem, Barb!

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Linda Andrews
Linda Andrews
President, Southeast Wisconsin IAHSP Regional Chapter
Owner, Preferred Home Staging, LLC
Dear Barb,

Your teachings are always right on the mark. I think without having had the training we had from you, all kinds of ethical dilemmas would be a lot more difficult to deal with. ASP® Ethics make a difference. Your training on ethical standards is so important. During a walk-through of a beautiful $1.9 M house with a potential new client, the owner showed me the basement and said she`d like me to furnish it to look like the rest of the house -- with Persian carpets and fine furniture. I told her I could not do it, that it would be against my Professional Ethics and Policies. She looked at me amazed.

"What would be unethical about furnishing a basement?" she asked. I told her: The house was in a known flood plain. Furnishing it with fine items as she suggested would be saying to the potential buyer, "This house is dry."She smiled and said, "Thank you. I have a lot of respect for you. When we bought the house, the owners had it furnished the way I wanted you to do it, and naturally we thought we could have our good furniture and carpets down here too. We did -- and we lost everything in the first flood. "I told her I would accept the job only if I could Stage the basement the way I felt was appropriate -- as a children`s play area with colorful rubber mats and plastic toys and furniture."

I got the job. Staged it as I described. The house sold in two weeks! Thanks, Barb, for giving me the training and courage to stand up for what was right.


Claire Flower
Claire Flower, ASP®
Allegory Home Staging
Harrison, NY

PS The other side of the room held the laundry and two dog crates. I staged it as a wine cellar. Don`t throw anything out until we see it!!
Dear Barb,

In our ASP® Course I especially admire the emphasis you place on client relations and communication. As I embark on my career as an ASP. I can already tell that this is a community I will cherish and of which I will be very proud to be a member!

Thank you so much,

Lorin Jones
Lorin Jones, ASP®
Alexandria, VA
Dear Barb,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you are doing for us. I am enjoying a huge increase in business this year and I owe it all to you. The ball started rolling with the first client of the season finding me by going to The REALTOR® was so impressed with our professional ASP® accreditation. She said meeting me after meeting two other Stagers sealed the deal. The others were: one a decorator and the other a non-ASP stager and she said that they certainly did not meet her needs to Stage® and sell the property.

You have given us the vehicle to make big, successful businesses. Thank you for making the difference for me as I became a Master. The best week of my life in business-all of them over 30 years.

Love and hugs! Deb

Deborah Harshman
Deborah Harshman, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP
Accredited Staging Professional Master
Potomac, MD
Just wanted to let you know I got my second and third staging jobs through my ASP Directory listing -- both within the last 6 weeks or so!

Amy Bly

Amy Bly, ASP®
Great Impressions Home Staging, LLC
Bergen County, NJ
I`m so excited about this new career. I have sat through alot of classes in my 25 yrs as a former real estate broker but no where have I gotten this much bang for my buck! You guys are great! I`m a believer!


Barb Stuckey
Barb Stuckey, ASP, IAHSP
Staged Right, LLC
Liberty, MO
Hello Barb,

I just want to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to tell you about my experience with taking one of your classes.

I took the Real Estate Agent Class in Auburn MA, on April 6th & 7th. I have to tell you, before taking this class my thoughts were: "Take the class, obtain the certification and get nothing more." I based all of this on the fact that I have been staging houses for almost 10 years, personally and professionally. Well, I was WRONG!

The class far, the BEST class I have ever taken in my life!!!! That class taught me so much that I felt the need to share my joy and amazement. I have told so many colleagues about this class and that if it is offered again, the must take it.

You truly have one fantastic class and trust me, the whole class felt this way.

Thanks so much,

Jeffrey P. Lima
Jeffrey P. Lima, ASP, IAHSP
Pawtucket, RI

I wanted to let you know that I got the project on the 7000 sq ft house. I bid what I felt was a fair price and allotted four days for completion. The husband told me he was impressed by my presentation and others he dealt with in business should learn from this. A great presentation that followed your teaching methods helped seal the deal. This is surely a testimony to your training program.

Thanks for all your help. You are a blessing.

Anna Sember
Anna Sember, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP
The Well Dressed House
Shokan, NY
THIS is why I stay an other designation that I know of has as much ongoing information that constantly helps us improve our businesses...


Linda Lanci
Linda Lanci, ASP, IAHSP
Chicago, IL
I took your ASP® course 3 years ago and it really gave me the confidence to get out there and do this. 35 million dollars worth of property later and I am still LOVING this business so a sincere thanks to you Rock!

Valerie Sagheddu
Valerie Sagheddu, ASP® Poconos, PA
Wow - thanks so much for that idea Barb in The blog!

I just got called last night from the newspaper conglomerate in Rhode Island- publish about 6 newspaper in New England. They asked if they could interview me for a front page article in"Home Section" in their papers! You just never know.

I`ll keep you posted.

And thanks again for all you do :)


Susan Martin
Susan Martin, ASP®
Stage It Design, Inc.
I was so excited after my first staging project I just did here in Rockport. I have had several more since then (even a Staged to Live®) and continue to get calls. I have done several presentations with success. Thanks a million Barb and to all of your staff. They have been wonderful every time I have needed help.


Linda Southard
Linda Southard, ASP
First Impressions House Staging
Rockport, TX
My last Staging (vacant) was in contract in eight days after being on the market four months, not Staged.

The Realtor said "why didn`t we ASP® Stage® sooner?" ...after two price reductions????

He is SOLD on ASP Staging!!!!! I am too!

Shelly McBride
Shelly McBride, ASP®
I have had 6 bids for vacant properties in the last 4 weeks. I already got 1 of the projects and am confident that I will be getting 3 more of them. My business is growing by leaps and bounds and I agree ASP® mindset is huge! I live in a small town with 35,000 people!


Kim Goeltom
Kim Goeltom, ASP®
Williamsburg, VA
It was just about 3 years ago when I took the ASP® Staging Course. I remember the words you said to me Jane Ann, as my teacher, that I would have a successful Staging company and I remember thinking no I am not going to pursue this business. I find my self telling this story over and over again. Well today I am the owner of Setting The Space, New England`s Largest Staging Company. I own 2 warehouses of Staging furniture, we have 10 people on our staff and Stage® daily.

I have been featured on television , radio , newspapers, and magazines. Our Staging™s are sought after by the most prestigious realtors and developers here in Massachusetts. We have been flown out of state to ASP® Stage® properties. The phone never stops ringing. It has been non stop for these "short" three years of being in business. I promote ASP where ever I go and sing the praises of Barb`s wisdom and genious in creating Staged Homes.

Lots of Love,

Blair Hamaty
Blair Hamaty, ASP®
Setting The Space
It was a real pleasure to work with you and the ASP Course students to Stage the property this week. The feed back from the Nick, the REALTOR®, was nothing but positive. Nick called me to say that when the home owner arrived, he couldn™t believe it was his house and what the class accomplished. According to Nick, he was œso blown away by what he saw that he has decided to move out and live with a relative for the next week, so he doesn™t have to disturb the great results of the Staging. He wants the house to maintain the great first impression we gave it to all potential buyers. There were already at least four showings by the time I spoke to Nick and two pending offers coming in.

Please pass on the great feedback to the ASP Course participants. They all worked hard and should be proud of what they accomplished.

Warm regards,

Alice Landa
Alice Landa, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP

I love being an ASP and am constantly amazed at all you do for us. Our IAHSP Chapter of ASP`s in Columbus, OH really do understand the meaning of the unity that you bring and what is brought to us by being part of the group. Our meeting on Monday we had 19 member attending of the 21 stagers in our area, this is normal. Each time someone takes the course we contact them and invite them to the meetings and get them plugged in ASAP. We also do our best to get them out on assignment as soon as we can and include them in the group. I feel our mentorship and hand holding program is embraced by everyone and we truly do what we can to help each other. Today I bounced out of bed to get ready for my Staging to Live® project. I have joined up with another ASP and together we are gaining ground in our businesses. We asked the two newest ASP`s to join us for the day. We are excited to have them there. Personally I love being able to share what I have learned. Tomorrow, I am meeting with another ASP as she has not been doing as successful as she had hoped. I am going to invest some time with her going over her marketing plan. I also mentor and talk with 3 other ASP`s around the states that I have met as convention, on a course or by referring an assignment to. Working with newer ASP`s helps me refocus my plan of action, forces me to change things and motivates me to be the best that I can be.

Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for us.

I will always be an ASP there is no doubt in my mind.

All the best to you.

Katy Fineman Jones
Katy Fineman Jones, ASP, IAHSP
Your Accredited Staging Professional
My English Touch, Ltd
Dear Barb:

Thank You.....

I am sitting at the airport analyzing my week at the ASPM Course. I got off the plane a week ago prepared to be told what I was doing wrong and how I should fix it. I was so wrong. Your grace, eloquence and care guided me thru a course that was simply awe inspiring. I have become part of an elite sorority of driven, smart, kind and innovative women.

I intend to shine like the star you say I am. I am blessed to have been in your presence. You have taught me so much in a short span of time and I know that going forward I will be a powerful, dynamic presence and I thank you for the assurance that who I am is who God meant me to be -

I promise to set New Jersey on fire for ASPM Staging!

Rhonda Smith
With Love, Admiration & Respect -
Rhonda Smith, ABR, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP
Dear Barb,

It was such a joy to be with you again, I learned so much! I am so proud to be a ASPM. I believe that there is power in a name and the ASPM title has truly empowered me. This past week was one of the most inspiring and I believe life changing weeks of my life! I am so thankfully that the United States Military provided me the opportunity to take the ASPM course. Like you I miss you and the other wonderful ladies so much! I feel that we created a life long bond with one another! I look forward to all that the future has in store for myself and my business!

I would like to especially thank you for all of the words of encouragement they mean more than you know! I also look forward to the day that we all see you again! You are simply the best! Thanks again for all that you do for ASP`s, ASPM`s and IAHSP! I will be sure to make you proud of me and the way that I represent the ASPM designation! I will always uphold the integrity and the ethics of in my business! We are truly the best of the best!

I wish all of the ladies who attended the ASPM course in Atlanta this past week much success in their business and all that they do!

I will sign off by saying "I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!!!!"


Tia Spaulding
Tia Spaulding, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP
Creative Staging Company
I want to thank you, The ASPM class with you was priceless and you are a one-of-a-kind Lady. What a caring Lady, I cannot tell you how delighted I was to learn from you. I was so overwhelmed with so much information...

Thank You!

Margaret Lawson
Margaret Lawson, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP
œIn the ASPM course, not only did I learn new material, but it gave me the time I needed to focus attention œon my business, rather than working œin it. I would recommend the ASPM course; not only for its content, but also for the marketing opportunities it provides us all.

Sandy Donogh
~~Sandy Donogh, ASPM, CRTS
"I cannot recommend the ASP Master`s course highly enough. Taking the ASP Master`s course has made a great difference to my Staging business. Training with Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging, in an ASP Masters course will change your life."

Edith Bookstein
Edith Bookstein, ASPM
Recipient of the 2007 ASP Spirit Award
Dear Barb

I wanted to mention to you too that I`ve made friends with Steve Meade who is the President & CEO of Ken Meade Realty. They`re very big here in the Sun Cities and he knows you. He met you in the 80`s and took your REALTOR® course then. He invited me to give a presentation to 100 of his agents and we will be working together to help educate them about ASP Staging and how to use it. He has over 350 agents in total!

Donna R. Jamison
Donna R. Jamison ASPM®
Wild About Staging In
Surprise, AZ
Dear Barb,

11 of the recent homes I staged have gone under contract in an average of 15 days vs. the regional average of 120 days. The economy is not all doom and gloom. Houses are selling even in this market!

Quite honestly the ASP designation really sets me and my company apart from other companies in the area. Having the corporate power of behind me and the connections, services, marketing materials etc.. that I can provide as a result of my relationship really sets me above the rest. Case in point, my PowerPoint presentation “adapted from the pp presentation provided online is so professional and really gives me credibility. I came from the corporate world having been a design center manager for Ryland Homes as well as 13 years as an international sales manager. I knew if I was going to make this work and be successful that I needed the backing of the biggest and best,, behind me.

Thanks again for everything.


PS I just wanted to share with you some exciting news. I took the ASP 3 day stager course end of September 2007 and had my first customer December 2007. This month I was just named "Baltimore™s Best" Home Stager by Baltimore Magazine ( Less than 2 years after providing ASP Staging services my company was chosen as the "Best of Baltimore".

Joy Waida
Joy Waida
Owner & Principal, ASP, IAHSP
Baltimore, MD
HI Barb,

I Just sent my second referral to an out of state ASP REALTOR in 2 months.

That will more than pay for their yearly dues!!!! The directory works!


Jane Ann Lance
Jane Ann Lance, ASPM, IAHSP
Enhanced by Lance
Mobile, AL
Hi Barb,

I just wanted to share with you my latest success story. I ASP® Staged a new construction spec home for a builder that I have done several homes (5 to date). It was a large and for our area higher end home that had lots of showings but just not the right buyer until 2 weeks ago. The buyer not only wanted the house.... he wanted my entire staging inventory in the house! EVERYTHING!

I was conflicted because it was mostly my favorite things from my inventory, but I put a price on it. In the end it came to the point that the furniture sold the house. The builder was thankful for my co-operation and now I have a nice buffer in my checking account. As far as inventory goes, it`s all about the hunt, right?!!!

In reading over the Blog today I saw that one of your pieces of advice was to offer to Stage a realty office for free. I have an app`t next week to do that very thing. I have been asked to offer advice on colors, furniture and accessories. I have received several Staging projects from this office so I am happy to give something back.

In this down market I am being creative in keeping my name and face in front of Realtors® and builders. I have contracted to do consultations for one agency as a part of their listing package. One builder I have put together color packages for him to use in his spec houses as well as meeting with his clients to help them pick colors for carpet, paint, counter tops, etc. Other builders are considering this as well.

Every project is a blessing and a chance to help others. People stop me all the time to say they have seen my car (with my car magnets business name and #) around town and want to talk about Staging. I have even gotten calls while in the car when someone saw me and called right then.

Please continue to keep us motivated and positive with your enthusiasm for ASP® Staging.

Thank you,

Kim Trudo
Kim Trudo, ASP®
Bella Mia Home Staging Services
New Bern, NC
Dear Barb

The Benefits of ASP® Staging! Wow! I ASP Staged 2 vacant houses that had been on the market for 4 & 5 months respectively and both got offers in one week that went to closing. Results speak for themselves!

Lee Ann Kramer
Lee Ann Kramer, ASP, IAHSP President
San Antonio, TX
Dear Barb,

I have been so productive with my business that I am barely sleeping. Last week I averaged 2 to 4 hours each night. I simply had to get some sleep last night and start out refreshed today. I am investing my weekend on new marketing.

I have just been keeping up our ASPM Staging product/service with my high standards of excellence (even though the œinvestment is higher) and it is paying off. I am becoming known as the higher priced stager who does the best job and gets results. I am fine with that.

One Associate Broker sent out an email blast to the other 3000 REALTORS® in his franchise singing our praises and I have got so much exposure from that. Their CEO even sent him an email asking if I had the presentation skills to speak to their group of 3000 at their convention. I have not been approached formally yet but I am hopeful.

Another REALTOR® I have teamed with this year is having a cruise on the Potomac Rive to feature me! I am so honored. This really is an example of how Staging is changing the real estate market. This REALTOR® is wooing me verses me wooing him. What a welcome relief. He has sold over 50 houses this year alone already too. I can™t tell you how excited I am. It would be so great if you and Kirk were in town and could attend.

I think about you so often. I thank God for you and the vision you shared with us. Your impact is exponential and Your ideas change people™s lives.

Yeah I did just get asked to speak at that convention with 3000 REALTORS®! The CEO said that I could have a free tradeshow booth ($1500 normally) in lieu of a speaking fee. I get a whole hour to educate the REALTORS®. I talked all about you and gave your books out as presents and 5 of them said that they will attend the Baltimore class in December and become ASPs. There are no ASPs in their area so this is really great! It is sort of a rural area and they needed to see how staging can help them too. There are certain universal truths about ASP Staging that extend to every market as you know!

Barb, this is such a breakthrough for all of us. REALTORS® wooing stagers and them seeing the true reciprocal relationship of teaming with us instead of just seeing us as vendors. This trend must please you so much! I know this is what you have envisioned for all of us.

Thanks for all you have done and all that you continue to do for all of us as ASPs and ASPMs!


Michelle Morris
Michelle Morris, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP
Accredited Staging Professional MASTER
"The 2008 Barb Schwarz Rising Star ASP Stager of the Year Award Winner"
President-Elect, DC Chapter, International Association of Home Staging Professionals
Dear Barb,

We have Staged over 100 homes through August of this year. We have worked very hard at networking, building relationships and keeping our name and "ASP® Staging" out in front of the real estate industry. We market all the time and do everything humanly possible to meet everyone`s expectations. We are busy, much busier than we anticipated. Most recently an agent said because of the high rate of foreclosures in this area it is difficult to find "a nice home", she has buyers but can`t find properties to sell them-this is where we come in! We also offer "ASP Staging to Live®" services for those wanting to stay their homes until the market rebounds. If we find a need that fits within our abilities we expand our service level to fit that need. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our customers and the housing/real estate industry!

Thank you,

Carole Morgan
Carole Morgan ASP
StageRight Home Staging
Richland, MI
ASP Staging is not decorating. It is a part of the Real Estate industry and is becoming the standard marketing tool that ASP REALTORS® and other REALTORS® use to set their properties apart from the normal ones out there. As I have been working in this industry, I have seen the difference in the quality and standards of those who are not trained at all or not trained as ASP REALTORS® or ASP Stagers and it is huge.

Trish Kim
Trish Kim, ASPM
Dearest Barb,

I got an email and a call from a client that lives in Switzerland and has a house here in Montgomery county. They are meeting me on July 27 th to Stage it. It is a vacant. I got another call from a couple in New Jersey. Same thing, they want to have me stage a condo here they have and it has been rented. Our market is doing well in their price range and they want to sell now. They tell me they found me on the internet and like what they see. I am proud of my work and accomplishments. I owe it all to you. You have given me confidence and drive and I love you for that.

Deb Harshman
Deb Harshman, ASPM
Staged Home Décor

Did you know that blueberries are not blue on the inside? They are a tan-peachy color.

What does this have to do with Home Staging? Well, I recently signed up for another year of membership to Staged Homes, and I`m so glad to be a member of StagedHomes, to be an ASP and to have learned about Staging from the originator of Home Staging--that`s you!

ASPs are true-blue Stagers--all the way through!

Thanks for the work you do for ASPs.

Teri Short, ASP
WOW...You are simply an amazing women! Words can not express my gratitude. Thank YOU for transfering all that knowledge in such a short time frame. I can`t wait to get going! Love. . .one of your many angels!

Aletha Avery
Portland, OR
Jeanne visited my home four days after I decided to sell it out of the blue. I wasn`t planning on moving for two years but the house I am buying came up for sale and it is `me`! Jeanne has a phenomenal eye. She saw through my 28 years of clutter and her vision for transforming my house for `sale ready` was nothing short of miraculous. Jeanne staged it in one day and we had an offer 11 days later!! We close and move next week, six weeks after it being placed on the market! It is nothing short of amazing how she can take your things, add a few others and you then have a home you never knew could look like those in a magazine!! I have learned that staging is not just for selling. I want her to come to my new house and help me stage that, too! Best, Debbie

Jeanne Conroy Monaco, ASP, IAHSP
Staged to Perfection, LLC
Hi Barb,

I want to Thank You so much for a Wonderful experience at your Staged Homes Workshop this past Monday and Tuesday in Palm Desert. You are an Awesome Teacher. Many of your Words of Wisdom are popping into my head all the time and even have more meaning now than when I first heard them. It was truly a different type of Course than I`ve experienced before and one that will always stick with me. I look forward to moving forward with my ASP!

Thanks Again.

Angela Galioto

I have been back 2 weeks now and can™t believe the difference that the course has made for me in the way I market my business and interact with clients and REALTORS®. I truly appreciate all you taught us at the class and am so glad I went.

I made a presentation to a real estate office just a few days after I returned and got 2 projects so far from the presentation. I appreciate all the feedback and suggestions they helped immensely.

I made great friends at the course and have been in touch with some of the ladies. I have never been part of a business that is so generous in nature. You are a phenomenal example to us all.

Thanks so much,

Teresa Rojek
Teresa Rojek, ASPM
Amazing Staging! OH it's a great TRUE story!!

The Staging business never ceases to amaze me! The positive results of Staging Homes for Sale still Changes Lives “ For the Better!

A property, of mine, that had been Staged and on the market for 10 months (over priced) was finally reduced to reflect current market values. It sold within two weeks! I knew this! What I did not know until I spoke to the REALTOR® yesterday was that the unit sold œdue to the Staging, to quote the REALTOR®. I also knew it did not have the lowest listing price in the complex and it did not have features that the other comps did. The Buyers loved it & made the offer due to the Staging!

The news to me yesterday was that the buyers offered MORE THAN the listing price!! I am delighted to testify that over asking price offers still take place, œin this market!! I am happy for the sellers as they had been carrying two mortgage payments for almost a year! I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!! I cannot wait to see what good things come next!!

PS The foot note is that I was hired by the homeowner, it sold under the second REALTOR® “ whom I have NEVER met AND has given me two great jobs within the last two weeks because of the power of Home Staging!! Isn™t that cool?

Thank you for many things. Thank you for being you & creating Staging - it is in my being to be a Stager! The Master`s course is the best thing I have done in years.

Jan Whitlow
Jan Whitlow, ASPM
Pinellas and Sarasot Counties, Florida
Hi Barb!

I had to give you a little update on my business development since completing my ASP!

What I`m finding out (which I`m sure you already KNOW), is that many people, who consider themselves "Professional Stagers", actually are NOT! Additionally, unfortunately, they are not always leaving a good impression with their work!!!

I`ve met with a few REALTORS® to introduce ASP Staging....needless to say, they were pleasantly surprised to learn that professional home Staging does not cause thousands, thousands and thousands of affordable and has options (like offering consultations as well!) I`ve thought of you sharing about the "wannabe" Stagers. They make things hard!!!

Also, presenting the statistics that are available on the University, the before and after photos, and discussing the "extra`s" were really impressive to the REALTORS®! (like offering a reception following the Staging, checklist for the homeowners to prepare before showing / open houses, ways to help the REALTORS®, and so much more!) It`s so funny, because I have used the Barb phrase, "...with your kind permission...." You are right! People are so blown away by the measure of kindness in that phrase, they automatically say, "yes!"

I met with a REALTOR® yesterday and he was sharing how he really respected Staging, however, with the economic crunch we are all experiencing, people just don`t want to pay for it. I listened, let him share, and then he said this , "wow, I`ve had price reductions in the 10 - 20,000`s on my properties - it`s killing me!" With that, I said "Wow, considering the investment (not cost...:) of home Staging, it`s really just a fraction of a reduction, isn`t it???" The REALTOR®`s eyes became wide....and he said "wow, you are right!". :) He is referring ALL of his listings to me for Staging! Hurray!

I thought it would bless you to hear testimony of ASP work! YOU are right - using the methods you taught, and those I am reading through and studying - it just works. You rock Barb!!! By the way, I got my FIRST consult request today!!!! Yay!!!

Stephanie Henderson, ASP
Dear Barb,

"Thank You"once again for a fantastic two days of training. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge you shared and are providing to ASP`s. Your energy is contagious and inspiring! Abundance is the word I chose to describe the feeling I had today. That one word sums up what I came home with tonight. So, thank you again for sharing your philosophies, creativity, expertise in real estate and much more....

It was a great pleasure pariticipating in your course.

Be well....

Janna Adams
Dear Barb,

You truly amaze me. The week of ASPM training exceeded my expectations.

I want to thank-you for helping us grow our businesses and for the strong support network you have created.


Jenny Chung
Jenny Chung, ASPM®
I listed my home yesterday afternoon at 3 p.m., showed it twice and have just received a full price offer in today™s market!!

- Olga Diaz-Potter
"Thanks very much for your message. I do have all of my Certificates, ASP and IAHSP, as well as the apron and the Sherwin Williams card, which I have used – and picked up my paint color wheel, a wonderful tool. I also ordered THE Staging Caddy, what a joy to use.

I began using it with my Senior Move Management Business. I wheel in with that, and my very sturdy, collapsible, handled folding table from Home Depot (thanks to all of the big store marketing ideas from class), a smile and my professionalism, and my clients are immediately put at ease. They know I am organized and ready to begin. That case is the magic wand!

Thanks so much for your great class. It was wonderful for the skills it taught for Staging, but I do believe that the stellar strength, even beyond the career specific skills, are the business, organizational, and life skills. I found your team approach, with the video of Barbara speaking and your presentations, to be the perfect pairing. The soul and ethics at the center of your business were immediately obvious.

As business women and men who are entering into people’s homes and their private domains, it is vitally important that every aspect of our companies exude these qualities. There is no mistaking the strong moral center to all that you all do – as well as the passionate belief in the ability and goodness of all of the lives that you touch.

Thank you, for running a class where members felt valued, their questions respected, and our fears of jumping into the business world calmed. So many people said, “I wished I had taken this class as I was getting started.” Lucky me, I did! Thank you for all of the great skills you so seamlessly taught us, for the materials that you gave us and inspired us to use with such specific, reassuring directions, and for the knowledge that as ASP’s and members of IAHSP, we always have a place to turn for camaraderie and guidance.

Almost forgot, even with my fledgling web presence ( that I am diligently working on between clients and having just gotten my real estate license and SRES), I received a call from the ASP site from a daughter coming in from out of town to try to help her mother get her house sold. One quick phone call, with a plea to come help her. Wow!

Thanks so much for checking back with me.

Most sincerely,

Susan Devaney, ASP
CEO, Moving Mavens

"I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to collaborate with Sherwin Williams. It has really added an extra value to my Staging service along with saving my clients money! My Staged 4 Living client just saved $384.67.

Also, agents are more apt to call me when they FIRST get the listing before their clients start preparing their home for sale as they should! Thank you for everything!

I can`t wait to find out what you will be offering us next!

Tawni Oppenheim
Tawni Oppenheim

"The training exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful that I found The ongoing resources and support available to ASPs through is even more valuable."

- Megan Ossinger, ASP, IAHSP

I recently attended an ASP Training Course in Portland, Oregon and wanted to write to you and thank you for creating such an amazing industry! The training exceeded my expectations and I am so grateful that I found In one of your videos that we watched in class you said something like “you are in the right place at the right time” and I wholeheartedly believe that is true. The training was amazing, and the ongoing resources and support available to ASPs through is even more valuable. Thank you so much for everything.

My other reason for writing is to tell you something that I am certain that you are already well aware of, but I wanted to share anyway, and that is what an absolute gem you have in Jennie Norris. I was lucky enough to have her as the Trainer of the class I attended and was so impressed with her knowledge and passion about the Staging industry and My mother earned her ASP accreditation last August and had extremely positive things to say about Jennie, which I completely understood the minute I met Jennie. She is a fantastic teacher and, even more importantly, a really wonderful person. She clearly believes in and commits herself to the mission vision of I am sure all of the StagedHomes Trainers are wonderful, but I wanted to let you know what a truly exceptional job Jennie does.

Thanks again and I look forward to your next coaching call – the last one was extremely helpful!

-Megan Ossinger, ASP, IAHSP
"I have to say that I have e-mailed SEVERAL of the support staff in the last week and each one has gotten me an answer in a very short time. This company is the greatest for assuring that each ASP is successful and I have everything needed to grow my business. I am soooo happy to have made the choice to take the ASP course and to be doing what I really love doing. Thank you to Barb and the wonderful staff you have working with you and for me!"

Kim Trudo

"In the last 9 months, I staged projects valued at a combined dollar amount of approximately $25 million...and approximately 70% of my staged homes sold within one day at or above asking. Pretty good for this market!"

Steve Circelli

"Thanks for the heads up on (new features in the ASP Directory)! I actually hadn`t checked it in the last couple weeks, but that is awesome news! I do know that my last 4 calls were all leads, so people are looking!"

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Pamela Cooke, ASP

"I feel that taking the ASPM course has been one of the best decisions I made from a professional standpoint. The Master™s course has provided that cutting edge training that I believe propelled me into a successful business. I would highly recommend the ASPM course and designation for anyone serious about having a full-time Staging career. It is a daily reminder to "Master your Dreams".

Mary DeBella, ASPM

"I just had to tell you thank you for creating such a wonderful, full-service ASP Stager course!

You have given me so much information and so manyresources that it`s almost like `follow the dots` to get your business up and running. You have done an absolutely wonderful job of putting this altogether and available to all who train with you and become an ASP Stager or Realtor. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and know-how! I have been looking for a business like this for a long, long time.

I can`t tell you how happy I am to have discovered you through your Staging book, which led me to I`ll finally be able to do something I love to do and get paid for it. Thanks Barb, you`re the best!

Thanks for giving us so much information and know-how to put together a business."

Ruth Bona


You continue to inspire and lead a new generation of Home Staging Professionals. You always have a kind word to say and such a positive spirit. It is contagious.

You are building a legacy and you should be so proud of all YOUR accomplishments in the world of Home Staging and beyond. It really is about so much more than just getting a house ready for sale. It`s touching people`s lives daily in ways we don`t always see at first. It is an honor to be invited into another`s home.

I share your dream and your mission and I plan on seeing that staging does become an industry standard for every real estate transaction, even if takes one house at a time!

God bless you!

Home Star Staging
Real Estate Staging & Consulting

"Here it is five months since the ASPM Course on Whidby Island. What a week it was. One of the biggest ways my business has benefitted from the course is I have increased my furniture rental fees. After itemizing all the inventory going into a house and adding it all up as one of our assignments it really helped me to see how I was undercharging for my furniture and accessories rentals.

Furthermore, the time spendt with other ASPM`s and talking about their businesses and how they run them has helped me to streamline a few processes of my own. Networking with the other ASPM`s has brought me a referral.

The class with Barb was phenomenal. I truly feel that any time spent with her is a great investment in yourself and your business. She really showed us how we were leaving money on the table by not presenting our consultations and proposals in person.

Thr taped Realtor Office Presentation helped me to refine my presentation. Watching the others presentations gave me new ideas for mine in the future. If you have not been to the Master`s Course you are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. I have been twice and can not wait to go again. Friendships that last a lifetime, great food, incredible networking. So much information.... Do you want to be the Best of the Best??"

Rebecca Henderson, ASPM
Alabaster Designs
Sophisticated Spaces

"I have been creative since I was a little girl. I always felt so much inner peace expressing it. However, growing up I was looked upon as being a dreamer and never finishing anything.

All of these years I have been searching for an outlet for my creativity, and it guided me to you.

I want to thank you for following your dream and sharing it with us all. Because you followed your soul and created the Staging business, I now feel that I can put a home to my life purpose and I am finally at peace."

Kristen Koniecjha

"Thank you so much for the validation of my craft!... I feel honored to be affiliated with a membership of such wonderfully talented people, as well as having you as a part of my life! I`ve always been interested in home and garden design; much to the dismay of my husband, when we were wed 29 years ago! I think I shared with you, that he used to tease me, calling me "The Lone Re-arranger"... But he is used to it now!

I have intended to take your class, ever since I was loaned a video from my mentor, then started loaning your DVD`s to my own clients (at Windemere). Many times during your class, the message you conveyed resonated so strongly within my soul that I choked up and felt teary eyed with gratitude to God for bringing me to this point in my life. I have never been so happy, or inspired, by any of the Real Estate courses I`ve taken to date!

I hate to admit it, but Staging is really the only part of Real Estate that I`ve truly enjoyed... I have continued work as a Realtor, because I really love helping people. . .

Lord knows I`ve seen the "Staging" out there that consists of a fake plant and a couple of candles! So sad... As I shared at the beginning, my clients and my peer`s feedback has been really positive. I knew my listings were selling pretty quickly, but af ter a bit, it became apparent that I needed to warn my clients about how quickly things move along after I "pressed play" to upload their listing to the Multiple! The thing that really pushed me into making time to get accredited (as an ASP Home Stager) was that work for my own listings had caught the eye of other Agents who inquired about my services. I had no clue as to what to charge another person and hoped to learn the business side of Staging from your class. Little did I know, how much I would gain from taking this vital step! So, yes, I am beyond thrilled to finally be an ASP and especially am grateful for the wonderful bonus of meeting you! So, you`ll see me at a Master`s course in the near future! In the meanwhile I am getting my inventory itemized for the insurance, getting the merchant account dialed in and anxiously awaiting the opportunity to enhance my profile online. Thank you for the amazing tools that you1ve created to help me fulfill my dreams!"

Teri Powell

"Just wanted to let you know I just got my first "official" job staging job a 1.7 Million dollar home! I got the lead from the web site!

This home had been on the market for one year so after I Stage it and it sells (which I know it will), the Staging will be the obvious reason! This is an exclusive area and there are 134 active listings in this development all priced from 1.5 million up!

So there is great potential for more business! I can`t wait for you to see the before and after pictures, since you were my first instructor, you should get part of the credit!!!

Thanks for being there, and for StagedHomes, I am so excited! It`s feels so right and I know it will just get better and better!"

Teresa Woodward, ASP, Panama City, FL

"Staging and Organizing go hand-in-hand. With my ASP designation, I can help my clients through all aspects of getting organized - from clearing the clutter to "Staging to live".

Leah Stahlsmith

"As a professional organizer, I have benefited greatly from the business support and marketing opportunities offered to me by being an ASP (Accredited Staging Professional). Home Organization and Home Staging are completely related and symbiotic careers.

Together, I have found both memberships and associations give my company an additional level of credibility and expertise not offered by NAPO or ASP alone.

Together they are quite powerful. I encourage any professional organizer who also loves design to consider offering this level of service to their clients!"

Darla Rowley; ASP; Owner, IMPACT! Interior Design Solutions; Member, Great Lakes Regional IAHSP Chapter (GLRIC)

"I got a Staging job today thanks to the StagedHomes website! My new client had read an article in USAA magazine (a military mag) about selling homes and they mentioned Staging. She went to the StagedHomes website and found me here in this little desert town of Yuma, Ariz.

That`s proof again that the StagedHomes website is working well for ASPs!

Thanks for all you do Barb!!"

Teri Short, ASP

"I recently attended your 3 day course, OH MY GOSH!! I am so excited. What an exhilarating ride. I plan to be open for business May 1. Your tapes, DVDs and manual are becoming one with my mind. I can`t thank you enough for all the advice, tools, business plan, career book, Marketing plan, etc.

Watch for me on the site, I plan to create good things within Gods will."


"Order in the House was a key ingredient to the immediate success in the sale of my home and they have assisted me in "getting the job done" for many of my clients! The proof is in the fact that after you Staged my home, it sold to the first person on the first day of the listing - for a record neighborhood sale."

Marsha Ulbrich

Florida, in Chicago?

The subject home was an architectural delight located on a wooded lot by a river. It had been lingering on the market for 9 months. With leaded glass doors, quarry tile floors, and multiple level decks overlooking the water, the owner was puzzled about why the house had not sold.

The wise owner took the house off the market and sought the services of an ASP stager - me. As I toured the home, I was quickly able to see that a potential buyer might have difficulty envisioning living there. Although the house was located in suburban Chicago, the interior had a distinctly tropical feel, and didn`t have enough furniture to give a buyer a sense of permanence.

By bringing in wicker and other light furniture, along with appropriate accessories, the house was transformed into a beautiful, relaxing, livable space. The best change of all was for the homeowner -- the home sold THE DAY IT WAS RE-LISTED after I staged it appropriate to its style! Staging Works!"

Barb Gross

"I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for the incredible job that you did in presenting and educating us on all of the aspects of Home Staging. The insight you gave us, the personalization of the material with real life situations, and that Southern charm that you added to each subject did the trick and was truly inspirational. I left the class with a level of enthusiasm, passion, drive and focus that I haven`t felt for years.

Spending over 34 years in a Corporate environment had started to harden me to the belief that in order to be successful, one had to have youth on their side, conform to preset stereotypical behaviors and suppress the "creative genius" that was lurking inside. With all of that said... you have opened my eyes. I am confident that I will be very successful in my endeavors as a stager. I have no doubt.

I have always had a passion to pursue this field, but I have you and Barb to thank for kindling and fueling that passion. I really feel blessed to have been part of your class. It feels like it was just meant to be... karma or fate I guess.

So Jane Ann, thank you so much for all that you did. It was so appreciated. Oprah Winfrey once said that the very, very basic need that each human being possessed was to feel that they "mattered" in this world. Thank you for making me confident that I DO matter... after all, without me, the world would be short a "creative genius!" Please give my very best to Bob. He too was a very special part of the class as well. It was great to have some additional testosterone in that sea of feminine charm!

Jim Volk

"It`s me... Sherri Halvorsen... and for some reason I have had you on my mind and felt I had to write you! How`s the nose doing? Your picture always looks great on the site! Can`t even tell... (lol)

Barb, my business has been doing phenomenal! I can`t even begin to tell you. I set my goals in the first weeks after taking the class and have stuck to my plan and everything has fallen into place now, just about 6 mos. later! My stomach is in constant flip-flops and I LOVE IT! Lots of hard work, 24/7 is now paying off! Not letting up though, still plowi ng forward but I am seeing all my efforts.

Just registered for Convention & the Ball and I CAN`T WAIT!

I have to share with you a great idea I am using for my presentations. I think I told you last I wrote I had like 14 presentations scheduled. Well, had to postpone some because of staging jobs but have done 4 of them so far and have had great results and feedback AND CALLS!

A lot of mine have been lunch presentations and some breakfast. Instead of bringing bagels, I have been bringing in 2 cakes, 9 x 13. One is plain, chocolate right out of the oven, not decorated, blah. The other is decorated to the hilt with Staged to Perfection on it, my company logo, all the bells and whistles on it. To make a point about Staging to the Realtors, I bring out the plain cake and say,"how many of you would buy this cake and pay full price for it at the bakery", they all look at me like I am nuts! Then I pull out the "Staged" cake and say "although Staging is not decorating, how many of you would pay full price at the bakery for this cake" and they all ooooh and ahhhh over the beautiful cake and say YES, they would pay full price for it! Then I leave it with them to eat all day! One Realtor even said he is going to use that same idea on his clients only using cupcakes! Another said "OK, you really made your point, is that your presentation?" They loved it....

Feel free to share this if you think it will help others. I make the plain ones at home as it save $. I get the others made at the grocery store for about $13-14.00 for 1/2 sheet.

Well, I can`t wait to meet in June Barb. I thank you for all you have done for me!"


"I can`t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed revisiting the class the past 3 days. They say dynamite comes in small packages and you are certainly living proof of that! I get so excited when I am working on a project or getting close to closing a deal on a big project like the one I got the 1st day of class that I find myself, eating, breathing and sleeping "Staging." Even my health issues can`t take away the excitement or creativity that comes with this passion. Thank you so much sweetie for all your wonderful and exciting ongoing ideas, vendors you continue to bring on board and all the sharing. I hope we can make something happen with Dr. Phil and "Operation Homefront." I also want to thank you again for your deep caring and making such a valuable change to the class about how important it is for ASP Realtors to use ASP Stagers. I truly believe that the more Realtors see the difference that ASP Stagers and ASP Realtors working together make, they will be jumping on the bandwagon.

What a warm fuzzy feeling it was to hear you tell the Realtors over and over in class how important we were to their businesses... thank you... thank you... thank you."


"I want to thank you for the wonderful 3-day class in Chicago this week. Not only was the course about Home Staging but also about honoring and respecting our clients as they pass through another stage in their life. You are a wonderful role model and provided complete, carefully detailed turn-key materials to take our newly acquired knowledge and to begin our staging careers. Honestly, you really have thought of everything! What you have accomplished is truly amazing! I feel so blessed to have taken the class from you. Thank you for who you are (your teaching skills, your sense of humor and your passion), what you have accomplished and your attitude about sharing your knowledge."

Sharyn Meagher, ASID Allied Member, ASP

"We wanted to share with you and other ASP`s how excited my daughter and I are about this business.

I recently got a call from a real estate agent friend of mine who wanted to use our Staging services for a house she had on the market since the beginning of December 2006, with absolutely NO activity.

We Staged the property for her on March 1, 2007 using small vignettes around the house, and it sold in just 4 days!

We were so happy to see that through our creativity and the specialized ASP training, our business is well underway and this will be a great example for us to use when marketing our business.

We will be attending your refresher course in Palm Springs on the 24th and can hardly wait to attain more knowledge from you. Thank you again for creating this fascinating industry."

Michelle Pimentel, ASP, IAHSP

"Once again, Staging Works..

Received a voice mail from a Real Estate Broker on Friday. Excited. Her listed Staged home sold in 5 days. We are finding out that our selling market is slow except the staged homes... they are selling within a short period of times. We share stories, multiple offers... well this is ridiculous in a slow market!!! Wow does Staging work its magic."

Carol Erks, ASPM

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